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File: 1710289573724.jpg ( 8.85 KB , 160x237 , AN-kn.jpg )


the USA has been completely unreasonable in its dealings, even with other reactionary shitholes. they consistently seek to destabilize the entire world to maintain their hegemony, so it's only a matter of time until the provocations are no longer tolerated. Dedollarization is under way. As a burger I feel like I'm being collectively punished for what the elderly bourgeoisie did, but history doesn't care about my feelings.
Dedollarization is better for America in the long run since it's partially the reason that caused deindustrialization.


buy ammo as an investment even if you're nogunz. we're going to make it


Money has no inherent value to begin with. People freak out about cryptocurrency but fail to understand that paper money lacks any worth on its own.

The reason why money has value because of its representative nation having natural resources.

File: 1710280243947.png ( 136.81 KB , 254x275 , F8gi6cAXUAA2LVd.png )


I dont know why guys get mad at foreign powers interfering in marxists states when it is a stated goal of marxism to bring about a world revolution. They are just acting in their own interest.


Who said they get mad? We understand that. Right wingers are so dumb they always base everything of emotions


No, NO, YOU do. Lefties are all feels over reals and that's why they don't believe in the truth of jesus and faith


Ovious troll is obvious. SAGE


Shut up faggot go pretend to be an sjw on 4chan

File: 1710024288259.jpg ( 43.72 KB , 530x830 , F7Pb8LwawAASwQS.jpg )


Considering how much the left uses lasers, you guys/gals/others should study lasers. Instead of this "tee hed light mage" shit, you should actually study beam divergence, class, wavelength, output and input, as well as laser safety goggles. Most leftists just wave around eBay laser pointers, with NO FUCKING SAFETY GOGGLES ON. Like what the fuck.

Buy some 190-540nm OD6+ laser safety goggles, a 450nm CNC machining laser module and a 9800mAh 12V DC rechargeable lithium ion power pack. All leftists should be crowd funding the bulk acquisition of 190-540nm OD6+ laser safety goggles like they do their bail funds and food donations. Not even just that. Get NVGs and infrared lasers in the 800nm range. You can get the goggles from LaserPointerStore with a high powered laser pointer like a Sanwu Striker in 7W or you can et the goggles from Survival Lasers. As for CNC laser head modules, anything in your wavelength will do as long as it is under 100 watts, above 1 watt and can focus down to 0.1 mrad beam divergence (the tightest beam focus). You can get those on eBay. There are even more uses for high powered lasers.

Watch some styropyro and jlasersvideo videos to get some concepts in mind. Study lasers on laserpointerforums. Study the fuck out of lasers so you actually know what you are doing. Study laser safety goggles. I see leftists use a lot of red (650nm range, give or take) and green DPSS (500nm range via crystal attached to truly 800nm range IR laser) but also blue (450nm -/+). Get a seven watt blue 450nm laser, some 190-540nm goggles rated for an optical density of 6, crowdfund goggles and when you have to just use lasers. You can also stop cameras with lasers, start fires, blind, do area denial.


styropyro is actually fucking crazy, I would never try what he does, I'm too much of a pussy around electricity and lasers. You're right though it's worth studying but it doesn't look easy.


laser anon, didn't you kill your parents in Alaska or something?

File: 1709594473355-0.jpg ( 65.9 KB , 909x715 , 172.jpg )

File: 1709594473355-1.jpg ( 63.33 KB , 867x713 , 173.jpg )


orbs are being noisy now…


orbs are being…

File: 1709871949459.png ( 656.61 KB , 559x670 , 16.png )


When does post modernity end


It doesn't

File: 1699235573442.jpg ( 71.94 KB , 750x1000 , uno reverse.jpg )


January Eleventh Twenty Hundred Twenty Three Anno Domini

November First Twenty Hundred Twenty Three Anno Domini



Meds. Meds right fucking now.




File: 1709748245831.mp4 ( 93.97 KB , 320x218 , ape-monkey.mp4 )



What the fuck am I looking at am I stupid some one explain?


I think OP is just tripping about the dates, I wouldn't worry about it

File: 1709728670050.webm ( 784.37 KB , 576x1024 , 1706708339652810.webm )


what's their ideology?



File: 1709712462922.jpg ( 134.53 KB , 528x505 , 01.jpg )


I am an aspiring lumpenprole. I do not respect fast food employees (proletarians) any more than i respect lumpens.
Being lumpen fucking sucks, although, contrary to popular belief here, they tend to be more aware of the contradictions of society than workers. At least in my experience.
my comrade who is definitely not me kind of gets off to the idea of being like a Stasi agent and torturing reactionaries. anyone else feel this
I fantasize about assraping fascists of all genders even though I'm not gay.

File: 1709694595980.jpg ( 271.37 KB , 1555x2028 , AfKtb.jpg )


Numbah 10
madeo bordiga
At number 10, we ain’t got a gangesta, we got dat quiet dood from school , now mb over here, dude's Italian, But he ain’t a wiseguy like Them dawgs from The movies, he ain’t The godfather or capone The cat, he likes To waltz in, say Shit And Eat spaguet And fuck The goomah, real homie knows What it’s like to sit back And enjoy the ride.

Numbah 9
Bad Vlad Lennon
Made some dope beats and led the gang war against Makhnovshchina hoods, dat was some blood n crips shiet fo real, red shootin’ on black, black shootin’ on red, homie shootin’ on homie, families killin’ old families in drive byes, people cappin’ each other in tha hood for bustin’ dangerous gang signs all while dem Czech dudes steal gold from the damn train CJ.

Numbah 8
Stalina “uncle joey” batina
Startin’ as a Caucasian thief from the sweet state of Georgia, He got dem slavic ice cold killa skills, he ain’t a bureaucrat fakie, he keepin’ it real, knows what its like to live da struggle, to steal from dem Czar Nicholas cats to help his homie lennon with the revolution.
many men, many many many many men, wish death upon him, blood in his red eyes as dat gay ass cracker adolf tryna put his life away. And then lifted many men outta the german ghettos.

Numbah 7
Muh main man stirner
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>no hoxha
at least honorable mention


This is part of a wider Indian government attack against services that provide end to end encryption
I don't know how the teacher thought this was going to play out. Did she think that the students would shrug off getting cut to ribbons like a call of duty character?


OP, what does this have to do with the Indian government or e2e encryption? Are you a bot or did you just screw up copy-pasting?

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