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File: 1709597004258.webm ( 428.88 KB , 576x576 , 1701906117567817.webm )


it's sad that the nurnberg trials were a one time thing rather than a continuous process that would only stop once the last nazi has been cleansed off the earth
stalin was a pussy


huh? Nuremberg was a program to primarily reform and forgive Nazis on the West side. Based Stalin liquidated the Nazis in the East and sent them to camps


glowops9000 level post


File: 1709601288755.gif ( 2.55 MB , 200x170 , 14.gif )

>hunt fascists

File: 1709587455712.webm ( 2.93 MB , 684x1080 , 1702762958516263.webm )


<Managers often favor physical presence, disadvantaging remote workers.
<Remote workers are 13% more productive with lower attrition.
<Remote workers receive fewer promotions due to underestimated productivity.
<Hybrid workers are 4.4% more productive and show 33% increased retention.
<Managerial satisfaction remains lower for hybrid workers.
<Both remote and hybrid workers face undervaluation in performance reviews.
<Organizations need targeted training to address bias and set clear goals.
<Regular check-ins provide ongoing feedback and support.
<Technology aids remote work but must be used judiciously.
<Cultural shift toward valuing remote and hybrid workers fosters innovation and diversity.


wanna post the sauce?

File: 1709333507793.jpg ( 297.66 KB , 1920x1080 , nikky.jpg )


How well do you treat your wife, /b/?
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File: 1709412634622.png ( 138.14 KB , 336x326 , epic_lulz.png )



I would suggest straping her down in a chair and fooling her with kinky sex when in reality you are just brainwashing her like something out of a clock work orange, but, for pro-feminist talkin point. Good luck comrade.


File: 1709416663042.jpg ( 6.34 MB , 2679x1784 , 1709416629078.jpg )

interesting. I'll talk to her about this as a compromise during our next struggle session. She has a self criticism coming up for yesterday so I'll bring it up after that. Maybe I should run it by my party chairman and see what he thinks first.


File: 1709420840357.png ( 886.04 KB , 1377x1453 , 6148 - SoyBooru.png )

This thread is not very wholesome


File: 1709536363074.jpg ( 26.51 KB , 532x592 , 2023.jpg )


wholesome really is wholesome, my dear orb…

File: 1709536242746.jpg ( 22.18 KB , 540x472 , 1518.jpg )


explain why I am so refined and handsome is it because I wear a frockcoatevery day\?

File: 1709423733240.jpg ( 439.51 KB , 1200x868 , 1585328779954 46C56D570000….jpg )


< 23andMe deflects blame to victims for data breach
< Letter sent to victims accuses them of negligence
< Hackers stole data of 6.9 million users
< Breach started with 14,000 accounts
< Credential stuffing technique used by hackers
< DNA Relatives feature exploited to access more data
< 23andMe claims victims recycled passwords
< Blamed victims for breach
< Lawyers representing victims criticize 23andMe
< Dante Termohs finds 23andMe's response appalling
< 23andMe argues stolen data can't cause monetary harm
< 23andMe resets passwords and adds multi-factor authentication
< Changed terms of service to deter lawsuits
< Changes ineffective; facing class action lawsuits


I heard that sending your DNA is actually bad for some reason. What bad can be done with genetic and ancestry information?


File: 1709474204616.png ( 3.09 MB , 2720x1530 , 7.png )

For the shits and giggles
<Identity Theft: Embrace the thrill of having your genetic blueprint stolen
<Health Insurance Premiums: Congratulations, your genes just earned you a lifetime of inflated medical bills.
<Ethical Concerns: Who needs consent when your DNA is just another commodity?
<Stigmatization: Because being judged by your looks isn't enough.
<Eugenics: Who needs natural selection when we can play genetic engineer?
<Psychological Impact: Discovering your DNA's dirty secrets: the ultimate mood killer
<Loss of Anonymity: Say goodbye to privacy as your unique genetic fingerprint is sold to the highest bidder.
<Regulatory Oversight: Because who needs rules when you're playing with people's DNA?
<Medical Bias: Influence on healthcare decisions based on genetic predispositions.
<Discrimination in Healthcare: Because healthcare should totally be biased.
<Financial Exploitation: Who knew being a genetic cash cow could be so profitable?
<Social Exclusion: Join the exclusive club of genetic elites while the rest of us genetic peasants wallow in obscurity.
<Informed Consent: Because ignorance is bliss.
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Very redpilled post. Thank you anon.

File: 1709332285770.jpg ( 1.37 MB , 1920x810 , 1699115425369316 169768000….jpg )


< Gov wants to increase quota of medical students from 3k annually to 5k due to ongoing shortages across the country.
< Doctors protest and threaten to strike.
< Gov threatens legal action and to arrest strike leaders.
< Doctors strike anyway.
< Critics say increasing quotas won't solve issues like medical students favoring higher paying specialties.
< Critics argue tough working conditions and lower compensation in certain specialties.
< Some claim increase in doctors dilutes social prestige.
< Documentary highlights doctor preference for Seoul, leaving smaller cities struggling to staff hospitals.
< Hospitals closing departments due to lack of doctors.
< Public overwhelmingly supportive of quota increase.
< Despite arguments, some believe increase will still benefit, even if not solving all issues.
< Similar shortages and reactions happening globally.
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File: 1709423035504.jpg ( 332.53 KB , 1920x1080 , 1673193247006102 [Kawaiika….jpg )

god complex parasites, sucking the life out of the proletariat.they'll butcher you quicker than a pig in a slaughterhouse and act like they're doin' you a favor.
pasty-faced cunt


File: 1709432896154.png ( 42.47 KB , 500x514 , d0768fdaf26da1a5fc166c0320….png )

>Are you a federal agent? It's like you just take the most contrarian opinions possible on anything to spread misinformation


Say something, literally anything, of value and stop same fagging. At least add something of value if you are going to pathologically graffiti the board with your contrarianism.


Oink, oink! Squeal like the pathetic pig you are!


File: 1709498767278.jpeg ( 6.09 KB , 255x198 , images (1).jpeg )

>Oink oink suqeal like the pathetic pig you are!

File: 1709159272799.jpg ( 140.73 KB , 782x1390 , 1672034115844433 9bb6a5881….jpg )




she's a hero, she deserves a medal not a fine


She's a pathetic excuse for a human, not a hero. Deserves a barbed wire enema, not a medal


Thats a real cutie


get boosted

File: 1709259637472.jpg ( 45.22 KB , 1008x720 , Evil Lain.jpg )


Comatoast is a faggot

adding junk to fuck off you dumb bitch get raped you junkie.


Faggots are based. Imagine wasting a lain on this shitpost.


File: 1709325327708.jpg ( 1.22 MB , 2560x1387 , 1709325276756.jpg )

Comatoast is a based oldfaggot sleeper agent of Che and, on the promised day, he will once again expell the autists from the boards and raise his faithful believers into communist paradise

File: 1709190646329.png ( 793.88 KB , 1280x720 , 76w.png )


Fellow home cooks, I figured we could use a thread for showing off our own creations and exchanging tips. Recipes and instructions are welcome but not required.


I tried to make this thread on >>>/hobby/19704 before, but as far as I'm concerned there should be more meals posted, it's almost like leftychan doesn't eat!


I made stuffed porta Bella mushrooms the other day. I'll repost it.l when I make them again. I made the stuffing from scratch. It was kind of just on the fly and not very stuffing like.
Maybe you guys can give me advice about making stuffing in the future.

File: 1694064749543.png ( 4.34 KB , 310x163 , images.png )


Ageism against the elderly/boomers is leftist. People are living too long and because of that, they're retaining power longer. People always become conservatives when they reach old age and boomers as a generation stole from millennials and zoomers. Old people are all evil.
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Nooooo they can't be against muh lgbtqeery+arino! The proletariat has fallen! They're hopelessly reactionary unlike my transfem fae/faer comrades on campus!


retard I couldn't give two fucks about your abcd shit

I'm talking about ECONOMIC conservatism - faggots rent out real estate to young proles, vote for austerity, wars, spread xenophobia, religious retardation



old people LITERALLY have fucking damaged brains for fucks sake


"conservative" is a relative term.

Older people are conservative terms of pop culture.
Whatever they grew up with is what they consider the norm.

Also, olddr people, especially male elders, are quite libertine.


All you guys whine about the Baby Boomers but then yall complain about how tech went too far and wish the world would go back to 2007.

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