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File: 1695335640396.jpg ( 660.89 KB , 1440x1909 , 1695325928343.jpg )


>Ummm high yeah sweaty sorry
>We know you are struggling to acquire a living wage for your very necessary societal labor that our whole society actually needs to function properly, but, how about you actually just get back to work you fucking uyghur slave



British academics are in large reactionary fifth columnists whose only purpose is to indoctrinate the masses into being compliant wageslaves. I have no sympathy for them and taking an inflationary pay cut is the least they deserve.
The students are right too, they are paying insane tution fees and their assignments aren't even getting marked because the work-shy bastards are always on strike.


Art history professors and Netflix writers are working parasites no different than junk food marketers and insurance adjusters.

>I studied a field in which the only job I can get is teaching the field. I'm totally not perpetuating a ponzi scheme bro. Please pay me more bro.

Ya, fuck off


holy based grad student fags tongue my anus. Like shut the fuck up and grade my paper on Pol Pot bitch. I'm undergrad btw


ITT: Reactionaries.

Not every teacher is your stereotypical art history teacher, also, kek. Like what a pathetic bunch of sniveling worms. If education is so ineffectual why are you two so stupid?


this is why college should be limited only to a select few.

File: 1696208844709.mp4 ( 1.76 MB , 320x576 , sURNyMGgoZLR429D.mp4 )


>Question for the Christcuck spammer

Why is that Christian countries are filled with homos and have mentally deranged roasties trooning out kids in preschools, whilst Muslim countries won't even tolerate gay pride demonstrations. Wouldn't this seem to suggest that Islam is superior and Christianity is for spineless wimps?


I also have a question for True Christian:

Luke 23:34 - Then Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.”

What do you think of this quote and should it apply to people who are sinners?


>Wouldn't this seem to suggest that Islam is superior and Christianity is for spineless wimps?
No, it would suggest that religion is fundamentally conformist to the socio-economic order.

Russkie Orthodoxy has the same position as the branches of Islam. The common element? Periphery of capitalism.


Actually Muslim countries have alot of child molestation and boy-fucking due to strict laws on sex.

Go on WhatsApp, TeleGram, or any chatspace with Muslim patrons.

Its a shitfest with nothing but horndogs.

File: 1679765260796.jpg ( 108.55 KB , 1080x495 , IMG_20230326_002613.jpg )


Bets for WW3?
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hmm a muslim santa claus it adds up


russia could win ww3 instantly just by giving dprk everything but they are such cucks


File: 1683967189299.png ( 349.14 KB , 521x322 , sdsvsd.png )

russians are cucks by their very nature
>cucked by vikings
>cucked by mongols
>cucked by Poles
>cucked by Swedes
>cucked by turks
>cucked by nips
>cucked by Jerms
>cucked themselves
at this point the habit of getting their male population gimped leaves their future nigh impossible without a good cucking


Arent Russians descendants of Vikings?


>jew jealous of slavs
as is written

File: 1692858996763.jpg ( 146.7 KB , 1080x1778 , edp445_desperate.jpg )


is his life over?


its just a phase that will forever haunt him


Thats delicious phat ass.
He just needs baby oil and a bbc


We should pay EDP445 to post here

File: 1695811776645.jpg ( 9.38 KB , 194x259 , image_proxy.jpg )


i did an interesting experiment yesterday

it is based on this article :

or rather the data from the article

i did just calcualtions on how many passive labor / investment / land you need to sustain yourself with absolute minimum

if you have other provided to you (that is here : land (with no taxes), some tools, and maybe other things)

and if you already have some capital maybe

and the result was rather interesting, you need about 33 buckets / or about 5.5x5.5 m land to sustain yourself in absolute minimum

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>You're assuming land is free.
No I'm not. ;P

>When I talked about getting a minimum wage job that's called the opportunity cost in economics. Every hour you spend farming carrots in a commune is an hour you didn't spend working this other hypothetical job.

And every hour you spend beating the pavement in the hopes of getting a minimum wage job during a period of economic stagnation is time you didn't spend harvesting carrots, isn't it?

>Opportunity cost applies to all capital including land.

Land isn't really capital, though. Land is land. Nobody creates it, everyone relies upon it. I'm aware that there are some schools of thought which include every asset as "capital," but in my view that's very misleading.

>So if you want to be rigorous about it then you also have to factor in the price of the land your commune is using and see how many carrots that would get you at costco.

The carrots you buy at Costco are harvested with massive farm subsidies.
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Communist try not envision the most wrenched possible way to live challenge
>Difficulty level: impossible


bruh. this is one of the many things lefties discuss.

Also with landlords is that they want to give you so little for such a large price.

Also fores amd floods can affect rented places amd peoppe end up with no insurance coverage and/or they end up having to pay for repairs.


Dont forget about Billy Mays at a concession stand selling OxyClean.

File: 1707681708091.gif ( 224.1 KB , 258x615 , 1706455908404367.gif )


Anyone remember that? What happened?


died with socdem flag. tarnished by namefags

File: 1691465730635.jpg ( 607.93 KB , 1080x1867 , Screenshot_2023-08-08-10-3….jpg )


Based Elon moment
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File: 1707608114361.png ( 313.01 KB , 622x401 , johnnyrotten.png.1828147c9….png )

>the only people who get in trouble for their politics is right-wingers
Funny isn't it.


If you aren't getting in trouble for your "leftist politics" you aren't doing politics or leftism. Alternatively you live in a socialist country.


It's not true.

Also, contrarianism against the "estabilishment" is completely retarded. You know what's against the estabilishment? You know what they don't want you to do? Here's a small list: eat dogshit, throw buckets of vomit at people, yelling at 3am, licking door handles, eating soil, drinking from the sewer. Go do those things! Do not follow the mainstream! Think with your head!

Do you see how fucking retarded that is? Right wingers say this shit because they just the aestethic of the rebellion, thye have and cannot understand substance.


Anti-establishment is aesthetic.
Punk is a farce.


Thisnfaggotmwas never cool and always considered a huge sellout and a poser in the punk scene. The only people who idolize this loser have never listened to real anarchist punk music like crass who were investigated several times by the authorities and propositioned by the KGB

File: 1678402775561.jpg ( 503.26 KB , 3000x2026 , 20230309_155422.jpg )


That's a man.
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Taylor Swift is the most ugly mid woman I have ever seen. Men who find her attractive have mental illness.


Taylor swift glows brighter than the sun. That's a fed.


File: 1707631507886.png ( 663.32 KB , 900x750 , ClipboardImage.png )

I can smell Ross Luxemburg's penis from just looking at him.


Go back to Japan, you Keysean.

File: 1706826692455.png ( 113.84 KB , 635x476 , anti-social behaviour.png )


>smoking on a crowded train
Why didn't New York City execute Castro?
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Its a shame that cigars and booze are hailed as cool and good just because it doesnt involve electricity.


Nah, just open the windows

You forgot to mention that it's fun and makes you feel great


>drug addict coping


Fuck driving in general. I can board the subway absolutely hammered and get home safe, probably quicker than if I drove too.

You kind of need to not be disabled though, but if you can climb stairs and walk (or rollerblade or skateboard) from the station to your destination it's much faster than driving.

I wanna check out china and japans public transit systems one day, I think I would love it.


I've only seen japan a decade ago, it was fuckbusy in the city but a high speed train is cool as.

File: 1707617832472.jpg ( 175.9 KB , 1920x1080 , mpv-shot0001.jpg )


neuralink should have this cyber bussy thing from eXistenZ


My cock would not fit in that (8" girth).


it's not for dicks, it's for tonguing and fingering so it gets nice and lubed up for the neuralink plug

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