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File: 1702192200692.jpg ( 84.58 KB , 762x564 , pelosi.jpg )


Recently I began to hate old people. On social media I scroll past anyone that is over the age of 50. They talk so slow to say nothing at all. All of the old people in this country have hoarded wealth and stopped younger people from having access to money, and many have supported genocide abroad. I now ignore them completely.

Having picrel faces in gubberment simply enforces my opinion, they are old and they want us to die working for them.

I have a deep aversion to old faces when I look at them, it's like what they say even with a good message is wanting to harm me and other young people. Has anyone else had this experience lately?
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>Hating old people is hypocritical.
>You all will be old one day.

Probably not anon, at this rate I'm going to end up on the news


File: 1706668427572.jpg ( 167.16 KB , 1000x647 , 968083674021.jpg )

Why even bother with slaving for that system when you could, instead, neet yourself until your parents die and you receive their inheritances.
There is no such thing as "pulling yourself up by the bootstraps". Surviving in this system will always be a struggle. Upward mobility is dead, a gift for the rare few.
If you know you're destined for poverty for your entire life, why bother trying?


The real crux of capitalism is the belief of "rags to riches."

It isnt the low wages, long work-hoirs, or even high prices.

It's the false salvation of "if you work hard, you can have it made."

This is why hustler culture is so huge.
The left fails to understand the real reason of proletariat oppression.
They think that merely preaching about the promises of socialism will get people to follow them.

Humans created capitalism amd sustain with copium.


File: 1706685774593.jpg ( 239.35 KB , 1600x1200 , 1637154501572 large_Serial….jpg )

From the top of my head I've seen my grandparents walking around naked when we go swimming, when we go to a sauna and, when I was too young to do it on my own, when I was getting bathed/washed. Sadly none have had funny tattoos, but I have asked them about moles on their skin and such so I don't think asking about tattoos is an unrealistic scenario.


uhh some of them, Im sure, are good people.

the phrase you're looking for is 'to each according to his abilities, and he shall have abundance'.

File: 1706670680875.jpg ( 167.85 KB , 1200x1200 , VIPER.jpg )


Life doesn't matter anymore and it has become very obvious everywhere you go.
You can feel it when you are out in public, no one gives a fuck about anything anymore. Even normies are blackpilled husks now.


Life does matter but not the way we have been taught.

Idealism makes things much harder than it should be.

This is why I say we need to promote realism amd cynicism to children.

Sheltering them with innocence is why they grow up into passive drones.



Objectively, life doesn't matter. Having the belief that there is some meaning to this world is just cope people use to get through the day. There's nothing wrong with finding "personal meaning" But, you have to accept that it is very, obviously, clear that life doesn't matter and the universe, actually, appears to be hostile to our existence.


This post inspiring me to rape some hookers.

File: 1706598037245.png ( 66.5 KB , 166x171 , therapists.png )


A lot of therapists are unbearable interpersonally. They learn how to manipulate people by choosing their words carefully when they're in school and completely lose the ability to communicate genuinely with other people.

For most people this isn't a problem, but as someone who knows a lot of therapists, it makes it harder to make friends with them. Out of roughly 20 therapists I regularly communicate with, only 2-3 are capable of communicating without using therapeutic techniques. If I say "I'm going on a date and I'm worried it'll go well and I'll have to make lifestyle changes" these people say "sounds like you're worried about what comes next". No fucking shit, dude. You're supposed to laugh with me about it and say "it'll probably be fine" or something

Most therapists are awful at their job. In this training I was in yesterday, the trainer told the group that asking questions in therapy *does not help the client*. You're just supposed to manipulate, sorry, motivate them into completing their goals by reflecting stuff they say back to them (but only the stuff you like). Mental health trainings are so funny. Everyone just talks about the most effective ways to manipulate people but if you use the word manipulation everyone will scold you.

Most therapists come from wealthy backgrounds, don't have addiction or trauma experiences, and had the resources growing up to learn coping mechanisms to help them live with their extreme neuroticism. I worked with a lady once, we were doing adolescent substance abuse group treatment, and she would get mad and basically ground the clients for misbehaving. Like she was their mother. She believed her role was to "get them in line". She was afraid of drugs after doing pot once.

Another dude i worked with told me this client was "externalizing" and upset because of his divorce. But the client was actually schizophrenic and actively psychotic, but the clinician believed he was "faking" his delusions "to mess with" him. One clinician stopped seeing a client because the client didn't bathe, even though the client was seeing them for depression for which one of the symptoms was not being able to take care of themselves.

Therapists are deeply self righteous individuals and most of them are crap. People usually see 3-4 therapists before they find one they connect with well and feel cared for by. Therapy can be very helpful to you if you are lucky or if you have the time to shop around Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


tbh, therapists are for people whom are rich and dont need/wamt much help.

In a way I sont blame them.

This is why I think mentally ill people should be sterilized and vetted from romantic relationahips for mutual safety.



File: 1706723801415.jpg ( 927.83 KB , 1290x1551 , RDT_20240131_1055598585377….jpg )


Which one of you did this?


File: 1706760108740.jpg ( 1.85 MB , 1176x1594 , op.jpg )

GOD gave us TRUMP to be a shepherd to mankind.

File: 1706706718204.png ( 648.42 KB , 878x1239 , patlabor x dominion.png )


Why is it that "huge" games in the 90s and 00s managed to build communities that stuck with the game for ages? Hell, there are so many games of that time that still get played and discussed to this day. These days games blow up out of nowhere, get incredibly huge and then vanish a month later with very few exceptions. It feels like nothing has staying power anymore.


File: 1706740908011.jpg ( 154.13 KB , 850x1133 , 170536568549.jpg )

The Marxist analysis of this phenomena would lead you to the fact that capitalism has shifted away from production of commodities, really, to the generation of financial capital over all else. That's why video games today genuinely do suck because they all want to be ark, or, fortnight clones rather than be impactful and deep and have staying power like something like Nier.

File: 1706529499089.png ( 783.84 KB , 2000x2000 , 1672470855860880 laincute.png )


Would you guys rather have a harem of men/mtfs who look exactly like women except on the genitals part or a harem of AFABs who look and sound like Hulk Hogan but with killer pussies
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>assigned female at birth
You can just say female.
No social construct or present-day medical procedure changes chromosomes. Sex is conveniently cut and dry, unlike gender and sexuality.
Yes, a man can be female. Have fun.


Hulk "Sheman" Hogan


that makes no fucking sense.

Cis is the birth setting.
Trans is the artificial


File: 1706662482615.jpeg ( 36.16 KB , 474x266 , harem.jpeg )

I would rather have a harem of anime girls.


if the masculine hunk-ladies in question look like these hotties, I would definitely smash

File: 1706621150710.jpg ( 263.15 KB , 1920x1080 , 1685588156014020 1920x1080….jpg )


i'm closer to 40 than 30 and only heard the other day that eating a slug could paralyze and then kill you.
no one gives you the manual you need for life.


I heard of someone eating a raw snail but it took a couple years before it killed the human. Also involves parasites I think


You didn't know not to eat raw slugs?


Are you at all familiar with the concept of natural selection?

File: 1695361374467.png ( 154.27 KB , 640x518 , tenor.png )


Are some forms of eugenics leftist? Like as in preventing people from being born with severe intellectual disabilities or terminal illnesses through voluntary abortions or use of contraceptives during sex to prevent the passage of ones own genes or through the use of genetic modifications?
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You're more than welcome get off your ass join the matrix and put in work with the rest of us (understaffed as we might be) and stop being a worthless crying little faggot.


Yes, the less wageslaves we have to toil for capitalism the better. Especially so for ones with severe disabilities whose desperation coerces them more easily into labor and makes them less capable of organizing.


I forgot which one's gimmick that is, S-poster?


yea. we should also have mandatory screening for family planning.

People with intrllectual/neurocognitive disabilities should not be allowed to pass off their genes.


ogre is running on copium as usual

File: 1694327020280.png ( 56.34 KB , 400x400 , s2erlgjztwbsquplostx.png )


Sports are reactionary. Especially Soccer (football) or American Football. Also golf as its primarily played by bourgeois.
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File: 1694393150671.jpg ( 141.32 KB , 762x500 , ELZN.jpg )

2/3 of this post is shit takes



File: 1694412575036.jpg ( 514.48 KB , 1482x2000 , 876r76fr7yu6g7.jpg )

Sports is one of those tings that really sits outside the realm of capitalism. It's influenced by it, obviously……so obviously….under the current state of things, but, sports is supposed to be a means to show off and identify the highest portions and forms of the human body. It really is an art and is supposed to be treated as such and it's only because of capitalism that it has become so perverted and coomer pilled.




Professional ballsports are abysmal.

Ballsports in general though due create a toxic environment.

Its just a couple dozen humans chasing a ball like rabid dogs.

Ballsports are a primary source of bullying.
Boys whom are not good at them are viewed as low-T.

Hell, ballsports are assumed to be the only proper way to express masculine exuberance.


spectators are the worst. Violent riots when their teams loses or switches out players.

And they think video games are regressive

File: 1706629992008.jpg ( 31.51 KB , 500x319 , 86f2f1bfb364bbed83bb1ae476….jpg )


Does anyone find it peculiar that adults always love to compare their childhood amenities to the younger generations but they never do it the older ones?

They get assblasted about kids having different better amenities but they dont feel any guilt if it was the reverse.


Fuck boomers, but the internet, since its basically become the primary way we communicate, has contributed to people's alienation and degraded their social skills. You can see it on the street, people forget how to interact with each other.


idk. even before the Internet, people were kinda leery and afraid. Stranger danger, remember?
Even if the Internet didnt come about, with the way parents were banishing kids from the outside world, they still would turn out awkawrd.

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