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File: 1702167688805.jpg ( 82.52 KB , 714x540 , why are you doing this to ….jpg )


>tor browser is shitting its pants, not in the mood for clearnet
>lets look around I2P
We're going on an adventure!

>oh look there's a registry entry for leftypol.i2p

>open the site
>it is literally just the word 'Leave.'
>ok textboard.org has an eepsite
>try to post
>ok lets try nestchan
>but half the posts are shit-and-run English spammers anyway
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File: 1706507348597.png ( 203.92 KB , 966x879 , ClipboardImage.png )

OP here, maybe I didn't say it out aloud but I was only looking down the directory for links that looked like imageboards (e.g. *chan, or known imageboard domain names)
Had a revisit and there are more which don't have obvious names, like nullnyan, which although russian appears active and decent quality at first glance. Which is interesting because there is a clearly-related clearnet site nullnyan.net which is a memorial to a dead imageboard. So it looks like it was resurrected and lives on in the darknet.


> amogus.i2p
This is the worst wikipedia page ive seen in my life


Based FSB fighting Java with C++


It makes me wonder if the jannies were so ass hurt by the split the preemptively took the .i2p leftypol domain


If only there were modern programming languages available at the time.
Seriously: Rust I2P. That would be great, too bad the only project I could find was pre-alpha vapor


Are black people with blue eyes hyperborean and/or aryan souls reincarnated?
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Ah, but as the world controller in brave new world says; there is a god, but he has different manifestations in different ages. Today we live in god's own absence of himself, but this will reverse one day and we will be enshrined in his wisdom.


This is meaningless psychobabble.


Aryans can only become communists. They cannot leave their present world as it is, the state of which doesn't allow for producing of more aryans to accompany their level of development & which is unable to let them put their limited time of presence to their best use.
The only untermenschen though would be the faschizos, who have so little dignity in them that they can only cope by stealing it from others, & make it so in all ways that nobody can surpass them & their sorry level of matter-time-consuming existence.

Gas the chuds, chrono-race war now.


This is true to an extent


Irony is, theres just as mich if not more ethnic diversity in 4chan pol than in HuffPost

File: 1706492078610.jpg ( 62.03 KB , 512x677 , 512px-Eminem_2021_Color_Co….jpg )


Why does sobriety make artists suck? Eminem was literally on to of the world and when he sobered up everything fucking changed and his career was all down hill. He started giving a shit what people thinks nd changing himself to fit that mold. There's numerous examples of this happening. Do drugs just make you don't give a fuck?
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He was rapping about doing vikodin during the shady LP. He was famous by that point but he wasn't super fucking rich.


I mean that true to an extent, but, there's plenty of people who rap about being rich and make it sound good.
Most of the greatest artists of time were deff high and a lot of them fall off after sobriety, like I said.


Eminem is getting older.

He cannot keep doimg the same schtick like he did in 2002.

If sobriety makes musicians suck ass, then maybe theres something wromg with the artist themselves.

Alot of our great artists didnt need drugs to make good art. They already were creative.
"But muh psychedlics".

Psychedlics just amplify your subconscious.
If you dont have a creative bone in your body, psychedlics arent gonna make you ceeative.


>Alot of great musicians didn't need drugs to make goodmart.

Name them.


Frank Zappa
Jeff Lynne
Maurice White
Cliff Richards
Jim Seals



Especially in punk and hip-hop, poseurdom is from day one.

File: 1706337482450.jpg ( 34.14 KB , 960x846 , 1699117582398115 sauce.jpg )


How different is contemporary /leftypol/ from its past iterations so to speak? Be it on back on 8ch or the splits in the past few years. Are people more or less retarded than back then?

(OP is AI-generated)
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here's the tier list

post purge 8ch > pre purge 8ch > bunkerchan.xyz >bunkerchan.net > /leftpol/ > leftychan > leftypol.org > /leftcel/ > getchan > chapo fag house derivatives > reddit > RevLeft > Bat'ko youtube comments section in 2016


Fuck, I do miss bunkerchan, bros…


me too. it felt like we were finally back


This place isn't that bad. It's not bunker, but, slowly…..


it's dead but so is the ogre so I take solace in that. maybe one day people will talk about leftypol like they do RevLeft and it will be a launching point for the next community. I doubt it though; the anti-idpol left is dead and now everyone must pay tribute to the anti natalist, right deviationist, and holy troon

File: 1706339174579.jpg ( 142.12 KB , 1024x1024 , 1697707172237 _7bb65ff4-e0….jpg )


Are there any coservatives/right wingers/ /pol/ people here? Why are you here? Are you curious about leftism?

(OP is AI-generated)

File: 1706177591663.gif ( 242.94 KB , 280x185 , ClipboardImage.gif )


wow now i can post on this garbage consoomerhole from i2p


You're whalecum


Eye to penis


That is not what it stands for


File: 1706236528260.jpeg ( 33.76 KB , 474x651 , fdgdgdgfdg.jpeg )

Check em'

File: 1704404867846.jpg ( 55.29 KB , 900x900 , unnamed (5).jpg )


>stephen hawking is on the epstein list
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>be crippled in a wheelchair
>hang out with a bunch of nazi eugenicists


bro cheated on his wife as a cripple
typical sex pest
british nonce


his wife was cucking him no? she looks like a hoe


Hawking was on the, uh… "lists" before all this. Like, the flight logs iirc had him in it when they were released years ago, if not those then the black book.

It's a bad thing, although I think it's suspect that almost everything I see about this is dumb "memey" posts about Hawking. You know, of course people focus on the dead crippled genius and not the multiple living ex-presidents, princes, politicians, current presidents, sick rich fucks, etc. How convenient that people only talk about Hawking!

You know, looking over how this came up… it seems like it was a pretty awkward topical pivot, but I don't respect this thread much to begin with, so I'll entertain it.

I really do think this hyper-reactive use of "pedophile" is bizarre. I understand that, a decade-or-two-ago, it was just the go-to term for torches-and-pitchforks people, but not everybody has to be full retard all the time. It seems insane to me that people who claim to take the accusation seriously at all would insist upon just ignoring the definitive role puberty has in making pedophilia what it is - like seeing people use it, not even just in relation to arbitrary regional laws, but even very insistently in relation to any age gap in general is baffling. They genuinely just expect to use the term without any regard for what makes it uniquely bad and act like it's some kind of moral stance, like just being willfully ignorant of why a child who hasn't hit puberty yet does not have the physical capacity to understand sex and consent is something they're proud of. It's obtuse and fucking stupid and it displays an incredible naivety about how prepubescent children process sexual abuse.

Likewise, it's bizarre how people act as though the label needs to be applied to any case of rape committed against teenagers. Like, even if Epstein only trafficked underaged girls and raped them and had other guys rape them for power and profit… that's an incredibly heinous fucking crime whether or not it happened to pre-pubescent kids. You don't need pedophilia to make it bad, he was a fucking evil rapist and the people who raped with him and knew whatPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


One thing I agree with is that female youth gets too much attention, both the wholesome and perverted kinds.

Male youths are left to rot in jails or war zones or sweatshops.

File: 1705764298045.jpg ( 83.25 KB , 1125x1375 , 20240119_012510.jpg )


Does Trump have Syphilis?


must've been one hell of a fap




No, that's aids. He got it by having gay anal sex with putin

File: 1688272232400.png ( 167.13 KB , 472x461 , ClipboardImage.png )


Just got unbanned from ogre. Can't wait to not learn my lesson, get jannied again, and come back to this shithole.
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>>147986 (me)
Actually, that said, you can actually have staff accountability work on a small enough site with a benevolent and aware admin, the only catch being that they themselves aren't accountable.


The site owner is really the only one who insn't completely accountable. Whoever owns the servers && domains.


>I disagree with the assumption that doing the most mod actions is providing the most value.
>The modlog itself, along with the rate of invasions and commercial CP spam (a few posts a day), show that most of the moderation activity by the big names is unnecessary at best.
That's a fair point. They definitely make much more work for themselves enforcing things like the pro-russia line in their ukraine thread, which does inflate their numbers.

Now while I obviously haven't seen the internal .org mod logs, I am almost certain that the non-schizo mods aren't logging in and clearing the report queue anywhere near as much as wvobbly and co. I think the point I was trying to make is that you do need a few mods who are NEET basement dwellers to have the site covered 24/7, but these types also tend to be the insane ones.


I genuinely believe that leaving it up to the users via a vote is the best way. Users tend to be appreciative of mods who keep the site clear of CP and respond to their reports, a janny who does this will never get voted off. It's only jannies who become known to users for their shitty conduct and overstep the line who will end up losing their accounts.
>you can actually have staff accountability work on a small enough site with a benevolent and aware admin
This is a good point, however we're lucky to have such an admin.


same here. People post threads about incest fantasies and gore and they dont ger banned. But I talk aboutinfantilization and I get banned.


>People post threads about incest fantasies and gore
How lebtist of them.

File: 1705531685934.jpg ( 18.61 KB , 350x260 , 9f50b0b0a9b3b374d81d070dc5….jpg )


Wasn't my thread, but a thread on .ogres siberia was just locked because it pointed out that a lot of nazis are coming out as transgenders. Why?


Isn't it common place for Nazis to be troons? They're just fags oo. The only thing is leftists can be fags and not be at odds ideologically.


It isn't that surprising considering you also have "satanist nazi femboy siegefags". Those types tend to be into other fucked shit like sadism, cp, beastiality, etc. They don't tend to actually believe what they're saying most of the time, they'll label themselves whatever gets a rise out of people.


wrong troon ideology is a form of idealism and at odds with scientific socialism


Not wrong at all and you are a dumb emotional mouth breathing uyghur lover. Anyone in the working class is working class. It's tautological and you lack the autism score to understand this. You are blinded by your incel rage.


Because even ograrians know that 1) reactoids are always s/m homofaggots with parent-authority issues and 2) you're fucking retarded if you think that being a transhumanist means that you're a nutsoy.

Go back.

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