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File: 1701252195007-1.jpg ( 451.25 KB , 1080x1308 , Screenshot_2023-11-29-17-0….jpg )


Timeline shifted…
>Ron Paul is based
>AOC cringe
>Most based house member: a republican


File: 1701254100771.jpg ( 141.71 KB , 601x357 , 20231129_172943.jpg )

2 official accounts of Irish police liking tweets from some low T antifa dork
>Timeline shifted


>While Blacks warm up to Trump, liberal white women with bulldyke haircuts run cover for the DNC

Bros… I like this timeline


File: 1701330587720.jpg ( 139.98 KB , 1080x760 , 20231130_144709.jpg )

Combat revisionism, embrace MLM-MTG Thought!


File: 1701535657879.jpg ( 136.13 KB , 900x900 , 20231202_234138.jpg )

File: 1684209422960.jpg ( 153.43 KB , 1080x1371 , FB_IMG_1684203211502.jpg )


>pic related tells you orthodox Marxism is problematic
>implores you to educate yourself and to be a decent human being
>mentions HR department and/or office of diversity, equity, and inclusion
What do?
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>Nope, I read all of your posts. You just pretend to be against equality because you want to look edgy. Your level of detachment is similar to the average irony poisoned Twitter transhumanist.
Reality itself is unequal. There has never been an equitable society, even among hunter gatherers. I can even think of an animal species where competition over resources, mates, and space isn't the norm. At best, you get species of animals which work together as a unit to compete and aggress against those in its surroundings.
I support the expansion of human achievement and excellence. To achieve that, there needs to be some degree of social cohesion. In order to achieve that, there can't be massive ossified gulfs of power and wealth which inevitably fracture societies. Hence, I support more equality but not merely for the sake of equality itself. It's really not a hard concept to understand unless nuance is beyond you.
>Your level of detachment
This is probably the one area you're correct about. I no longer live in the garbage pile of the west.


File: 1684317693864.png ( 73.07 KB , 550x238 , Fisher Nietzsche.png )

So in other words, you support equality.
You see, when ye olde leftists used words like "equality" they understood that the context of how they used the word carried certain ideological assumptions. You wont find Lenin arguing for some inane nonsense like "making reality itself equal" when he talks about equality. This is where nuance actually comes in. In contrast, what you're doing is just word autism.
Listen anon, I get it, you're turned off by how leftycucks use the word. But the end result is that you cede the meaning of equality to them, which is even worse. Its similar to the mistakes idiotic Western socialists make when they cede all kinds of basic social issues to the right. Sorry, but I don't want left-liberals A.K.A. the loudest shills for democrats to be the ones who can exclusively define equality.
>I no longer live in the garbage pile of the west.
<I refuse to seriously engage with Western politics because it's too demoralizing
Well, I don't entirely blame you. But if you don't want be relegated to coping and seething for the rest of your life then I suggest you change this attitude.


>Strawmans you
Why are leftists like this?

No, I literally don't live in the west anymore. I know that sort of breadth of experience may be hard for you to imagine given your limited experience combined with your inflated sense of intellectual capacity. Take it literally without reading into it to find some hidden meaning to suit your narrative.

And aren't you the same guy who elsewhere claims that no one is doing politics based on your own hyper specific definition of the word (changing the definition of words to suit their needs in the moment being another tell tale sign of the leftist)?


Damn, we shouldn't have ever made this retard our collectivized cumdumpster, it just can't shut the fuck up even with a d in its mouth.


Equality is result of mutual weaknesses that need recovery.

File: 1697397870500.jpg ( 518.04 KB , 1080x1610 , Screenshot_2023-10-16-02-1….jpg )


>Be lib
>In 2023
>See we when from no new wars
>Low inflation
>No border crisis
>No mass ecological accidents
>No crises that weren't fake and ghey world events (coof)
<To all this:
<Armed conflicts around the world, billions funneled to proxies
<Massive inflations
<Millions of young men pouring in through the southern border (Burger incels don't stand a chance)
<Trains falling off tracks n shiet
>But it's not the fault of the troon rights senile career politician we elected in 2020
>He has nothing to do with it
>It's Trump's fault
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>politician we elected in 2020
Not quite. Politicians are just the hired workers of the ruling class, who are the rich that own all of the industry, all of the finance, and thereby control the planning of the economy. This planning they do in their own interests, not ours. Thus the ruling class deems it cheaper to blow up a rural town in ohio and it begets them more profits to start wars in the east. This is of course at your own expense.


fuck off libtard, old man biden is the ultimate accelerationist tier prez in our lifetime be grateful you dumb bitch


File: 1701517324958.jpg ( 582.05 KB , 1080x1821 , Screenshot_2023-12-02-18-0….jpg )

File: 1699854272591-0.jpg ( 979.54 KB , 1080x1892 , Screenshot_2023-11-13-12-3….jpg )

File: 1699854272591-1.jpg ( 59.94 KB , 1601x961 , 20231113_123319.jpg )


Why is the left oblivious to the most obvious things, such as:

>Culture matters

>A shared sense of identity produces more stable and liveable societies
>Some cultures are (far) better than others
>Some people are (far) better than others
>The cause of every problem isn't 'capitalism'

Why doesn't the left have actual solutions to create better societies. Instead, it honestly appears like the left is simply maladjusted people who present misguided 'solutions.'

Why does the left promote things like open borders, support immigrants flooding into the country without limit, or decry anyone who opposes such a thing as 'racist?'

If leftist solutions work, places like Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, wouldn't be total shitholes.

Why does the left ignore that fact that beyond a superficial reference to Marxism and Communism, they have very little in common with successful Marxists that have power and develop strong societies and cultures in places such as China, which are effectively national socialists?
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Those were actually for appeasing the working class to ensure they didn't turn to communism.
Fascist networks and much of the fascist old guard was covertly supported dyring the cold war as anti-communist assets.


>Those were actually for appeasing the working class to ensure they didn't turn to communism.
No they weren't, fascism was able to thrive because of it's ability to hyperexploit workers. They didn't want Imperialist Japan to bootstrap itself. When Communist uprisings happened in Vietnam they were met with plain old violence. When the boom wants they can be quite materialist. The best capitalists are Marxists as they say.


*when the booj wants to


>"Why does the left…"

>describes liberal points


File: 1701460233248.jpg ( 950.67 KB , 1080x1595 , Screenshot_2023-12-01-22-3….jpg )


File: 1671435394675.jpg ( 65.46 KB , 532x800 , 992c1ba2c652c44fc1f26867d0….jpg )


Reminder that there is absolutely nothing wrong with sexually harassing and just being overall shitty to right wing women.
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The irony is that a leftists chick will set aside her politics for an attractive racist/right winger.

A right wing chick won't do the same for a dorky unable leftist.


No. Its more proof that imageboards are the cesspool of the Internet. All comolaimts about "normies" is projection.

Wrong. Youre thinking of young feminine women.
Women are not blank slates.

Tabula blanca is a philosophical myth


bumping this thread again because people need to see it.


Wives dont care about your feelings only their own.

Also my wife as very dry pussy.


chivalry was a mistake

File: 1701427747843.jpg ( 160.73 KB , 1080x577 , Screenshot_2023-12-01-17-4….jpg )


Pic related really does explain why so many on muh left are so unhappy

>Expect nothing from the world

>Expect a lot from yourself
<Realize you're the source of most of your problems. That's ok, since your can always change yourself

>Expect a lot from others

>Expect nothing from yourself
<Constantly disappointed and frustrating as your expectations don't allong with reality. Throw a hissy fit about how everyone else needs to change to suit your desires


Actually thats more from people on the right.

Also, having high expectations of yourself is also kinda toxic.


t. worm

File: 1700291381419.jpg ( 176.08 KB , 898x1200 , 20231117_023931.jpg )


>US Military Damage Control

After years of pissing off people who may have considered enlisting, and instead opting to become a temp work agency for BIPOC lesbian single mothers, the US military is now finding it difficult to recruit.

Reality is often more entertaining than fiction:
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File: 1701436079955.mp4 ( 371.46 KB , 320x568 , DBrFvTubwBuneO_J.mp4 )



>Go from a Chad lite to a dumpy bleach bottle
For what reason?


Mind altering parasites probably


he looks better as a man and I say that as a straight man


Its not gay to admit another guy is good looking.
Women complimemt each others looks without any sexual intent.

File: 1700977050958.png ( 317.75 KB , 860x814 , 453-4534184_cute-anime-gir….png )


Any time someone brings up male alienation on .ogre's siberia or talks about hypergamy even if they're not blaming women or hating women and not posting blackpill shit, the post is immediately mocked and the mods instadelete the post and call you an incel or a nazi. Why? For what purpose? If the person isn't being misogynistic, then why delete the post?
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she is right though



I've got a 9oclock and a 12 oclock and 30 seconds to post about transhumanists on leftychan!


They simp for young adult women.
They assume that "woman" means "beautiful adukt female under forty years old."


From: https://7chan.org/rnb/res/24973.html#i24973

When men refer to WOMEN, the general image is an anthropoid female in their teens, twenties, and thirties.
Never ever EVER do you see men consciously acknowledge female elders

When female elders are mentioned, it's usually a different term and sentiment.

Chivalry is HEBEPHILIC.
The rules and regulations of handling women, aka chivalry?
It's more akin to handling a child.
The stuff men are told to do for women that's only appropriate to do if she's a child, elderly, or disabled. Able-bodied adult females don't need that.
Yet, they're smothered and guilt tripped into it.

Men are pathologically incapable of seeing women as independent beings, hence why older, worldly, cynical women are seen as a threat.
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go back, troon

File: 1701349784031.jpg ( 819.36 KB , 1080x1499 , Screenshot_2023-11-30-19-5….jpg )


Womp womp



File: 1701335975595.jpeg ( 8.21 KB , 198x255 , index.jpeg )


requiring people to be nice is idpol

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