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File: 1701181588910.jpg ( 65.26 KB , 719x683 , 20231128_212328.jpg )


When are we going to face the fact that 'the workers' (i.e., waged consumers) are reactionary pieces of shit and capital is on the right side of history?
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File: 1701277635344.mp4 ( 3.71 MB , 480x852 , 076cYNnb1Sf8ywq0.mp4 )

>I'm Blood! I'm Bloo— ACK!


I thought it was caused by redlining and white flight


That narrative was fed to you by liberal white women


I dont think drugs amd welfare alone decimated the American blacks.

White people had drugs as well. Pills,booze, cocaine, opium, etc.

Also the rap music?
White people had mafia/cowboy movies with country music glorifying the outlaws.
They also had welfare.

Redlining and white flight added to the mix is probably a more realistic outcome.

When blacks first started to gain power as American governors in the 1870s, they were lynched and pillaged by white reactionaries.


This guy has never dealt with neurotic white Karens before.

White people will shoot up the schools and malls for not getting the romantic adventurous teenage life they see in movies

File: 1701275923145.jpg ( 483.25 KB , 1080x1317 , Screenshot_2023-11-29-23-3….jpg )


Saying 'Irish lives matter' is considered a hate crime by the *Irish* (global managerial elite) govt

<Inb4: day duznt madder

Ok faggot. Post something that does matter


File: 1701276384175.jpg ( 408.74 KB , 1080x1915 , Screenshot_2023-11-29-23-4….jpg )

File: 1700983775380.jpg ( 522.72 KB , 1080x2345 , Screenshot_2023-11-26-14-2….jpg )


Andrew Tate> a man of strength and peace

How do we combine such principles with the movement socialism, thus strengthening the latter while drawing in support from disaffected you men?


Christianity ismt being degraded through SJW shit. Christianity is failing because it over-humanzies God into a daddy-husbando figure.

White Protestantism treats God as some form of residential insurance.

Anytime when the real world happens too close to home, they go "God is mad at us for not praying enough."


You really overestimate your understanding of what you speak on


probably but what Im saying is true.

Protestantism over-personalizes God as a daddy-husband figure

File: 1674790407361-0.mp4 ( 6.35 MB , 1280x548 , Pain and Gain .mp4 )

File: 1674790407361-1.mp4 ( 11.55 MB , 1280x720 , Malcom In The Middle (Malc….mp4 )


Post em
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File: 1681271518066.webm ( 2.44 MB , 960x540 , 19663_CiCi Rhodes.webm )

Christie Stevens at Blacksonblondes.

There's also Cici Rhodes - BoundGangbangs, another female boss getting gangbanged by workers, but a bit more on the rape/nonconsensual side.


File: 1681488723083.mp4 ( 6.21 MB , 1280x720 , Pretzel Prole.mp4 )





File: 1684972797389.mp4 ( 19 MB , 1280x534 , 65498498.mp4 )



The last episode of Malcolm in the Middle shows how fucked up white people are.

I never liked how white people always treat kids like RPG characters.

Generational culturees are a result of this.

Most parenting articles written by white people are so annoying and cringey with the way they advocate for euphemising things to kids and hatred for precociousness or social autonomy of teenagers.

File: 1701100197252.jpg ( 112.16 KB , 1079x1206 , 20231127_224910.jpg )


Yikes. Is anyone else literally shaking?


wtf bigots! my dilator shot across the room when I saw this! have they even read trotsky?


capitalism in decay…


absolute kek.


A dilator just flew over my mom's house!!

File: 1700495526043.mp4 ( 1.01 MB , 320x320 , bKAANXosBpkiSW5u.mp4 )


>What is going on with Argentinoids?
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>The Argentinian state should definitely continue to run a substandard airline at a loss.
A state has to run these things at a loss because if made public the company would go bust and be liquidated overnight. Then Argentina - a country highly reliant on domestic flights because of its large size - is left without a state airline due to the whims of the free market.
Are you retards incapable of comprehending anything other than "line go up=good".
>On top of that, you're retards who simply defend the status quo, more of the same milquetoast hermaphrodite cultural leftism
The status quo is preferable to "anarcho-capitalism" and selling off your country to foreigners. Give me a single example of where anarchism or neoliberal shock therapy has resulted in better conditions for workers. I'm waiting.


The airline was only nationalized in 2008/9.

Now people can't afford to buy clothes.

Your ghey tepid scheme was tried. Didn't work - made people's lives worse

>Status quo better than new president

Spoken like a true NEET with a performative leftism complex


>The airline was only nationalized in 2008/9
Thanks for proving my point by forcing me to read their wiki page.
Aerolíneas Argentinas was nationalised because the foreign capitalists who were running it beforehand (American Airlines in this case) had driven the airline into bankruptcy - with only 10% of international flights operating in the period before nationalisation. The capitalists had managed to rack up a $15m debt witn their fuel supplier, grounding most of the fleet.
The Argentine government was really left with no choice other than immediate nationalisation by the sound of it.
>Your ghey tepid scheme was tried. Didn't work - made people's lives worse
The airline had actually always been state owned since it's creation in 1950, with privatisation only lasting about 15 years from 1990. If anything privatisation was the experiment which failed, with the nationalisation being forced on the government in order to save the jobs of the airline's workers.


Fair enough. Peronism is based


Worker owned co-ops = ancap privatization

File: 1700984330014.mp4 ( 3.79 MB , 576x1024 , vPOgU7hba6j7emUa.mp4 )


Is Britain ok?

Imagine living in a society where a TV license is a) a thing b) something you have to play for, and c) something which the govt prioritizes breaking into your home over if you don't..

What the actual fuck?


shits fucked
Oi moite gut ah loicense fo dat?

File: 1684817403648.jpg ( 30.84 KB , 640x526 , EopabnMW8Ag7kxP.jpg )


>he's a maoist turd worldist
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and they base their world view on cartoons or reddit, or what they saw on faux


or they think the humanity reached its max potential in 1980, by releasing VHS


>Third worldists believe that only people in third world nation can be proles.
Doesn't sound too insane, if I was a prolet in the third world I wouldn't give a shit about some Americans


Technically theyre not wrong.

Most honesless in America are better off than those in the second/third world.


t. Passportless burger

Literally no one in the 'Third World' gives a fuck about Maoism Third Worldism, and if they do, they're affuent university students in a city. Normal people have actual concerns, not reehing out on behalf of some exoticized others.

>But homeless in the US have it great!

That's because America is a country of faggots, homeless people aren't rounded up and sent to rehab centers or mental hospitals.

File: 1700921125432.jpeg ( 128.35 KB , 1004x769 , 21-04-27-64cf7e73-9c35-4e….jpeg )


>Pfizer sues Poland because the latter doesn't want fake vaccines for the fake pandemic


>1.1 billion-dose contract the European Commission signed with Pfizer in 2021, which has become controversial for the reported exchange of text messages between Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla in the run-up to negotiations.

I wonder what was in these texts. I couldn't find them though.


>making shit up
From your own article, retard. It's literally the first lines:
>U.S. pharmaceutical giant Pfizer is taking the Polish government to court over missing payments for 60 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine it developed with BioNTech.
They already got the vaccine. Deadbeats just didn't pay for them.

File: 1700891112953.jpg ( 620.63 KB , 2358x3000 , hayscode.jpg )


You may not like it, but this is what peak leftism looked like.


Nostalgia dorks with a femdom fetish
>Peak leftism
Checks out

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