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File: 1700512481539.jpeg ( 40.49 KB , 474x315 , th-2649731582.jpeg )


I have been doing meatless mondays and, as a meat eater, I am sorry, but, this shit actually tastes way better and is way more healthy for you than real meat and you can't convince me otherwise.
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>t. burger with a warped understanding of what a normal body looks like
Sorry lardass. 20% bodyfat is not normal or healthy


>20% bodyfat is not normal
That's literally at the low end of healthy body fat for women and just slightly out of the top end for men.


What nutrients do you need animal fat for?

>I didn't say you are evil I said you've been tricked into spending more money on a worse product because you are so desperate to be perceived as a "virtuous" person who is helping to save the planet.

What is "worse" is completely subjective. I think it tastes better. It has lower calories and gives you everything normal meat products give you so to me that is a lot better that having to abuse animals to get your dopamine fix. I never said I was saving the planet. Of course capitalism is the root cause for global warming, which is very real, but, individual a ts can have an effect and even in a Marxist utopia meat consumption will not be feasible to maintain society. Wether you want to deny reality or not is on you


>It is fact if you understand dietary health.
<just talks about energy and macros, and b12 supplement
You clearly don't know the fundamentals.
I'm not even disputing the claim of 'healthiness' (protip: literally subjective, whether something is healthy depends on the subject). What you said is so ignorant of a basic approach to dietary health that all we can do is ask you to read or laugh if you don't.


As has been previously stated ITT: Good for you. Your subjective opinion is that it's a superior product. The fact is that this product costs twice as much as lean beef/pound, and thus it needs twice as good as regular beef. Is it? That's up to you to decide. I have decided that it is not, as have other anons here.

File: 1695876175222.jpg ( 65.93 KB , 1080x1080 , 20230928_113851.jpg )


Teen suicides were at their lowest when you could call people uyghurs and faggots online, before there were trigger warning and dorks/women started using an asterisk in words they disliked.

'Compassionate' PC language policing has made us fragile, weak, and depressed
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obama got elected?


>started rising when smartphones and internet culture became mainstream


4chan started in 2003, teen suicides fall off a cliff in 1998 with the decline starting a the way back in 1994 dumbass.


>never used a message board or had an xbox


All you guys are so stupid.

No, language policing and Internet cukture didnt make us weak.

The real reason is that society is abolishing yoing people from havijg autonomous lives.

Society is too morally obsessed with youth.
Anytime a child makes a mistake or has a vice, adults pathologize them.

Kids are banned from an activity for the slightest mishap.

Adults think kids having ay worldly exposure is bad because "muh innocence."

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File: 1700820906554-0.mp4 ( 5.5 MB , 576x1024 , lvjE4-hqiVN4bd3q.mp4 )

File: 1700820906554-1.jpg ( 751.14 KB , 1080x1881 , Screenshot_2023-11-24-14-3….jpg )

File: 1700820906554-2.jpg ( 736.76 KB , 1080x1847 , Screenshot_2023-11-24-14-3….jpg )

File: 1700820906554-3.jpg ( 776.7 KB , 1080x1810 , Screenshot_2023-11-24-14-3….jpg )

File: 1700820906554-4.jpg ( 772.09 KB , 1080x1792 , Screenshot_2023-11-24-14-3….jpg )


Does the left need more schizo energy like pic related?
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sounds like someone whose butthurt about not having an exciting romantic/social life in their teens amd twenties.

Again, all this obsession over yoith sexuality is a sign of arrested development.

Their idea of proper heterosexual romance is in "classic" entertainment.


>Pointing out the arrested development of millennial is a sign of arrested development

Makes sense


>that webm
u can just tell their egos are dying inside


>classic strawmanning.

Millennials are arrested development due to over parenting.

OP is making a comical theory that lack of "sex appeal" is making mill web nials retarded.

Again, its focused too much on sexual/romantic prowess.

And in fact, its become common for adults to whine about lack of convenient sex/romance. Like seriously. If we get offended by teens doing that, why is it ok for prime age adults to do the same thing?

Leftypol is infected with "TFW NO GF" threads.
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File: 1681967350082.png ( 154.27 KB , 640x518 , tenor.png )


Is r/antiwork liberal or leftist? I see a lot of genuine leftist posts about how people are being mistreated at their jobs and how capitalism is exploited, but I also see a lot of threads on there about how some workplaces are good and about how capitalism can be fixed. I also see a lot of threads made by teenagers/early 20s about how they sleep at their fast food jobs and they think thats praxis.
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Don't you have drugs to smoke?
Instead of getting mad because a stereotype exists, maybe try not living up to it
Challenge level: impossible
>Inb4 libshit talking points
Oops. Too late. I swear is place is just a bunch of loser fags who like Soviet Aesthetics. I can promise though, you would have been (rightly) gulaged there.


File: 1683965798630.jpg ( 50.83 KB , 640x635 , wadwad.jpg )

fuck off back to reddit,retard


I think that subreddit reeks of people whom just lowkey hate working.

I dont ubderstand why hatred of work is justifoed but yet criticising school or suggestion for forgoing schooling is criminalized.

If anything, work is more essemtial for socoety than school.


File: 1700832911635.webm ( 5.19 MB , 1280x720 , You are not your job- Sel….webm )



File: 1700837096480.webm ( 31.38 MB , 1920x1080 , Trainwreck Fox Interview ….webm )


File: 1700335910871.png ( 1.59 MB , 1080x1400 , 3e70746bba299ef16adbf2faee….png )


Woke idpol is still the number one threat to leftism as it distracts from class issues. This site is against woke idpol while .ogre is pro woke idpol therefore this site is more leftist than .ogre. Woke idpol is also more dangerous to the left than right wing idpol as it is capitalist thought disguised as leftism.
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Jews will get upset over being callrd greedy merchants.

White conservatives will shoot up the school or mall over being rejected by Stacy in high school.

Also, by "black", do you mean American blacks?

Black Anglo-Americans are the worst. The fact that theyre used as the global archetype for Negroid/Afro-descendant folks is sad.

They never used to be like that.


Irony is, calling someone a cunt is considered more offensive than calling them a fag.

Most insults are assumed to be male-based.

Any insult that implies aiming at certain female demographics is considered misogynist.

Also, again, using ethnic slurs for humor gets tiring very quickly.

Its ok once a while, but not as standard dialogue.


The goal of leftism is to be able to use the n word as many times as you want in a string of n words though


mId tier
can Ever
make Revolution


I'm not sure how you can have class struggle if you're focusing on one group or another's grievances specifically even if the are real. The point of class struggle is to think and organize along class lines. Everything else divides the working class.

So there is a distinction between a movement being open and accepting of any worker, trans or gay or whatever, lgbtq activists detracting from economic issues to push their shit first, which today in north america at least is irrelevant - everyone already has the same rights.

I definitely don't hate trans workers.

File: 1700677482188.png ( 885.73 KB , 864x1920 , Screenshot_20231122-112405.png )




File: 1700677547857.png ( 748.44 KB , 864x1920 , Screenshot_20231122-112534.png )



wow mossad, two countries in one blow


inb4 the israelis miraculously find damning evidence that the perps were palestinian.

File: 1700292512901.jpg ( 50 KB , 731x874 , 20231118_142620.jpg )


Why is the booj collective threatened so much by this man?….

And doesn't that make him /our guy/
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>People said bad things about Obama too^^


File: 1700591650395-0.jpg ( 218.01 KB , 1080x731 , Screenshot_2023-11-21-22-2….jpg )

File: 1700591650395-1.jpg ( 312.62 KB , 1080x788 , Screenshot_2023-11-22-01-1….jpg )

I can't decide if this guy's based or not. I like what he's saying tho


Whereas Trump is more pithy one liners designed to tug emotions, Ramaswamy is a bit more lucid, outlining issues in a clear yet still evocative way.


Just because you're racist and don't care about the plights of the white working class doesn't mean their concerns are invalid.


File: 1700413460277.jpg ( 135.61 KB , 832x1200 , F08KcYRXsAAFlFC.jpg )


At this point, has he become part of the ruling class superstructure?
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You guys just sounds like a bunch of jealous coping faggots


File: 1700504892269.jpg ( 58.07 KB , 1200x630 , 19388564._UY630_SR1200,630….jpg )

>has he become part of the ruling class superstructure?
If you go into a corporate bookstore and see an author with 50 books out on display then no he is not a threat to the establishment.


File: 1700512635984.png ( 112.48 KB , 221x287 , 1700502817037511.png )

Lol, this is such infantile logic.
This is like kids who cry and complain because their favorite extremely influential punk band (or sound cloud rapper) is "selling out to the man bro!!!" Everyone knows you can only be influential underground selling DIY cassette tapes on the cold city streets of Seattle WA.


If by "kids" you mean 20-35, then yes.

Also, the obsession with being "underground/alternative" is obnoxious.

Most punk is just the same ol sonic sludge.
Guitar distortion iwth piunding drums amd whining about toxic girls and white male angst.

The people whom criminalize rap and pop are the same peolle whom praise punk.

Punk seems to hate anything nice amd elegant. It thinks that being snarky and trying hard to "not give a fuck" is the way to go.

The only good things to come out of punk is new wave, alternative rock, ska punk, and dance-punk.


File: 1700527605569.png ( 39.48 KB , 400x419 , 1699749655864197.png )

>missing the point this hard.

File: 1699717145597.mp4 ( 6.68 MB , 720x1280 , SaveFree.App_3213593804552….mp4 )


Be honest. Does this describe you?
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go do this at leftypol. you're wasting your time here. you cannot bait master baiters


Bait would be parodying the left or asking stupid questions

This is more like pointedly highlighting the inadequacies, inconsistency, and obvious deficits of the left.

Leftychan has become more of a free for all metadiscussion on the left. Go the leftypol is you want the reeh for all micro penis circle jerk.


>if you actually read marx it isn't about morality
What do you think you're responding to? I didn't say marxism was immoral I said it's unscientific.

You have no empirical way of measuring how much "socialism" or "capitalism" exists in a society. All you know is that when good things happen it's because of socialism and when bad things happen it's because of capitalism.

Blaming everything on an external enemy gives you no feedback mechanism to evaluate the effectiveness of your own principles or any clues on how to improve on them. You are just banging your head against a wall and then saying "not real communism" when you get a headache.


Socialism and capitalism are a spectrum, faggot


>Socialism and capitalism are a spectrum, faggot
How do you measure it?

File: 1700403110752.jpg ( 1.11 MB , 2089x3000 , no way.jpg )


we got him

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