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Confucius say: chin din dang DENG
Why!!!?! because those runts are cunts. Post em toast em roast em. they all deserve to get cooked


File: 1699144188294-0.png ( 387.41 KB , 375x648 , 99.png )

File: 1699144188294-1.png ( 286.8 KB , 555x349 , 99991.png )

File: 1699144188294-2.png ( 332.56 KB , 559x334 , 99992.png )

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socialism with winnie the pooh characteristics


File: 1699144338605.mp4 ( 3.06 MB , 1280x720 , red bible chins walk funny.mp4 )

hey guys lets go to church!!!

File: 1675332473040.jpg ( 128.96 KB , 634x1024 , 1675319665074404m.jpg )


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Fascism is a class orientation related to the ruling class, according to Marxism, not simply a set of ideas.

[Though, as was noted elsewhere here recently, many self declared fascists such as Benitoboi started and grew out of radical leftism].

Take the liberalism back to reddit.


>huuh! you, de lebt, are meaningless! muh daddies from l*khta told me so while mandatory assfucking me this morning!!1 huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh!!11111111
Are these shitposts kept solely for soft radicalisation against state propagandists?


Why do adults especially in scholastic institutions get offended at kids dislaying edgy/woeldly behaviors when said adults encounter it all the time from other adults?

Also I think alot of horror stories made by trachers concerning the state of educayion is usually exaggerated and done from selfish incentive


Idk. Alot of adults seem to like edgy humor.

Alot of our edgelord humor is made by and enjoyed by adults.


>It's the opposite of dismissively and condescendingly saying kids are retarded yet freaking out like a millennial fag about said retardation.

Its funny because if kids are retarded what does that say about he adults?

Adukts do the same things that we cringe/condemn kids for yet theyre celebrated for it.

Look at politics. Its just theatrics of edgy punchlines and sex scandals.

Yet, because the parties involved sre over 25, theyre considered "mature."

File: 1679243392465.png ( 1.24 MB , 1080x1080 , png_20230319_232307_0000.png )


These two have a ton in common
>Brazenly told the truth
>Had hoes
>Angered those in power
>Suppressed and hit with false charges
>Became political prisoners
>Abandoned by the muhleft
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Nice post.

Also yes i have gotten laid.

Again, Tate is just another hustler guru whom is raking in a fortune selling cliche machismo points. Its like thise popup vides about "FIVE SECRET STEPS ON HOW TO UNLOCK FEMALE SEXUAL DESIRE" and they wanna charge you two hundred USD annually to watch recycled cartoon advice on how to pickup broads.

Tate isnt even the problem. The problem are his desparate followers.
Halfass arrested developmental males whom watched too much sigma male meme videos or machismo movies.

They work at dead end jobs and have no candidacy in the dating market and probably never had any direct expereince with actual manly things. They only learned through edgy humor and action movies.
They probably peaked in high school or in kindergarten.

Andrew Tate fans have main character syndrome. Which is the crux of the problem of postmodern politics both left and right.


I actually agree with this

I like some of what Tate says

But anyone who gives the man money is kinda retarded tbh

Similar gurus come allong ever few years. Before Tate it was Tai Lopez. Rn Alex Hormozi is pretty big. Each capitalizes on a shift in the wind of culture.

Tate, to his credit, has managed to pivot into an Alex Jones tier grift. This, imo, is a bit more respectable than doubling down on selling ecom courses.


The problem isnt even Tate. Its his followers. They treat him like hes a saint.

They think anyone whom irks SJWs is a good guy. Alot of these anti-SJWs are often found oit to be losers.

They became successful from leeching off other losers.



But ..

I think you might be over estimating how much his viewers like him.

He has/had a pretty large audience. There's bound to be some diversity of support within that.

Some may think he's a saint. Some likely just think he's good at drumming up controversy and makes some good points.

Treating his audience as a monolith seems a bit like a cognitive bias on your part


fair point.

But you understand the vocal minoritoes are the engines behind any marketing scheme.

File: 1679211725236.jpg ( 127.98 KB , 945x1200 , IMG_20230319_143632_136.jpg )


>be faggy sjw
>have a handful of mental disorders
>believe that basic facts and constraints of nature and biology are oppressive
>demand everyone cater to your wildly naive and idiotic worldviews
>claim that parents are being selfish if they won't let you indoctrinate their kids (but don't want to have kids yourself because muhreasons)
How can we stop people like this from being associated with the left? How will socialism handle people like this?


Identity crisis is a buzzowrd.
Thats caysed by the institution of adolescence.

Also, they wanna ban trans aid for kids yet they do nothing about bullying or compulsory law for schools?

Imo, you have people in "indentity crisis" well into their thirties.

As for the SJW thing, theyre no different from the reacrionaries.

Both sides care less for the young and more for vicarious living


"trans" kids need to be sent to a rehabilitation camp. They need to be forced to socialize and have fun while learning important skills like a basic manual of arms for their nation's small arms. We need discipline and teamwork not more money for Dr. Soystein to chop your cock/tits off


Trans kids and cis kids need to be sent to vocational classes rather than IB or AP classes.

We have so many young people whom did the right thing yet they end up in dead end jobs and student loan debt.

Our elders have failed the youth by banning them from dating, working, driving, free-range play, etc because "muh education".

Theres nothing wrong with some kids wanting to be trans. Also, trans care isnt as readily available to rrans youth as much as you think.

File: 1690867792330.png ( 64.86 KB , 706x674 , 7c9.png )


I work in retail and the place has a policy against gossiping negatively against coworkers and my boss is a strict follower of this policy and gets people in trouble for gossiping. Any tips? I love gossiping and talking bad about people lol. We do have a union.
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Oh, managers? Yeah, in that case it's fine.


I don't gossip because I don't want to give out shit on coworker who may be lazing around.


Gossip is inevitable.

Any rules placed on high likelihood behaviors are just PR stunts.


All in all, I will never understand why adults think school is better tha work. Work has the same bullshit as school with some differences: you get paid, you can opt out, you can use the restroom as much as you want, etc.


Gossiping is womanly behavior
Why do you think it's inevitable


Well, its not really womanly behavior as much as men assign them that and normalize it.

File: 1691851858887.jpg ( 972.37 KB , 1080x1495 , Screenshot_2023-08-12-21-4….jpg )


Why do people tend to shift right as they gain more life experience?
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His handlers at the beginning were fashion designers influenced by Situationism so I dare say a large part of his leftist impulse was cultivated by them.


>We're better than other people because we have the right ideas and other people have wrong ideas


Because people tend to get wealthier as they get older and the right generally want lower taxes.


Right wingers dont want lower taxes for anyone except the rich.


Also its not true that everyone gets wealthier with age

we need to stop applying white anglo suburbia to everyone.

File: 1698916290207.png ( 11.46 KB , 256x256 , icon.png )


ITT: we pretend we're from 2012 era reddit and that today is our first day on leftychan


File: 1698920483944.jpg ( 510.3 KB , 1080x1011 , Screenshot_2023-11-02-17-1….jpg )

We're still in the 'weak man' era.
Buckle up for hard times


greetings leftypolerinos


Wasn't there still CP jailbait subs on reddit back in 2012?


>hard timsmakes trng men

Here we go again with this meme.

Hard times soesnt make strong men.
Thats all comic book nonsense.

In times of difficulty, people become "every man for himself."

Life becomes tribal amd confusing.

All those "hard times" arent as virtuous as you think.

File: 1684274861413.jpg ( 68.5 KB , 680x905 , a90.jpg )


Anyone know the real reason womens are like this, where usually if i am out with a female friend or more often female family members(sisters/cousins) they seem to hate it when i hit on their female friends(they usually are receptive until external bitch behavior comes into play). when i bring this up to them they all say to pretty much paraphrase "it's just weird".
is their some kind of anthropological reason for this?
is it because i live in anglostan and the culture is already cliqueish to retarded levels?
Does this happen your country/culture?
is there any actual reason behind this "female logic"?
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File: 1687928021285.png ( 452.9 KB , 654x461 , 8un8un.png )

the simplicity of this answer is wut wins me over


Funny thing is, these same types of women will flirt with male acquaintences of their male acquaintences/relatives.

I blame chivslry. Putting them on a pedestal for having breasts and a vagina and having slim figures and cutesy gestures.

Also, its mostly young women whom are pampered and given moral amenities. Unfortunately, it carries over after thirty.


No need for the patronization, millennial.
stop acting yall are sages just because youre over thirty.

Youre still struggling with adulting and whatnot.


Men are kinda like this too.

Alot of guys get pissy when hey see their gfs talk to their own male friemds/relatives they knew before linking up.

Yet these bfs will flirt with other girls.

Heterosexual romance is crass. Theres nothing genuine or profound about it. Its just psychological incentive that God installed in humans to breed.

Heterosexual romance is just a pretext for procreation.

Humans lost sight of this in the Victorian era.


File: 1698962820914-0.png ( 131.23 KB , 406x240 , 12.png )

File: 1698962820914-1.png ( 130.94 KB , 429x233 , 13.png )

>Men are kinda like this too.
this is true most men are bitchmade
>Humans lost sight of this in the Victorian era.
pls explain this to me. me is too ignorant


>this is true most men are bitchmade

Everyone is. Romantic/sexual pursuit breeds entitlement.

<Humans lost sight of this in the Victorian era.

>pls explain this to me. me is too ignorant

The Victorian era was from the late eighteenth/early nineteenth century to the early twentieth century.

Or maybe Im referring to the Romanticist era.

Either way, our modern assumptions about history is based on revisionism made in the Romanticist era.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1698812927983.jpeg ( 108.3 KB , 1762x1150 , 7caoznXgi.jpeg )


Samefagging can only be a thing in a board where participants are treating the board as masked groupchat: speaking as oneself, aware of others. If everyone is truely acting as anon, then wouldn't an imageboard thread be the collaborative construction of a monolouge?


>If everyone is truely acting as anon, then wouldn't an imageboard thread be the collaborative construction of a monolouge?

Why does being anonymous and acting anonymous mean that you don't think of yourself as an individual? Anon is still an individual just without a name, right?


But when everyone is effectively just speaking through anon, people are constantly attempting to infer the identity of the other users to remove that obfuscation.
I should clarify I had the idea for this thread from a .ogre thread I read a few minutes prior: https://leftypol.org/siberia/res/464781.html
I like the sticky note analogy they gave.


>>150498 (cont)
But like, I don't think their absolute removal of the individual is quite the right answer, though I copied their terminology by calling it a monologue, but the idea of leaving a sticky note next to another without regard for authors feels more authentically anonymous somehow.


Definitely a good thought provoking post, but like if you are comparing it to bathroom graffiti or a cork board then someone goes "here's a story" and someone else goes "nvm i suxcock" well they are all playing "anon" but it's different anons. It's not even like how you can have two personalities arguing in your own head when you're thinking about something. It's literally two anons that are otherwise the same and indistinguishable. Basically the axiom of choice in mathematics.


>>150502 (me)
So I guess I'm just confused about why they call it a monolog.

I definitely see the author's point where the discussion dissolves into shit-flinging when on a small imageboard you just assume you know someone. That's stupid and it happens on leftychan all the time.

That being said I actually paid no attention to the unique ip counter at the bottom of threads until i saw it this week, and I think now that I know about it, it might stop me from replying to multiple people with multiple comments in small threads… (in larger ones it doesn't matter) so idk if the unique ip thing is actually beneficial.

We don't have arguments about samefagging that much though thankfully.

File: 1698676850127.jpg ( 117.36 KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg )


How people in Dagestan protest Israeli genocide of Palestinians

>An angry crowd in Russia’s mostly Muslim region of Dagestan stormed an airport where a flight from Israel arrived on Sunday, forcing authorities to close the facility and divert flights.

>Multiple videos posted on social media showed a crowd of people inside the Makhachkala Uytash Airport (MCX) and on the runway, some waving the Palestinian flag, others forcing their way through closed doors in the international terminal.

>In photos and videos verified by CNN, the crowd outside the airport held antisemitic signs that included slogans such as “We are against Jewish refugees,” and “There is no place for child-killers in Dagestan.”

>Clashes left at least 10 people injured, including two people in critical condition, according to a statement by the Dagestan Health Ministry late Sunday.

>The airport was temporarily closed and flights were diverted, according to a statement from the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency, saying “unknown persons” broke into the facility.

>The Red Wing Airlines flight from Tel Aviv arrived Sunday at 7:17 p.m. local time, according to Flight Aware, and was quickly surrounded by protesters upon landing.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.




Why would anyone want to fly to Dagestan anyway? In fact why do they even have an airport?

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