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Police all around the country are quitting due to local election results they don’t like.
And y'all said democracy doesn't work.
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File: 1680809448440.jpg ( 153.8 KB , 819x1024 , 1680216050230550.jpg )

>Good. I can't imagine the obese leftoid with no real combat experience will last long in a return to nature sort of scenario


File: 1680809521819.jpg ( 140.47 KB , 842x960 , 1679865046996926.jpg )



File: 1680834046445.jpg ( 73.42 KB , 595x500 , 1680220135890717.jpg )



yea but theres more evidemce of cringe unfit rightoids tbh


It's amerikwa…
The fittest people are gay guys and basketball americans

File: 1690055020244.jpg ( 89.44 KB , 1024x718 , giger-landscape-xiv-medium.jpg )


We as some of you might be aware are coming to an end of the age of man. Sometime in the near future we will enter the age of the Biomechanoid. Will you accept the cold embrace of metal and rise above your primitive state ascending to godhood to find your destiny amongst the stars. Or will you stay a sorry blob of flesh and be left behind to die on this sick and decaying world. The choice is yours!


All of this shit is absolutely fucking retarded.
It's all hype, and it's sad.
The weirdest thing about all this stuff, all this talk of elevation, of automation… it's all on the backs of people mining, farming, etc. often in slave-tier conditions. Even with modern technology and an ample supply of labor, for some reason we haven't moved beyond this. Yet, in the first world, people vie for time-intensive (but labor light, and mostly bullshit) jobs using the machines and resources produced through still-strenuous labor, as though there was nothing better to do be doing…

What we are advancing towards is a higher level of hubris. I don't want to be left behind to die, I only want to die. We have the technology which could make my exit from this idiocy (and my own idiocy, as well) very pleasant, but I will probably have to make do with something a bit less pleasant. I've seen behind the curtain, and I have no interest in being a part of this idiotic program as a participant or "victim" of it.


I jeep saying this but people keep shooting me down: AUTOMATION ISNT AUTOMATIC!!!!

Automative systems will require software and mechanical engineers to build and fix them.

And the more complex the systems, the more training is needed to maintain them.

What will happen is that customer service clerks will be reduced but not completely forgotten.

File: 1680216994410.jpg ( 88.25 KB , 1786x1000 , 20230330_155439.jpg )


>Trump's been indicted
Do I like this /b/?
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Lmao can you really just tell him not to do something and he will do it? What a retard



Tbh it's sad that they're doing it over Stormy Daniels… whatever, better than nothing I guess. Would be nice if they'd get him for shit he did while president - you know, set things up to go after Bush, who was 1000x worse.


>Trust the plan
Redditanon brainworms



tf you talkin bout


>Typical right wing sheeple whom thinks trolling the Libs is fighting the establishment.

Nope. Trump is controlled opposition. Evrrything about Trump is shock value.
His presidemtial capaign is to raise money to pay off debts.

File: 1698561427177.mp4 ( 2.82 MB , 480x852 , Yjr4DOWyx-tkJTqc.mp4 )


Tfw you've been coddled by women your whole life and somehow think that there won't be consequences to aggressively telling an aggravated man twice your twice to 'get out of here.' Woefully unprepared for the real world outside of zoom meetings and slack

(if this would have occured anywhere outside of the west, the dumb whore would have been punched too)


Bruh if this happened outside the west that niqqer would have been beaten down by a ragamuffin.
Don't know what this is but there's a literal retard there. Looks like someone's bbq


Why do people talk before violence? No one in this video knows stealth. Just calmly stroll behind the guy that's twice your size, stab him, then run. Westoid honor codes have everyone thinking they're a saturday morning cartoon character that deserves a monolouge.


Most Western peoole view life like its a cartoon show.

Look at our adult entertainment.

Also OP is kinda wrong on the firdt sentence. Male incompetence isnt always becauseof female authorship.

File: 1698575489881.jpg ( 161.85 KB , 1080x525 , Screenshot_2023-10-29-17-2….jpg )


Post good political Halloween Costume Ideas

>Trotsky (with icepick)

>Retarded bitch who got shot on Jan 6th
>Hunter Biden (bonus points if you get a 12 year old girl to go with you as Natalie)
>Hasidic Jew (spooky)

What else?


Michelle is a certified Amazonian. Anyone that wouldn't smash is just a fag.


File: 1698580169771.jpg ( 258.94 KB , 1170x1406 , 20231029_135125.jpg )

File: 1698555707688.png ( 1.43 MB , 1200x1200 , organic-idone-bottle-and-b….png )


If you don't have pic related on hand, you are not a serious person

File: 1671782337253.jpg ( 126.83 KB , 984x840 , 1671777331519790.jpg )


Merry Christmas, fellow kidults!
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argumentum ad populum




You can't say everyone thinks x people are losers, when almost everyone is involved or friends with someone who has those hobbies. This is like saying everyone who drives an econobox is seen as a loser when most people drive such vehicles.


I hate these academic buzzwords that try to mix two words together like that.

Just call them by the practical twrm: manchildren.



Society too often defines maturity by aesthetic rather than ethics.

Anime is looked down as arrested development. Yet anime has more profound storyline than wetern movies.


Why are burgers so bad at managing money?


>americans earning 150k living paycheck to paycheck
The value of USD has halved since 2019. $150k is basically the minimum for a decent standard of living in the big cities, any less and you have to have roommates.

>US National debt

this is just various imperialist cartels printing money for themselves and then adding it to the collective debt of the proles. it's good money management for the bourgeoisie.


Tldr: amerikwans are braindead consoomers who can't survive withoit the latest iphone, a new car, UberEATS, and $12,500 per month


File: 1695805926112.png ( 351.36 KB , 633x616 , lol fiat.png )

>The value of USD has halved since 2019.
I agree, the problem is not that the proletariat don't know how to manage their money the problem is that the money itself is worthless.

>imperialist cartels printing money for themselves

Central banks are a communist institution. Their job is to centrally plan the economy by manipulating the money supply and picking winners on the stock market. It's even in Marx's manifesto, point 5. Assuming you've read it, a Maxist who has actually read Marx is as rare as a Christian who has actually read the bible.

As if to prove my point, leftists have been programmed to never question the banks for some reason. Curious.


America is a consuner cukture. Most Americans m, at least the average ones, dont own their own farm or workshop to make their own stuff.

File: 1698477628718.png ( 380.57 KB , 663x463 , 1468793579327.png )


Why have radlibs not realized that guns aren't the problem and that terminally online reactionaries are?


>niche internet jargon
>saying other people are terminally onlinr


What a cool bad kid finisher! You sure got your internet cool kid points for this post!


Stay spooked about supposed 'reactionaries' while carrying water for the tech-finance bourgeoisie


it all goes back to calitalism

File: 1698385541015.jpg ( 262.18 KB , 1080x981 , Screenshot_2023-10-27-12-4….jpg )


What are you doing to protect your mind from interdimensional entities that feed off of negative emotions?


Taking my meds



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