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File: 1716370221258.webm ( 2.24 MB , 480x360 , twins.webm )


Swallowing the Black Pill
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Israel was behind 9/11
Its not even le based grassroots terrorism.


>It's an interesting detail because, and of course the neocons who signed onto the Project for a New American Century had, a few years prior, stated that they wanted a "new Pearl Harbor" to justify toppling Saddam.

God, I really should proofread my posts sometimes.


Who's the guy at 3:22?


File: 1716588875480-1.pdf ( 14.39 MB , 212x300 , 911_Analysis_en.pdf )

File: 1716588875480-2.pdf ( 1.33 MB , 232x300 , the-celebrating-israelis_.pdf )

File: 1716588875480-3.pdf ( 507.42 KB , 212x300 , zim-shipping_-possible-for….pdf )



How do you feel about the Canestraro Declaration?

File: 1716615172529.jpg ( 43.61 KB , 720x540 , 1614200260026586.jpg )




Are they though?
Half these guys look like they rode the shortbus and the other half look like they rode the cornbus.


this was years ago. I went to highschool with one guy who talks like a fag. he'd be more comfortable in fag oregon

File: 1716548306639.webm ( 3.86 MB , 606x1080 , Misc meme 2.webm )


how do we know this entire website isn't a fed honeypot?


I have a theory that the site goes dead because fed posters have to go to sleep outside working hours. Posters claim to be NEET, yet there's dead hours.


Also all the edgelord shock value psychological warfare operation posting


because fagcels do eugenic fedshit for free gs0


driver is clearly having a meltdown and they are banging on the car and making it worse
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That video was recorded in the United Kingdom though.


This is why I have a 9mm load3d eith hollow points. Wtf is the story behind this anyway?


Fucking based, carcunts should all fucking die of multiple strokeosis simply for xisting. Too bad this lost fag didn't run over any of these zombies tho.


OK retard


I hate the driver but im so glad she got away too lol
Fuck those control freaks trying to pretend that theyre in charge of whats going on

File: 1716424754679.webm ( 4.44 MB , 606x1076 , 1704645460303-0.webm )


People have nothing left to believe in but the American dream . If they were to accept the reality of the fact that they will most likely never amount to anything significant or have enough money to have a decent life then a lot more people would self delete. The dream is dead and gone. I don't have any hope for this country anymore.


I believe there is some hope for the working class but these nonstop crises make it feel so hopeless. I hate these scripted street interviews.


The Amerian Dream was only meant for white GI soldiers coming home from World War 2


File: 1716520368944.png ( 1.83 MB , 808x1246 , vernon hill may.png )

I don't really think they even have that left to believe in. I think a great deal of Americans, probably most, possess no illusion about this. And a lot of people do off themselves.

You should come to terms with this lack of hope, this listlessness. Are you afraid of the release of death?

Collectively, there is something else, and it's not a dream, but rather a reality waiting to be built.


>If they were to accept the reality of the fact that they will most likely never amount to anything significant […] then a lot more people would self delete.
Th@'s wh@ u get 4 trying 2 cheap your way out on your existential questions. Th@'s why shitler & all his suppooooorters unalived in mass when their german dream shattered right b4 their milky eyes. Th@'s why many faggots in responsible positions choose to rather end their line whenever some heavy shit happens & they feel it's bigger than they can handle.
Ragequitting because of your internalized spooky ideology failing you is 4 weakminded shallow losers, no commie should ever behave like th@. margz or lemmin were the absolute opposites to this.

btw real ppl would bash this faggot 4 intermingling in their situation if th@ was any real, just a note 4 actual autists here.


Did you fucking have a stroke or something?

File: 1716445331091.jpg ( 50.78 KB , 770x435 , hearts a skipper.jpg )


>literally called an afroid friend "uygha"


>being this new


>being so autistic

File: 1716491638215.mp4 ( 14.31 MB , 1280x720 , Stellar Blade All Endings ….mp4 )


Those who do not move, do not notice their chains


File: 1716498965824.png ( 138.14 KB , 336x326 , epic_lulz.png )

>It's a free country
Wanna go out of town this weekend?
>Nah I got work

File: 1716448493786.webm ( 2.81 MB , 406x720 , puppy correction.webm )


Dr Peter Gray believes that the coercive education system in the US will collapse within a decade (prophesied in 2016):
I would add that kids who enter school today may need to compete for jobs with artificial intelligence. By the time they leave college, assuming the concept of college survives, they will need to face machines that will have already passed the Turing Test (acc. to Ray Kurzweil's prophesy). In the meantime, we force kids to work calligraphy by hand, even if they would rather interact with a touchpad.

The understanding of the power of free learning will build up exponentially. Good memes keep spreading at an ever accelerating rate. Shortly after Gray's prophesy comes true in the US, other nations will follow suit.
The conflict between free learning and passive schooling will inevitably lead to a collapse of the old system. Peter Gray described it in his many essays and books (see: Collapse of coercive systems). I write about this in Compulsory schooling must end. Papert knew about it in 1993. Perhaps the only thing that was hard to predict is that schools would hijack the new technologies only to dish out the old material. In other words, the learntropy of schooling increased, but freedom is an obstinately undying issue.

What follows from imagining a Knowledge Machine is a certainty that School will either change very radically or simply collapse. It is predictable (though still astonishing) that the Education Establishment cannot see farther than using new technologies to do what it has always done in the past, teach the same curriculum. I have suggested that new media radically change the concept of curriculum by demoting its core elements. But I would go further: The possibility of freely exploring worlds of knowledge calls into question the very idea of an administered curriculum

File: 1716411958763.webm ( 561.6 KB , 540x960 , Veil Up.webm )


The US military does have drones, jets, and tanks. But people forget that the US military has never won against an insurgent population. The vietnamese only had small arms, tunnels, and traps. The Iraq war was diffictult for the US military because Iraqi fighters could shoot at them and hide for a few seconds, ditch their gear, and emerge an unarmed civillian. The US government would also probably be less likely to carpet bomb and drop JDAMs on neighborhoods in their own country instead of being fine with all the civillians they killed in the Middle East that they just wrote off as "collateral Damage"


>But people forget that the US military has never won against an insurgent population
The Philippines? The Confederacy? Native Americans?


What do you have to say to this >>>/leftypol/481515 ?

In general you should check out that thread it's more or less discussing the same thing.


foreign backing facilitates an insurgent population
>What do you have to say to this >>>/leftypol/481515 ?
Geology is the study of pressure and time. Thats all it takes really… pressure… and time…

File: 1716343785896.webm ( 1.28 MB , 1280x720 , grace.webm )


I’m really about to ask my boss for an overtime.


You want more hours or does your boss owe you pay for your overtime?

Also, just FYI there's the >>>/WRK/ board



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