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File: 1721201182284.png ( 34.04 KB , 203x131 , toots.png )


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>says who?
>all trolling and raiding should be for the purposes of spreading socialist propaganda in one way or another, or, have some type of relevancy to leftism in some tangible way. Trolling for the lulz is all well and good, but, let's try to keep from that being the primary objective to our threads.


>Trolling for the lulz is all well and good, but, let's try to keep from that being the primary objective to our threads.
imagine having a malcompliance over something that was intended for raiding purposes, kek. You see you can actually go try ahead of that, the point is just that obvious of course you let your ego get in the way, it's obviously meant for propaganda purposes I suppose you didn't take ur meds well.


>muh fags
Off 2 the wall you go, uyghur.


File: 1721474149288.jpg ( 57.28 KB , 1000x1000 , Smug_Frog.jpeg-2.jpg )

this seems interesting who could've guess that we have a new bozo in the town



File: 1715805407646.jpg ( 318.11 KB , 1000x1538 , 1715454638195975.jpg )


Would you fuck an old hag to ascend? Has anyone here ever been a sugar baby to a sugar mama? Or dated a cougar? What was that like?

What being a male striper or gigalo? Share your experiences here.
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My uygha, just find photos of hers that are already online and link them. Also wouldn't she like the popularity?


File: 1716866375275.jpg ( 740.87 KB , 1290x1308 , RDT_20240520_1239545451459….jpg )

I'll look but I've never seen any pictures of her online. You don't understand, she's 60, old school. Where working as a striper meant you were uber discrete.
She said she was in a hair band music video. I'll have to ask again which one it was.
Bro she's like a dude trapped in a woman's body too. Her favorite thing is to watch me jack off. She has all these stories from her time in New York of catching guys touching themselves leering at her then going over and watching.


>Also wouldn't she like the popularity?
No, she has a long list of wealthy regulars. Some of the stories she repeats to me are crazy.


housing lifehack


File: 1721456880464.jpg ( 66.74 KB , 1080x1080 , 20240719_232719.jpg )


File: 1700584286950.jpg ( 95.47 KB , 761x1024 , nopussy.jpg )

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troons'n suicide watch


File: 1720827928429.jpg ( 98.93 KB , 850x850 , sample_1c09ff75e1a86e9a4bb….jpg )



File: 1721356152925-0.png ( 274.16 KB , 640x853 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1721356152925-1.png ( 274.16 KB , 640x853 , ClipboardImage.png )



File: 1721441166410.png ( 1.99 MB , 947x2048 , ClipboardImage.png )

Critical support for those men



File: 1718298706140.webm ( 952.13 KB , 960x540 , 6ckfjLN87Ek.webm )


why is Chadpreet so much more buff and manly than me?
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File: 1720820658112.png ( 570.9 KB , 602x887 , ClipboardImage.png )



>subcontinental men
>rough skin
>gravel looking ahh skin
>gravel texture ahh skin
>not pimple proof
>really visible dots and stain of contracting skin collor
>not smooth face and head shape
>shit body type

>black women

>smooth flat skin
>soft skin
>look good using flash
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


this misandro-racism


>workers of the world unite!
>eww subcontinental brown men
make it make sense


File: 1654045769624.png ( 999.28 KB , 1039x704 , ClipboardImage.png )

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im a comfy NEET, do you like to be A neet anon?
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source? and by that logic people fund wars by paying taxes


Idk man. I think its more to do with rising costs for college and lack of available unskilled labor.

I dont trust any article talking about specific generational cohorts about fashion stuff or whatnot.


The fact th@ all wh@ I would be doing would be systematically stolen by some glorified mafia instead of being eternally public, or just working as a side-tool 4 this same mafia if you apply 4 de '"public"' gubbermint job.
Also brain damage due to neverending narzi torture.


>if you dont give more capital to your local bitch boss then its u who hurt wonkahs! think about the proles, libbies!
Stupid fucking uyghur either kys 4 being a feddo or learn about private property's property.
& stop idolizing wonkahs you christcuck essentialist idealist identarian classist fuckwit. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hard_Hat_Riot


Where do you think the money is comping from. Workers are forced to pay taxes and those taxes pay for your NEET lifestyle. Did you think Joe Biden was paying your unemployment checks out of his own bank account or something.


no, because businesses also pay taxes. further more, there's money from state owned enterprises and natural resource extraction


File: 1717523474363.jpg ( 125.06 KB , 1285x1003 , 20240604_105018.jpg )


Post the wildest shit you see feminists saying here.
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File: 1721366398167.png ( 155.07 KB , 295x313 , ClipboardImage.png )

based and hard times pilled




>hard timesmakes strong men

Only the most sheltered superhero fan would agree to this


then women should all start out in the kitchen and prive themselves out



File: 1719610810704.jpg ( 146.89 KB , 864x1089 , IMG_20240628_143811.jpg )


Post 'em


File: 1719619244315.png ( 2.28 MB , 1218x811 , ClipboardImage.png )

They couldn't do this for the Navy


File: 1721250799307.mp4 ( 10.52 MB , 1280x590 , m2-res_590p Aeromorphist.mp4 )

Dropping this here.


File: 1721375811345.jpg ( 164.67 KB , 1151x1258 , 20240718_192001.jpg )



File: 1721385724312.png ( 193.47 KB , 400x400 , cultural marxification.png )

>aeromorph 112


File: 1721331696059.jpg ( 58.71 KB , 1082x568 , GUY EATS A POOP SANDWICH F….JPG )


I was thinking on how I have a secret degen side which reminded me of this video comment.

Do you think girls would rather date a regular looking dude who eats poop sandwiches and dead rats or an ugly dude who eats normal things?


Whyte girls fuck dogs
Dogs eat poop
Therefore women like things that eat poop


Damn are you saying I should start eating poop?




>uyghur denigrates himself 2 a dog just 2 have a bigger (= same) chance @ getting pussy

captcha: mmm3zm


File: 1701275633156.jpg ( 49.03 KB , 640x590 , 1701275055345131.jpg )


In most countries it's 16 which I think is good. I'd say there needs to be some "Romeo and Juliet" exceptions added. No reason to have a 17 year old go to jail for dating a 15 year old.
15 is a just a little too young for the age of consent. What is hilarious is that burgers think just big age gaps are pedophilia while the average roastie in America becomes sexually active at 13, and often even younger.
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a good argument for keeping the AOC where it is is that people are too impressionable when they are unemployed and living with parents

but this also makes sex with adult NEETs effectively rape so

tell a government worker that a 35 year old neet woman is being beaten repeatedly by their father, but is also not legally disabled. they'll just be like 'ah well that sucks for her', and not do anything.

We need to give more property and land rights to all people who are without land and property rights and who are above reproductive age


t. bitter old foid


Then you wolould have to extend it to the twenties as well


Most teens whom are groomed sre often loner kids who are desperate for attention but then felt regret and anger when they see their peers having "better" relationships than them.

And notice alot of steoires of underage grooming always come out ten years after the incident?

And most grooming incidents involving teens dont even involve physical sex?


i wanted to post something but i forgot


File: 1712816269074.jpg ( 126.79 KB , 612x608 , paperboy-with-news.jpg )

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First Incel News General archived here:
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File: 1721230379889.jpg ( 75.46 KB , 1179x816 , 20240717_083129.jpg )

Start building up that spank bank.


The only way this will work is if they implement a state-assigned romantic companion program. Which they're too scared to do. What a bunch of dickheads


Who is willing to beat that this JD Vance guy is a closet degenerate?

Anyone who obsesses over porn or sex, especially youth sexuality, is often a miserable incel or a practicing sexual predator or something.


He's a republican with an ethnic wife, I would be surprised if he wasn't. Porn is obviously terrible for people and society but banning it isn't the solution.


Didn't you get the memo? Orc & hohol feminazis are bitter enemies 2day cuz hohols now like troons & faggots like the trve tundra uyghur honorary europeans unlike their eastern relatives who hold them responsible 4 oppressing the sacred cunthood simply by xisting or some other stuff like th@.

You don't understand, faggot. Only the aristocracy gets 2 fuck & reproduce, not the cattle th@ should work smarter & harder 4 their owners' lifestyle.

>majority 65% of porn consumers are men


File: 1716313217952.jpg ( 98.04 KB , 1080x911 , 04cecdd3423ce79f3b9e6be20a….jpg )


Neurotypical Peers are Less Willing to Interact with Those with Autism based on Thin Slice Judgments | Scientific Reports

Tell me how autism isn't a curse…
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yes that's the entire modern mtf transbian transgender movement. They get tricked online to obsess inward on their own preferences unaware that this action itself affects their preferences and they end up scrambling their own mind with self obsessed troon lore.
>wtf I can see myself with a man too sometimes but I don't always think like a man and sometimes I feel effeminate so I guess I'm fae/faer, demisexual, hufflepuff, dark jedi, INTP…


Some Dutch people seeking euthanasia cite autism or intellectual disabilities, researchers say

>In one-third of cases, Dutch doctors concluded autism and intellectual disabilities were untreatable and that there was “no prospect of improvement,” the researchers wrote.

By doing so it looks like society is really OK with sending this message, that there's no other way to help someone and it's just better to be dead.


>>7019 (Me)
>“Helping people with autism and intellectual disabilities to die is essentially eugenics,” Stainton said.
Was Eugene right after all?


>It's over for these autistic people. Now let me go enjoy my legal weed and legal prostitution


As someone with autism I say that euthenasia is based.
I tire of society trying to patronise us as charity cases for ther brownie point systen.

Yall dont like us,
Yall dont want us sexually intimating with you.

Why bother?


File: 1663187296476.jpg ( 117.78 KB , 736x987 , Sorayama Female Robot art.jpg )

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Post anything regarding sex robots or dolls here.
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File: 1719390617054.jpg ( 159.73 KB , 1183x589 , skinjob.jpg )

This smiling robot face made of living skin is absolute nightmare fuel



Okay, that sounds and looks spooky, but - I want to put my penis in something comfy, so yeah..


File: 1720256009420.mp4 ( 6.03 MB , 720x1280 , RDT_20240706_015232.mp4 )



File: 1720780718671.jpg ( 111.38 KB , 951x697 , cry me a river.jpg )

btw how do you cucks think ye'r gonna buy these things on neetbux, huh? Oh w8, what's dat? >>6303
>They gon' be walking around with they sex dolls. (…) Ooh man, that's gon' be creepy. I'mma slap a uygha' sex doll, he walking down, got it on a date

Based. Let biocucks be terrified of their shitty understanding of themselves as some sacks with shit inside. Stupid fucking retards rope their asses even whenever their sack loses an extremity or something, imagine being so fucking stupid holy shit, worse than fucking animals ffs.

>sounds and looks spooky
>but - I want to put my penis in
Certified human behavior right here. Really makes you think why did they use "to know someone" as an alternate wording for fucking with another fag.


Ah, hello future Terminator


File: 1720828655915.mp4 ( 311.57 KB , 640x480 , a8f335d0-6b35-48f2-adca-01….mp4 )


Hello lads. I was recently released from prison, come home to find I do not know where to lurk anymoar. I used to hang out on lainchan and 8chan. Reincarnations of both are still around but they have changed quite a bit.

I don't want consoymerism threads. I just want to know where the similar faggots are gathering these days. I know that there are people like me too stubborn to give up on this so I'm sure they are all congregating somewhere in a virtual valhalla. I've tried here for a few days but this is too fringe for my liking although I may share your politics.

Any advice appreciated
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What error?

Does your browser not have cookies enabled?


>Does your browser not have cookies enabled?
nope Borwser-cookies are enabled


Which browser? (and, do you have any unusual settings which might affect it)


i'm a bit too paranoid to give exact info, it's a very common browser and the config is pretty standard.

You seem to think the problem is on my end, I'll try using another browser.


>it's a very common browser and the config is pretty standard
That's good enough. I've tested Chromium and Firefox.
>You seem to think the problem is on my end
It works for me and I just haven't heard anyone else mention a cookie problem yet. I might affect other people and just no-one said anything, it's hard to know.
Maybe there's a cookie-blocking extension?


File: 1693171769475.png ( 67.43 KB , 570x570 , leftychan_ghost_army - Cop….png )

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Thread dedicated to psychological operations against the leftypol.org administration.

Things to consider:
<The .org mods will read this thread, use this to your advantage
<Posting over your mobile data will arouse less suspicion than over a proxy
<Threads created over an IP with no post history are heavily scrutinized
<Post in /meta/ and try to appeal any mod action against you
<Abuse the report feature
<Use a wide variety of proxy services
<Antagonize individual moderators
<Create as many personas as possible, try to have the mods always chasing a previous persona and not your current one
<The less consistency between the ideological beliefs of your personas the better
<Be consciously aware of your writing style
<Fermenting internal conflict among the mod team is of the upmost importance
<Sow dissent among the userbase whenever possible
<Have fun :)
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The left's passion for sodomy and the anus long predates leftychan.


>there's one fag here who spends hours a week making dozens of copypaste flood posts
>any of the mods click one button and delete them
>any users who see the flood posts learn its from this site and dont come here
i dont get it :/


Shut the fuck up you Ogre cuck


File: 1721154193629.gif ( 1.68 MB , 415x498 , diagnosis-skill-issue.gif )

We got spammed by those posts too once (it's a script that gets used against many imageboards) but within a few hours we added the tor captcha and haven't had the problem since. Don't blame your dev team's inability to implement basic features on us. Picrel.


lol man


File: 1715974221104.png ( 400.15 KB , 800x922 , Gigachad.png )


Sorry for the trans people reading this, but what if I identified as GigaChad? Can I then get model tier grills?


Nobody cared about this post. It's over..


Your post is a logical fallacy.


Confidence gets you chicks but it helps to be fit and have a good personality too.


File: 1721098480155.jpeg ( 93.97 KB , 800x450 , Spankbankpic#328.jpeg )


I love John Lennon edition.


>understanding the only communist rebellion in history as another local capital-liberating event


File: 1693211893246.jpg ( 82.99 KB , 781x1000 , 84485126.jpg )


why is she so perfect?
40 posts and 31 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 1714742741080.jpg ( 122.9 KB , 902x1200 , affd2084fb144e33247a9051d6….jpg )

Why is she so perfect?


File: 1716563688474.jpg ( 31.25 KB , 478x782 , GOR7yxdXgAA7Qry.jpg )

>tfw no rat-like gf


Why was she so perfect? Well, Lucille Ball (later of I Love Lucy) was a communist. One of the pics shows her CPUSA voter's registration from the 1930s.


>why is she so perfect?
She has food, the thing communists need more than anything.


duno who she is but she will be a perfect secretary general if the USA goes through a communist take over, because everybody know that secretary-general are just event oraganizer and mascot !


File: 1720619585868.mp4 ( 155.48 KB , 320x180 , QqhYli.mp4 )


Thoughts on 'bad manners' in videogames? Is it accelerationist to be bad mannered or is it neo-feudalist supestructure pathology manifested?


How do you draw the line between bad manners and "being an asshole"?


There is no line. I only do things I can be proud of in non-hentai games. In hentai games open season.
This isn't for some moral reason, but rather because I feel too guilty to have fun being bad in normal games, but being bad makes me cum harder than I feel guilty.

Guilt is probably good, it's extremely limiting and conservative, but I don't see a better way not to hurt people.


As long as directed towards the other team it's OK by me.


>Thoughts on 'bad manners' in videogames?
Not sure what you mean with this, but manners only exist in relation to sentient people. You can't be rude to a program. At least not yet.

>Is it accelerationist to be bad mannered or is it neo-feudalist supestructure pathology manifested?

This is intriguing, were feudalists bad mannered ?


>Is it accelerationist
Not quite. Even if you'll manage 2 bully some fag out of this particular game xir could just move 2 1other.
Also, as any m*rxist you should always remember th@ actively being a fucking retard shapes you into a fucking retard, so don't be just a stupid uyghur faggot without any purpose 2 it. It's ok to be against the cuckitalist society, it's not ok to be antisocial in general either you slid into tranarchism.


File: 1704484992317.webm ( 2.45 MB , 512x512 , 1704469537386462.webm )


What do you think of pornography or sex work?
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That isn't what socialism is


Granny, it's not your '60s anymore. Here, you forgot your meds 💊💊💊

>[*nlyPhags] is a very safe space for me
Oh fuck, this is gut. Bitch's selling her sissies out for a quick buck so they won't even think about it being the same fucking prostitution (since your body is still economically alienated from you) except you do it on distance. With all the same fallout attached & even multiplied due to your potential popularity on this widely known virtual red light district.

>What to think of pornography or sex work?

Considering that pornography is just a genre of media it will still persist as long as there is demand for it in the human society. This demand will end with the destruction of human division by sex as a phenomenon when people won't anymore have any connection to, & dependence on this historical artifact of their animal era.
It's non-pro-capitalist production should be tightly controlled with trivial death penalties for the usual shit of our days in the likes of coercion, human trafficking, blackmail, extortion etc.

Sex work is the same crap. Simply slap the scandinavian model of persecution of horny on it & move your focus to something else.


>A gamergirl can sell her bathwater for hundreds of dollars and it required zero labor to create
but sex work is work though


>That isn't what socialism is
Socialism is when government does stuff. I know you guys are dumb but you should know that at least.

>Granny, it's not your '60s anymore. Here, you forgot your meds 💊💊💊
When the cops arrest you for seeing a hooker, that's a government intervention. Government intervention artificially limits supply and increases costs and that's why hookers are expensive.

Thankyou for bumping an ancient thread I forgot about with nonsense.


>sex work


File: 1711680500597-0.jpg ( 12.69 KB , 640x400 , MEGARACEa.jpg )

File: 1711680500597-1.png ( 37.86 KB , 240x230 , kingdom grandprix.png )


All right can someone explain why the hell there aren't more death race games? I've never been able to understand this. Why would I want to settle for kiddie kart racing where no one ever dies when I could strap guns to my vehicle and kill everyone in front of me?

It's always baffled me why there's a whole bunch of car combat games taking place in an arena, but nobody wants to combine the idea with racing. What gives?


>why the hell there aren't more death race games?
Are you sure ? Have you checked all the indie game makers ?

>Why would I want to settle for kiddie kart racing

It's the same game mechanic though.

There's a spaceship racing game which is somewhat popular. It has interesting maps that blend atmospheric and space obstacle courses. It also has various game modes with "strapon guns". I think it's open source and has fancy graphics as well. But i can't remember the name, sorry.


File: 1720652663351.png ( 855.34 KB , 1161x613 , Screenshot 2024-07-10 at 1….png )

Just remembered I played this like a billion years ago.

Also do kart racing games count? I guess that's where the genre went.


>I played this
what game is that ?


didn't see the game title was in the image file name


File: 1627040494137.jpg ( 141.89 KB , 750x934 , EcquXJdWkAMQ126[1].jpg )

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transfer window edition
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sportsbay dot dk
sporttuna dot com


the reason the irish lost is to show their dedication to anti-angloism and their anti-colonial cause


you mean the scottish? doesnt matter anglos will always be incapable of doing shit in the euros


no i was referring to when ireland lost vs portugal


thoughts on the eurocup?



3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.


Probably same shit for electronic viewfinders on digital cameras, but it's not as intense and constant.


LMAO imagine SAO-players waking up from their shit to have literal blindness


They spy on you AND they ruin your eyes.


NOOO, this can't be happening! What about my escapism and virtual companionship?!


[it's been] 4 fucking years, you massive autistiche faggot


File: 1720396860870.webm ( 5.17 MB , 432x432 , cie.webm )


Grad degrees are legit if you have a field with A LOT of information. The higher you go the more specific stuff you learn.

The deal is that getting a BA is kind of exactly like high school. You take the same range of classes and don't focus on much. So, it's like a movie that starts an hour in.

Back in the 30s etc you could become a doctor in like four years, now it takes 12 and doctors don't know that much. I mean a general practitioner.

If a four year degree was specialized, you would not need a masters.

In psychology, they try to wear you out with all you must do. So, it's a money hustle and to keep people out.


>I think it's pathetic
Okay, but what is science? I haven't heard an answer from this guy, just a critique. I just finished a long book, The Invention of Science, that pretty persuasively argues that some of things that distinguished the new discipline of science in the Renaissance from previous methods was the emphasis on experimentation, reproducibility, and testing/verification. You have to have a community where people publish their work and read the work of others in order to accomplish these things. Simply coming up with an idea is not science. People invented or discovered many things in history before the idea of science was realized, it doesn't mean they were secretly doing science. Science isn't simply the acquisition of new knowledge, it's a particular method of doing it. There are some strong critiques of the modern peer review institutions that can be made, but if you throw out the very idea of a community you don't really have science anymore.


This is reasonable, but you can still have group-bias within a community. Science needs to be open to the hole of society.


>experimentation, reproducibility, and testing/verification
Oh yeah I missed one. Perhaps the most important thing to accomplishing the rest of these was publishing your methodology. This is what for example distinguished the new science of chemistry from the old woo of alchemy. Alchemy books often attempted to hide their made-up bullshit behind a veil of extremely arcane esoterica and this paradoxically enhanced their credulity in the read by through the allure of secret, forbidden knowledge. There was a very conscious and deliberate demand by new institutions dedicated to the advancement of chemistry that whenever someone wanted to publish in their journals they had to describe their methodology to a sufficient degree that others could reproduce their results.

If someone is unwilling to publish or barred from publishing their findings (this is where the critique of institutionalized publishing arises), others have no means of reproducing them and you cannot establish a scientific process.


>Alchemy books often attempted to hide their made-up bullshit behind a veil of extremely arcane esoterica and this paradoxically enhanced their credulity in the read by through the allure of secret, forbidden knowledge. There was a very conscious and deliberate demand by new institutions dedicated to the advancement of chemistry that whenever someone wanted to publish in their journals they had to describe their methodology to a sufficient degree that others could reproduce their results.
They went from trust me bro to show me bro



The brain chip company has successfully implanted a brain chip into a person. It's a paraplegic and this allows this person to thought-control their wheel-chair and even do high fidelity computer inputs (good enough for playing games)

At this time the brain chip is one way communication only, only relaying thought-commands from the brain to external devices, but nothing flows back into the brain. But if this thing is going to become the tech that fixes most handicaps it will have to become 2 way communication. And there are serious worries about it becoming a attack vector for brain-hacking. If brain chips were free open source technology, protected by a very diligent community, and absolute brain privacy was vigorously enforced (as in death penalty for brain privacy violations), that probably would mitigate risks enough though.

For able people this promises hands-free computing. I suspect people would not undergo brain surgery to get this unless they need it to fix a handicap. Because of the medical risks and it eventually turning into obsolete e-waste rattling in your skull.

This thing uses thousands of wires connected to electrodes directly stuck inside the brain. So people who have this implanted, probably become vulnerable to electromagnetic fields. Getting an MRI scan is probably off the table. Humans generally are not affected by magnetic fields, even extremely powerful ones. Hence why there is lots of technological EM in the human environment. People who get the brain chip would have to be even more careful than those who have a pacemaker. Nukes produce a big EM pulse, so the brain-chipped people will die first in WW3. Safety wise this really would benefit from optical data links that electrically isolate the brain.

Whats the real world application going to be ?
My hunch is it'll get used for medical and military purposes (soldiers thinking what their shoulder cannon shoots at)
If the functionality can be replicated with a wearable headband/cap it might enter general use, but if it's surgical implants only, it'll remain a niche.

vid not related


>This thing uses thousands of wires connected to electrodes directly stuck inside the brain.

So we should expect the same problem of the body forming scar tissue around the foreign body and attenuating the signal fed to the electrodes that occurred the last however many times this was tried.

No real breakthrough here, just PR hype.


>So we should expect the same problem of the body forming scar tissue around the foreign body and attenuating the signal fed to the electrodes that occurred the last however many times this was tried.
That's a good point.

>No real breakthrough here, just PR hype.

Yeah i guess to get around the scarring issue they'd have to find a way to measure the electrical pulses in the brain without contact. But these pulses are extremely faint and make hardly any detectable EM fields. Dis a tough one


File: 1714914777431.jpg ( 72.82 KB , 842x632 , IMG_3318.jpg )


There is no good reason to oppose incest.
33 posts and 66 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


I would take any amount of allowed incest between siblings rather than have them hating each other. Westoid family unit was a mistake.


most moms force their kids to bond with each other and kids arent allowed any free range play.


Marx is saying using the ancient past as an authority on morality is foolish, not that fucking your sister is a spook.


tfw no one cared about the incest theory


File: 1720397549496.jpg ( 44.27 KB , 640x636 , dont cheka the full messag….jpg )

btw, Russia & Belarus still 2 this day are so on the forefront of this question because of the bols who back then threw away all the czaroid relationship law degeneracy which freed polyamory, nudity, homo side of sexuality, transvestism, stransserism & all such jazz in which even red army men participated, along with sailors. So their revolution wasn't just social but a sexual 1 2.


File: 1720384317666-0.mp4 ( 9.91 MB , 854x480 , 1720384223.mp4 )

File: 1720384317666-1.mp4 ( 5.12 MB , 854x480 , 1720384226.mp4 )


post bannable material for streams


File: 1677760968615.png ( 663.44 KB , 1001x823 , 1613288672507.png )

 No.1670[Reply][Last 50 Posts]

its the fist time ive made a friend who's a girl (female) in my 19 years of age, turns out it wasnt that hard. Im still afraid of women though

am i winning?
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She probably wants something from you. That's the only time femoids talk to incels. It could be validation, it could be money, whatever it is just keep your guard up.


Why don't you ask her to hang out and go do something? Like rock climbing idk


I've seen this movie one too many times…


File: 1720345885725.png ( 85.56 KB , 1204x1440 , ClipboardImage.png )

Nah nevermind, conversation fizzled out my incel ass was fantasizing again. Guess shes just social media addicted and hits people up randomly.

I managed to hint to her that a like her friend and she told me something like she already knew, and that her friend doesn't want a relationship rn but that i should keep talking to her normally and shit… what did she mean bros… Either that's true and there's hope or she lying to not hurt my feelings…


>Make You Mine
>music video is about two woman being into each other
uygha shes gay


File: 1720220596531.jpg ( 25.32 KB , 200x304 , Anatomy_of_an_Epidemic-cov….jpg )


Is there a reason that they seem to only hire chronically asshurt middle aged people? They make you feel like dirt when asking to pick up a pizza. None of them seem to want to be there.Very rare to see a teen employed at any Costco.

Why the fuck do I need to pay Costco a membership fee to shop there just to deal with some pissed off wage earner (Union no less) in order to maybe save a buck or two on large quantity consumable goods?

Small to commercial business usually have a supplier that beats Costco for what they need. Individuals and households with a brain understand that bulk needs can be met by something like a Walmart or even Home Depot.

Why the fuck would any human with an ounce of self worth want to piss away a couple hours minimum just to shop at Costco? Idiocracy made fun of this damn near two decades ago and it's more true than ever.

BTW - the rotisserie chickens are shit now and it's not because of the package change. Fuck Costco.


File: 1719865977634.jpg ( 383.35 KB , 733x1036 , RDT_20240701_1330589030307….jpg )


Any oldcels here? What's dating like for you?
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Sure it's not as smooth as people romanticize it to be, but it beats adult life for the majority of people


Yet still, people hate children, pathologising them as cringe and dumb.
Any sort of positive public attention given to kids is automayically criticised.

Most of our metaphorical terms for faux pas uses children.
"childish", "infantile", "adolescent"


Also, if you adult life sucks more than your teenage life, something is wrong with you.
You either have no life skills or you got into a serious accident which left you physically, financially, and psychologically dismembered.

Gen X and Millennials have normalised nihilistic sentiment about work too much.
Knowing the average postmodern person, its more likely they have no life skills.


And they always say that high school/college are the best years…
This is a cope, modern adult life is terrible, with or without life skills.


If high school/collefe are thebes years, why the pathological hatred for teenagers then?

Also, modern adult life is much smoother than adult life even tow centiroes ago where ypu had to go work in a factory for pennies a day or be a peasant-farmer harrassed by prospectors and interlopers.

Again, Generation X and Millennials are too averse to basic responsibility.


File: 1720014573020.webm ( 2.79 MB , 852x480 , 1679510281.webm )


Who was in the right? And is Britbong really like this?
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>Stalin was at least 80 million
Like he personally went around killing 80 million? Or is this about his comically large spoon?


Why are you so upset about nazis getting punched?


He's either a nazi or a liberal.


>Like he personally went around killing 80 million? Or is this about his comically large spoon?
Did hitler personally kill 6 million jews? This is your game I'm just applying the rules consistently.

>Why are you so upset about nazis getting punched?
I believe in absolute free speech I don't want anybody to be punched unless it is self defense.

If your argument is it's ok to punch nazis because they support an insane authoritarian genocidal ideology then I've got bad news for you because marxism is responsible for at least an order of magnitude more death and suffering.

If we're punching nazis then we should be throwing communists out of a helicopter. I think a smart man did that once.



Any marxists, fag?

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