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We have lots of newfriends and oldfags who want to discuss topics revolving around .org which is all fine and good there's no issue with that, but, one of the major issues is that posts are begging to flood the overboard and catalogue in general, thus, we have decided to create a general thread for .org discussion. This is not, necessarily, a hard rule that must be followed, but, we do implore you all to attempt to keep discussion about .org in this thread and we will prune what we feel is necessary.

We also have merged some related threads into the general, fyi.


Thread related to split itself for those curious:



File: 1694029765596.jpg ( 40.09 KB , 527x495 , 33f377dcf96c4cd9d7b1ed97b2….jpg )

>get banned from .ogre because I was trying to have some fun with leninhat poster.

Why are the mods over there so rigid and anti fun?


autism (lack of social cues) or uncultured newfags is my guess.


Banning people is their version of fun.

Now just image the same type of person as an HR director or middle manager


Naw. 7chan used to know how to ban people and make it funny and fun back in the day. Org jannies are just cruel.


Luffy-slur Poster is that you? Yeah the mods are cracking down on anything to do with leninhat because of the IP hopping /i/ is doing.


Good ban but for the wrong reasons.


File: 1694134702361.png ( 209.68 KB , 314x366 , 2dd.png )

It is I


File: 1695161877864.png ( 1.09 MB , 1284x1833 , realestate.png )

Why are these faggots so obsessed with net?


trans-jans are online obsessed freaks


They banned somebody recently for “spamming” a reaction image they don’t like. It’s impressive how much they try to micromanage a fucking imageboard, in the same vein a subreddit mod would.


File: 1695203998728.png ( 726.54 KB , 924x612 , chinesehooters2.png )

Shut the fuck up about transhumanists you absolute retard.
Don't care. Not interesting. How many threads do you need about this? Seriously, shut the fuck up, neither ""side"" in this """""debate""""" has anything interesting to say. Do you not realize how many times you bring this up? On a board where you could talk about anything, all you (you specifically, not everyone) talk about is how much you hate transhumanists.


Trips of truth.



File: 1695245033030.png ( 683.07 KB , 1112x752 , 6fd60c01ffb5ec282559b04ebe….png )

How do we get this board more popular than .ogre?


By making good threads and telling your friends and family about it.


By not comparing yourself to them. Higher quality posting is more important than post count.



Sage because we need less org threads


Literally won't happen.
No matter how shitty the mods get with deleting on personal opinions and not understanding humour, it's still better than the same edgy, repetitive posts whining about ogres, troons, women, etc.
This place is niche and has no value, besides being a venting place for an obscure niche within a niche.


ITT: Org jannies.


They come in all the time to raid and spam their shit.


How do they have time to overpolice their own board, be annoying shitty people, and still post here, I don't get it? Seems like a full time job.
See also: >>>/meta/11431


transhumanist MLs are fucking losers. I mean, I feel like I've spent way too much time here the last few days, but I'm in the hospital, so it's the only thing I can do to stop myself from thinking stupid shit.


Hating on transhumanists is cringe so is spending time thinking about dumb shit like that. But I just realized the reason we seem to live rent-free in ogre's heads is because we have fun over here and liberals hate that.


I don't actually hate transhumanists. I've just noticed that's a fucking pattern. If you want to find a real loser and insufferable cunt of a person look for a hard left transhumanist. And no, I think the reason they're mad is because they can't control this site, although they try. They can't stand the idea of there being an alternative to their little club.


What the fuck are you talking about?
They literally have no job, no friends, and no sex and live on the internet 24/7.




Mods and jannies always ruin everything.

You uyghurs need to spend more time trying to post interesting content yourselves, not fingerwaving at the posters you do have on your dead board.




Mods salty because they know my shit posting brings traffic


not an argument. cope harder




Netchads are actual proletarians with jobs.

Orgfags are neets who live parasitically off their parents.

This split has a fundamental class basis behind it.


Literal org jannies cannot stop seething.


Net jannies literally work in industrial facilities.


File: 1695334715713.jpg ( 40.09 KB , 527x495 , 33f377dcf96c4cd9d7b1ed97b2….jpg )

Ok I will vent here from now on. I got banned until the end of Oct from .ogre because I had some fun with the leninhat and made some shitposting threads about them. I don't even hate leninhat, I think they're funny.


What threads have you guys been posting in anyways? I can't find them on the board. we need to organize better. Maybe post some links in the psyop general.


you're a russkie zigger, who are you kidding


Org transhumanists go home.


Ogre ziggers go back to your abusive trans-jans.


File: 1695336310133.jpg ( 85.79 KB , 1231x1170 , 36399c7695fc18ed6aaac5e735….jpg )

I honestly don't post all that much because this board is so slow and i'm banned from the other one.


No I mean when you guys are posting on .org. >>149609 Holy shit dude take your meds I am not an org janny trying to stalk you. Even if I was, I assume, you are using the tor node, or, a vpn so what does it matter? I'm trying to help.


I usually just make threads myself


>interesting content


File: 1695343928250.jpg ( 19.13 KB , 474x508 , wayne?.jpg )

>someone here has a folder full of gore and child porn for spamming across a website whenever they have a tantrum at a couple of their shitty jannies
man, that's just depressing to think about.


Have you not taken your medication today? I think it's time to take your medication anon.


File: 1695347773302-0.png ( 32.75 KB , 900x235 , ClipboardImage.png )

File: 1695347773302-1.png ( 403.22 KB , 449x401 , ClipboardImage.png )

Lol what the fuck is this autism.
Someone's having a tantrum in the Leftypol chatroom, yelling about how they're gonna spend their life posting gore on a worthless dead website.


So selfies?


File: 1695348328384-0.jpg ( 52.25 KB , 568x299 , transjannyism.jpg )

File: 1695348328384-1.png ( 459.92 KB , 657x376 , IM 100% WRECK THIS SHIT.png )

transhumanist-janny vs insane-incel is the battle you never knew you needed
holy shit this is retarded


Nah cp spam is a third party maybe GET. The only one I remember was that turbo autist troon who said that he spammed infrared's fbi.gov with 'p but he was banned by the ogres pre split if I remember correctly. It's rightfully against the raid rules.


i just do gore. fuck the jannies


thats not chatroom. thats a ban appeal. nice try, ogre modfag. your tor node is fucking GONE.


Org jannies have been pushing this shit since day one which is funny because conveniently a some one was spamming cub porn here at the start of the split. The board has never supported such behavior and never will.


im not insane. i am not an incel. ive wasted more of each of these janny faggot's time than ive wasted myself. look at the time in his screenshot. This janny faggot is up posting here crying about me at midnight on a thursday. those faggots are spooked


>no, officer. You don't understand. I only had a tb of cp because I was carrying out the crucial revolutionary task of spamming reactionary imageboards and fbi.gov servers with it. They were claiming troons are pedos. So this is the only way to fight them and insure the victory of the nonbinary proletariat in building a world where gender norms and age of consent laws are irrelevant and no longer needed. Why don't you understand!!


The cp spammer is either a bot or a /pol/tard. idk why this board is getting blamed for it.


The idea that the CP spam is down to any one of these factions is ridiculous - it's been showing up on imageboards (and getting promptly deleted) for years.


Uncultured newfags or saboteurs


Holy shit stop bumping these threads and use the general.




File: 1695532256745.jpg ( 33.84 KB , 500x575 , original.jpg )

I thought this thread was deleted, huh. I've been using the general????

What is going on?????


File: 1695622688650.jpg ( 37.11 KB , 350x364 , consider this.jpg )

By having the mods do a bit of clean-up for one thing. Low moderation in conversation is good, but as >>149444 points out, there's enough anons here that are just straight up not contributing anything of note, it's just the lamest, shittiest seething cope and it's posted over and over and over again… it's like I'm back on /pol/ and it gets tiresome. I'm not someone that rushes to defend trans people, because like 444-anon I literally do not care, but seeing the same culture-war bullshit is just uyghur-faggotry of the laziest kind.

As a side note, I think that raid thread in /i/ needs to tone it down, the userbase is just actively starting to hate this site even more rather than migrating, because the mods on ogre are not, in fact, incapable of adapting and learning, even if they're heavy-handed retards all the same.

TL;DR: My suggestion is the mods clean up some of the garbage-tier posts on this site and give the posters a fresh start to build on.


File: 1695622884472.png ( 684.69 KB , 480x1222 , 1548927080.roadiesky_kgb.png )

because the /i/ raid anon has been spamming nazishit, gore and gaping diseased assholes on .ogre so CP spam is not out of the question. It's been a staple of /b/-posting for a long time, but that doesn't mean such spammer retards aren't among us either.


Grasping at straws


File: 1695624710516.gif ( 2.54 MB , 390x373 , faggot transparent.gif )

>haha I've been posting all this spam of the most disgusting shit I could find on the ogre site
<you probably posted that CP spam too
>How could you think that of such upstanding anon such as myself.
Suuure bud.


I only spam blown out assholes and scat because leftypol mods deserve it. Ogrefag moderators stay mad. I do this for myself only, because i want to


I'm honestly as lost as you are.


They miss their dilation breaks alor.


True master morality on display




Face it. You chudlites will NEVER become more popular than .org.

You simply don't have the big girldick energy that we have.

Cope and seethe


>Started lurking in 2023

Back to reddit, fag.


didn't one of you chapo fags die or something? shouldn't you be mourning the death of one of your beloved aids mongers?


Wait what, who died? Please do tell.


File: 1695750988999.jpg ( 70.01 KB , 367x639 , 4579142416_9b6cd800ab_z.jpg )

thats not org mod

it is from flickr


File: 1695847325815.jpg ( 19.49 KB , 473x268 , 8bc1a6bd1d2d97f3bc5d3645a3….jpg )

slurs are leftist and words of freedom, thats why this site is better than .ogre.


Did ogres remove their option for changing the site theme? Do they hate fun or something?


It's probably because they secretly forked the board software and now they have bugs they can't fix.


org is just so shit lol


Leftypol.org is just fags screeching about supposed 'Nazoids' and posting feetpics

100% larp by low T losers


File: 1696047968833.jpg ( 37.24 KB , 1798x241 , org on cuckoldry.jpg )

make it stop..


Even from a tactical point just shutting down opposition only emboldenens then. It's better to ridicule people for having retarded opinions that justify their retard opinions because you can't stand to hear them. For all the bitching they do this board would be more popular if they would just be willing to hear shit they may not like and argue against it rather than killing leftypol Because they don't like what people have to say.


Leftyfags are a parody of themselves.

As long as the left makes itself as undesirable and ghey as possible, it will always exclusively attract weak men and fags.


Gay people and "weak" men are part of the working class too. The issue isn't the people themselves the issue that the left refuses to tolerate retards like you which isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's merely tactically less desirable.


>Weak man

Fags and gays are two different things.

Fags are effete on an existential level. Gays just have sex with other men.

Maybe you could figure out a 'tactically desirable' way to make this imageboard not dead before lecturing others…

<I know, maybe you can make another dead thread about the literalwho Cockshott!!

In all seriousness, I'd suggest you go back to basics and study people who actually had an impact and led revolutions during their lifetimes, not preen about faggy tenured intellectuals



Lol I'm sensing some asshurt here.
What's the matter with effeminate men?


Nothing. They make great slaves and workers


Why don't you do something about it … like creating noteworthy thread… instead of crying

Why is it so hard?




i think orge mod needs meds




uyghur, half the threads actually worth a damn (many of them from before the site split) are mine, on /hobby/ /ent/ /edu/ /a/ etc. Both you and leftypol still repost many of my effortpost screencaps to this day. I'm an older old-fag than most of the moderators here or on the .ogre, I just never cared to be a janny.


File: 1696267475866.jpg ( 18.59 KB , 1120x63 , ableist org mod.jpg )

Org mod caught using slurs


You're still making excuses.
Furthermore despite the existence of a user democracy I noticed (like unions in the real world) people mostly just bitch and complain and do little in terms of participation


File: 1696282995016.jpeg ( 18.23 KB , 400x400 , images (88).jpeg )

.org chads rule the world




File: 1696304664598.gif ( 484.66 KB , 267x200 , 200.gif )



File: 1696305014813.gif ( 176.19 KB , 400x267 , Computer tired.gif )

>You're still making excuses.
I'm not a mod, so I cannot moderate, nor do I have the time to try and be one actively since I actually, y'know work and live in the real world, and take part in real world, meaningful activities.
>people mostly just bitch and complain and do little in terms of participation
Fair point, but the logs can attest that I post sparsely, mostly because I do this on my (relative) off time, when doing at-home-work and chatting here on the side if I feel like it during that time. I literally don't have the time or energy to spend on more, but since someone asked a question, I gave a genuine response, suggesting some ideas on improving the site as asked. I've not created new OPs because I don't have any specific topic at the moment I wish to talk about that isn't already posted in some way or form, posting for the sake of posting is lame.


You don't have to be a mod to vote.
It's really not hard to download a matrix client and participate in a couple chat rooms, lol. I agree we shouldn't just post for the sake of posting but I'm just saying also. Some of the jannies here work like 50 - 60 ours a week in full of factories and, you know….they still manage to govern the board.


File: 1696312019619.mp4 ( 3.27 MB , 576x1024 , Snaptik.app_71597643690924….mp4 )

>It's really not hard to download a matrix client
True I'm just reluctant to use discount fbi.gov.
>Some of the jannies here work like 50 - 60 ours a week in full of factories
Weekends I'm sleeping in and then out of the house, spending time with family all day at my grandparents apartment.
Weekdays I'm out of house from 7AM to 6PM and coming home at like 8 because after work I'm busy doing shit like buying groceries, visiting other places like mechanics shops or home depot or whatever and then fixing things in my apartment, taking care of my bird and tending to my garden. I spend maybe 2 hours on the internet and frankly I shouldn't even do that, since it cuts into my sleep. I almost crashed my car last month because I fell asleep at the wheel from exhaustion, so nah, don't have the time.


We need more YPG/Rojava posters and content on ogre. It’s a multi-pronged method as an approach where anons can learn about the struggle and support it while, at the same time, keeping the mods paranoid because the very nature of the topic is what caused this split in the first place.


are you sure it was the real leninhat, me or one of the ironic ones


File: 1696457577108.jpg ( 85.55 KB , 1280x720 , mpv-shot0054.jpg )

uygha you insane
how can you even care this much lmao. grass.
it was a screenshot they posted in the chatroom. hurr.


typical federal agent.


I stand corrected, their theme changer is in the footer, here it's in the options.


Ain't you wiped out? I thought that based & redpilled™ erdogan has finished his special anti-imperialist military operation against the US puppets already.


They removed a female Youtuber simping/stalking thread. When will my people be free?


File: 1706568699881.jpg ( 72.72 KB , 460x480 , go to rehab.jpg )

Drug addicts will get the gulag until they conquer their withdrawal. You have been warned.


File: 1707070995981.jpg ( 96.36 KB , 500x500 , The-LORD-gave-and-the-LORD….jpg )

The Dasha thread on siberia died. I thought simp/b/erians were different. Sad times.


It is a full time job. They're shelter middle class whitey NEETs


File: 1707071930907.gif ( 1.71 MB , 389x216 , 1704160081806117.gif )





So what's up with .org making tor user's name being Glownonymous? And why can't I find "Glownonymous" in their source code? WTF are they up to over there?


they think any anon that wants to hide his ip from them is automatically a fed

"real proletarian has nothing to hide from his beloved party" party-slave morality


File: 1712863700667.jpg ( 60.88 KB , 510x384 , ClipboardImage.jpg )

>post my OC here
>get no replies

>post my OC on ogre

>multiple replies


what OC? I didn't see any OC


Deep down you know if what you posted (I didn't see it) was good someone would have replied.


File: 1713018692591.png ( 8.29 KB , 813x80 , vpn_users.png )



Why even offer a tor service on your "anonymous" imageboard? dumb fedcunts


>hate Ogre
>continue posting on Ogre
why are Netfugees like this?


Some of the mods use it. If they didn't, it would be a 50:50 chance it would get nuked.


Somebody stole my .net thread idea and posted it on Ogre….


.ogroids are now officially imperialist.


>when you stopped visiting Ogre and now you don't understand the references
what about me? where's my inside joke references?


the Ogre twitter reposted my fucking meme without my permission!! it is MY private property, i should get FINANCIAL COMPENSATION. i put in LABOR VALUE. fucking leeching thieves!!!


this is all your fault, Leftychan. if only you had replied to my OC, i wouldnt have to cheat on u with Ogre..


i feel violated and disgusted


im a fuckin whore


The funny things is they actually take donations from that twitter account so they are profiting from your labour.




do normies really think this way? is it correct?


>death to bourgeois cockroaches
org banner just casually promoting murder and terrorism. yikes.


Ultimately we should kill the rich though, no?


it should be well contained in militant ranks if it need be said out loud but since leftypol is so irrelevant who cares about optics


obvious incel samefag stay contained in your troon thread nigfag


They clearly know their audience.


I remember there was a thread with lots of removed posts and a mod warning saying, "Don't ask for identifiable information", yet mods build profiles on user's IPs and gangstalk you.


File: 1720815855779.jpg ( 16.88 KB , 391x130 , HYPORGCRISY.jpg )

years of tyrannically banning pepes, yet they allow this?


A couple days ago I made a thread asking what we're gonna do if project 2025 becomes a thing since in the docket theres plans to persecute their political enemies and I got the thread deleted and banned for being "/pol/".

Are the jannies over there retarded???????????? How is that "pol".

Unique IPs: 63

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