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Does Krystal ball beat her male co-hosts?
I noticed this with Kyle, too, she seems to kind of dominate them. I once asked on here if she pegs Kyle. I don't think she pegs Saagar, but she might if he gets out of line, and that's why he appears so nervous and frustrated.

Any other theories?


covert femdom post

but now that you mention it, she does give off such intimidating vibes. maybe it's just her energy that makes men around her act that way. idk though


Would you let Krystal step on ur balls?


no, that sounds painful.


File: 1712206053844.jpg ( 319.89 KB , 1241x738 , thatlook.jpg )



Saagar's gone from seeming afraid of Krystal to seeming incredibly annoyed whenever she's talking. He might start pegging her soon! Or he'll leave to start an MRA podcast.

File: 1713069484015.jpg ( 9.6 KB , 410x248 , stare.jpg )




>class reductionist


File: 1713695357817.jpeg ( 54.9 KB , 546x562 , images (3).jpeg )



>another meme made to romanticise maturity as an aesthetic


File: 1713777397641.jpg ( 411.75 KB , 798x1080 , 1a50b67f6a62199c50a17bdd15….jpg )

ew anon why do you even post this con faggotry

File: 1712938337103.png ( 1.58 MB , 1024x1024 , 1712331929224.png )


Honestly? Just quit this place.

I'm serious. Just quit this place. /leftypol/ is basically a board for ideologically incoherent incels and schizos who take pride in how abrasive and alienating they are. Most of the userbase here aren't really communists, socialists or anarchists in any meaningful sense, they're just illiterate losers who wanna LARP on the internet as Tim Curry in Command and Conquer while wondering while they aren't getting sex.

So, give 'em what they want, and leave them with a dead board because nobody wants to talk to them. I went nearly a month without posting here, and when I came back, the quality of posting managed to get even worse.

Rest of you wanna know why this place is dying? Look in them mirror. Nobody wants to put up with abrasive schizoposters when they can have an actual conversation somewhere else.
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ukraine is doing fine without me lol

but you should go to russkia, they seem to be having some problems in belgorod


File: 1713218176075.png ( 6.79 KB , 239x211 , 1576112615454.png )

>trying to sound like I'm not seething and coping
It's gonna be okay anon.


File: 1713273672632.gif ( 788.24 KB , 128x128 , 1713213754489792.gif )

This isn't leftypol tho???


Deranged incels are unironically better @ grasping the actual reality & by length the history of it than any shitty commiesucc leftard who is, of course, completely content with the society as it is & for whom it is all but joking party roleplay with their social brethren, all of which doesn't have any actual intent or meaning.

post pussy.


>Nobody wants to put up with abrasive schizoposters when they can have an actual conversation somewhere else.

The entire rest of the internet aims for this coveted "actual conversation". I'm here for fun silly internet talk

File: 1713555602434.png ( 712.57 KB , 1280x1365 , 170913449431024.png )


still can't pay the bills…
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File: 1713557873584.jpg ( 117.68 KB , 779x739 , neet_expel_soviet.jpg )

oh shit wrong picture, i meant to attach this


File: 1713561655479.jpeg ( 15.03 KB , 474x472 , th-1413487286.jpeg )

they are based parasites

and if you don't have rich parents that can give you that safety cushion then why even live lol?

no wonder every normoid I ever meet is a fucking alcoholic hollow husk of man

I asked one "how are you still alive bitch?" and he started waffling something about his kids lmao, can you believe this shit? What a pitiful faggot. Literally a fucking dumb animal.


people who have kids while being in relative poverty dont deserve much pity.

They use their kids as charity cases to get sympathy from society.




>[commies] start building capitalist society
>everybody who isn't being exploited or doesn't want to be exploited for the surplus value gets thrown out
Le whorréur!

What the fuck happened to Komi?

File: 1712892545300.webm ( 5.72 MB , 640x426 , Lain PBS.webm )


sex is procreation, not degeneracy or sodomy. The concept of "born this way" at least in its modern form was always more of a identity politics stance than anything else. Many of the people pushing it didn’t actually beleive it themselfs, but it was beleived that by presenting degenerate, lumpen behaviour as an inherent characteristic, rather than as a freely made choice, people would be more likely to soften up towards it.
A reflection of this is sometimes seen today with the category of "BDSM" or "queer" in which sexual fluidity (the idea that sexuality isn’t set in stone) is taken for granted most of the time, and its only when people criticise the parts of this ideology that haven’t been fully normalised yet that they retreat to "born this way" as a safer position which it is harder to attack.
BDSM and other forms of degeneracy in relationships aren’t reproductive and aren’t typically accepted by the masses due to this reason, outside of the parasitic west
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fed post


this is a copypasta from a LeftyPol post.


I'll shove the new Apple usb-c down your urethra and we'll both enjoy it namefag


someone is suffering from withdrawal


Now this is just dumb.

File: 1713460312565.jpg ( 38.97 KB , 449x226 , 170913449431013.jpg )


“When a liberal is abused, he says, ‘Thank God they didn’t beat me.’ When he is beaten, he thanks God they didn’t kill him. When he is killed, he will thank God that his immortal soul has been delivered from its mortal clay.”


If you're criticizing China for having capitalist relations of production then I think it's a fair point. What has the explicitly marxist communist party of china done to abolish capitalist class relations? I would have expected something radical like lowering the number of hours in a work week. Would that cause them to implode?

Like I actually think China has made a lot of progress and mostly what the party does are good choices, but the question can still be asked.


I think Xi's tenure has been progressive for the CPC. He's seen a decent crackdown on the comprador bourgeois that were flourishing in the nighties. I think he's also brought a lot of the big bourgeoisie to heel. I'm cautiously optimistic about a revival of the hard-line party after they decide to reclaim Taiwan and sanctions set in.


Xi has also "seen" the Chinese bourgeois become so fantastically wealthy that they overtook the US in having the most billionaires in the world several years back.


billionaires in yuan and they still get regularly removed disappeared and executed. when that stops happening I'll reassess


<152845 (fucking 50cent cocksucker)
1. you say that a citizen by the name of xi decides anything in a capitalist state. You should get shot for this glowing.
2. the middle kingdom (chynah) is cracking down on mongols for daring to speak their own fucking language & have their own history lessons. Try to cocksuck this away, faggot!
3. (another thing about 2nd capitalist economy of the global neofascist world)
4. (another thing about 2nd capitalist economy of the global neofascist world)
5. (another thing about 2nd capitalist economy of the global neofascist world)
6. (another thing about 2nd capitalist economy of the global neofascist world)
7. (another thing about 2nd capitalist economy of the global neofascist world)
8. (another thing about 2nd capitalist economy of the global neofascist world)
9. (another thing about 2nd capitalist economy of the global neofascist world)

File: 1713204219014.jpg ( 98.11 KB , 512x512 , 34ab517055f74d6e3d8e2bb394….jpg )


For the job I want you need an associates at a minimum on top of five years of experience. Almost every job I’ve seen for IT help desk or technician want you to have a bachelors degree. WGU is $32k and four years. In my position, I would need a second job to pay off the debt in a timely matter. I’m almost 30 which is basically 1/3 through my lifespan.


Do you have your heart set on being an IT tech? I'm no expert and not in the industry myself, but the job market in compsci seems to be very saturated right now.


File: 1713237918553.png ( 98.05 KB , 478x582 , ClipboardImage.png )

It's pretty bad from what I've seen, a lot things are getting automated now.
With WGU, you could finish fairly quick depending on your experience, also transfer credits from places like Sophia and Study.com.


It's not viable.
Guns are cheaper. Friends are cheaper. Housing is expensive and living is illegal. Forget any of this bullshit and get to the point of fixing things; you're almost 30, I'm past 30, it does not get better unless you change what is going on. If you think you've lived long enough to know how this shit is, you're correct.


Fixing things? With what method?


this is why counselors whom promote college to young peoole should be executed


there's a fucking mouse in my room, what do i do?

pretty sure it took a shit and scurried off just as i entered the room again

internet's saying they reproduce fast + carry diseases (which is also on their poop) + urinate

fuck those children's books, fuck Stuart Little, mouse/rat propaganda

the cat was the real hero in Tom and Jerry
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You could start by cleaning that shit up uygha damn


most kiddy movies are retarded because anglos care more about innocence than realism.

Anglos hate precociousness.


The G400 is goated, what's the problem?


So you clean em up. Wear gloves if you want. Stop being such a pussy.


File: 1713298858781.jpg ( 27.62 KB , 500x466 , rodent-pest-management-ser….jpg )

what do rats even do? we should kill all rats

File: 1693156611754.jpg ( 39.62 KB , 500x422 , a446234b099da8ea2d8b62c1e4….jpg )


"i think hamsters are nice"
0-3 views

"i think hamsters should be burned alive"
now watch my channel grow


this but instead of flaming about hamsters its flaming about politics to get (you)s or griftbux


my post got no replies.. im about to post race war bait, maybe then i will get (You)'s

File: 1689449153814.jpg ( 186.18 KB , 1196x585 , pornstar_antifa.jpg )


am i wrong for thinking this is bad?
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I honestly have no idea what you're even talking about.
Maybe the most confusing thing here is that you've decided to add the definition of MILF - like who tf in 2023 doesn't know what MILF means? We learned that at summer camp in like 2006, who is this for?



Ah, that's the point you're trying to make? Shit, sorry, I replied direct to the OP before seeing this.
Yeah, this is still a stupid point though. Who tf cares? It's some pornstar on twitter. You might say it seems like a dubious optical decision for a porn star to be like "YEAH, I'M AN ANTI-FASCIST," but my counterpoint is that she's already doing porn. That's the "fuck your optics" of career paths; even if she didn't express her opinion about anything, she'd still be doing porn.


File: 1713007646923.jpg ( 236.03 KB , 598x1176 , FreeThemAll Summer Hart.jpg )

Thoughts on pornstars that comment on political matters?


OP you realize that you can be an asshole with complete disregard for other people's feelings and religion and still be anti fascist right?

Personally I'm not one to get offended if people put on clothes and do porn, like who gives a fuck, are your beliefs so fragile that they're shattered by whores?


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