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File: 1703635999320.jpg ( 56.13 KB , 600x400 , HAMAS-TUNNELS-GAZA-e145434….jpg )


>NOOOOOOO!!!! you cant possibly defeat an advanced modern military with air superiority using small ar-


File: 1703779597204.jpg ( 194.13 KB , 800x1204 , Vietcong1968-1480332412.jpg )

Hold my beer.

File: 1703508229733.jpg ( 123.67 KB , 1248x882 , de79d6a0c4eca3e9306981cedc….jpg )


Merry Goonmas leftychan!
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I spent xmas with close friends, got a nice tshirt, but we decided to not to do gifts this year because fuck consooming, and the focus was on food (which was really good) and booze (which was plentiful). Damn I should have taken pics, I baked various types of bread.

How about you?


I spent it alone because I am a loner with no family and no friends.
It's ok though, I have developed a resistance to the crushing darkness.


>I have developed a resistance to the crushing darkness.
How long did it take for you to develop this power?


Merry Christmas too!


2 Decades and a lot of heart break and let downs.

File: 1701596271056.jpg ( 60.9 KB , 564x564 , her.jpg )


every post on this /b/ board is about politics.
Are leftists incapable of talking about anything else?
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File: 1701694727689.mp4 ( 7.43 MB , 854x480 , holocaust-didnt-happen-fr.mp4 )

Anyone wanna discuss music instead?


This site has become a place to discuss leftism

If you want a censorious echobox of
literal faggots clapping like seals, go to .org


Oh look, another faggot who complains about the content on .net yet doesn't fix the problem by posting the things they think should be on the site




The whole site politically tinged, people just post on /b/ to not shit up the other boards


File: 1703778853429.png ( 24.67 KB , 117x125 , 1700169388219431.png )

What are you talking about I talk about uyghurs all the time?

File: 1668965696496.png ( 847.57 KB , 1630x1174 , mfdjjknat6i21.png )


Hey Leftypol. I'm Elon Musk. Not sure if you've heard, but I recently bought and made some changes over on Twitter. Now I'm wondering, political speaking, what do you guys think I should do now?
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I'm thinking of bring back vine. Should I do it?


Please buy every instance of "social media" you can find and proceed to ruin it. You are doing god's work, sir.


That's the plan, comrade

I want to end social media's role in maintaining the hegemony the ruling class state. Interesting to see who's been kicking and screaming the most about it.




Can I trade my cigs with you?

File: 1696513225028.png ( 612 B , 209x203 , 1.png )


socialists : send monkey to moon
capitalist : socialism never worked


capitalism: faked moon landing


Is this spam? I don't even fucking know anymore


I assume it's not. Nothing being advertised. Is there something in the png?


Space spectacles are a stupid way of messuring whether a system is working, regardless of whether it is in service of capitalism or socialism.


Socialists: make conspiracy theories


new burger moment dropped




>and when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. 6But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.


What are the chanting? Religious uyghur babble?
The fat bitch in red is the icing on the cake. Typical day in burgerland.


Srsly what's FUCKING wrong with religion???

File: 1677523035879.jpg ( 43.72 KB , 411x467 , 1673098666619896.jpg )


>New landlord
>Raises the rent 100% to force everyone to move out of the building
>Renovates it
>Makes it an expensive AIRNB apartments bulshit
>Be me
>Bomb it with 1 star reviews from my 15 alternative accounts so far
So what praxis/revange are you doing?
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Truth on the transgresivity.


You're worse than any of the liberals you hate because apparently your basis for praxis is some conservative aesthetic lifestyle bullshit and not economics or material reality for workers. Btw how's life in the suburbs?


tbh conservatism in politics is mainly aesthetics.

In fact, conservatism doesnt exist.

Its a placeholder title for any ideologue thats on its way out or has beem the mainstay for a good chunk of a nation's promient epoch.

Capitalism is liberal in the eastern bloc. But its conservative in the US


Shut the fuck up transhumanist faggot your brain is rotted from liberal academia and spinozite propaganda


Question: what is the point of separating gender and sex? It used to mean the same thing. Also if they are separate concepts how come people that think they are a different gender get sexual reassignment procedures?

File: 1702941831249.png ( 370.23 KB , 990x694 , milf.png )


holy f*cking based


>In July, 2018, the Philippine government passed the Bangsamoro Organic Law, giving more autonomy to Muslims. In return, MILF announced that it would disarm its 30,000 fighters,
inb4 the DILF extremist breakaway faction


So I guess the moral is if you want something you need guns and ammo.


>University of the Philippines, Egypt
rofl, wouldn't surprise me if these "rebels" had CIA funding.

File: 1702177362587.jpg ( 274.23 KB , 1170x1028 , 1702176090383213.jpg )


Why does leftypol deny that color is a class?
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fuck I need these baddies in my life


Your relation to the MoP.
>Slaves have the small relation to MoP as middle class settlers living comfortably in suburbs.


File: 1703019985917.jpg ( 761 KB , 1680x2583 , Karl on BLM, LGBT and femi….jpg )

Then which class is red, the color that live in tax free havens and receive public money?
Which class is yellow, the ones who make more money and end up higher of the hierarchy compared to whites?
Which class is Indians from India, the people who now control all of the GAFAMS?

This is a game of divide and conquer. There is a reason why the social medias and journos promote it instead of hiding it.


I fucking know that I'm asking OP because he thinks its colours or some shit.


Back to the camp, uyghur.
When you will finally get retarded enough from the constant working for the betterment of the whole humankind & forget how to treat persons differently by the physiological characteristics of their bodies, then & only then you will get the right to speak.

Cumskinoids tamed you well, it seems.

File: 1684215403768-0.jpg ( 415.02 KB , 1080x1474 , IMG_20230516_123010.jpg )

File: 1684215403768-1.jpg ( 370.51 KB , 1080x1317 , IMG_20230516_123106.jpg )


Why do certain types of leftists (mainly women and low t males) constantly lie and hide the truth?

I honestly assume it's part of the anima spirit that guides much of leftism.

But, and this is an important caveat, it is the anima spirit that is the root of the problem. When women (and low t males) are given prominent positions among the right, they carry out the exact same behavior.

Thus, I assume the solution is simple. Ignore women and low t males. Don't take their opinions and professed moral superiority seriously. Keep them at arm's distance, etc

Other theories?
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That explans why they advocate to raise the starting age of adulthood to 25-30 becuz "muh brain development" which is a codeword for fear/contempt/willful clumsiness about adulthood.

Theyre telling teachers and prents to coddle young adults and punish them for expressing autonomous/worldly endeavors.


No one is in denial you fucking loser, lmao.
God you are so fucking pathetic. No one thinks kids should be able to chop their dicks off except a very marginal sub set of the left. You faggots are so fucking dishonest you should be shot out of a cannon into the sun you fucking uyghur kikes.


It's because parents incentives come from maslow's hierarchy, not some inherent, always present care for their children, as commonly supposed.

They have, sometimes, a need to feel like 'good parents,' and thus want to do cool dramatic shit, but don't actually gain happiness regularly from long term investment in their children's lives. Thus, 'protect children from evil SEX' is satisfying, but 'invest in child's future long term' is not so, even when the latter child is far less likely to end up in a bad situation sexually than one 'protected' but with no skills, or well developed personality.

The long term solution is to stop parenting as what's basically hobby, and make it into an investment by professionals. Allow corporations or government utilities to own children, and reap a share of their taxes in profit with which to raise the next generation. I hope in my lifetime I'll be part of a family using artificial wombs with a sensible governing structure and specialized roles. IDK what exactly would be the best way to structure it to ensure it's always investing for the future, and giving members pleasant lives. Ideas?

This is also why eugenics has retarded failures- individuals doing it as a hobby just go 'I am great' rather than systemically working towards improvement.


Why is paremting the one avtivity that doesnt require licensing?

We throw people in jail for not having a license to drive, practice law/medicine, trade, travel, etc.

Too many adults feel entitled to having spouses amd children by virtue of age rather than ability.


>Other theories?
Uncle Ted theorized the over socialization process. A person who give too much importance to his social capital tend to have a worldview that is based not on his understanding of the world but on his understanding of what the consensus is.

For instance, women's rights are accepted by almost everyone, so they are for women's rights. Not because they had an intellectual effort about the question and concluded that they were for them, no, simply because it would be good for their social capital. The fact that women have the rights in question or not isn't part of the equation. It's what good people do so it's what they do. Only wrong people oppose them.

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