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File: 1700380344517.jpg ( 603.74 KB , 1080x1442 , Screenshot_2023-11-19-14-5….jpg )




He wouldn't be suprised in the least.

File: 1700147748298.jpg ( 196.61 KB , 1080x899 , Screenshot_2023-11-16-22-0….jpg )



Apparently normie roasties on twinktok are red pilling each other thanks to a decades-old letter from Osama Based Laden.

The letter is a mishmash of standard anti-imperialism, milquetoast MLKJr-esque populism, and soft anti-Semitism by /pol/ standards

The letter talks about the media being used to manipulate people.

So in response to the recent viral nature of the letter, the Guardian (fake and ghey deep state swamp media) actually deleted it from their website.

Who would have thought that the liberal-leftoid state (and cultural) establishment acting as a garrison to finance capital would have lost the plot so spectacularly in 2023.

On one hand, a large section of Americans openly or secretly believe the last election was stolen by a hostile entrenched political bureaucracy and they're not wrong. On the other side, the far left is going out of bounds with Israel and now this.

Beyond the usual psyops, what can we expect in the future for Burgerstan?
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Them deleting it made me read it the Streisand effect will ensure that more people will, and hopefully some will get redpilled about the propaganda in their country.

Speaking of propaganda It's hilarious how badly Israel is doing it, the calendar they found in the hospital is just the most recent example. It could be that propaganda from America is just that much more sophisticated, but I think there is a chance that they are doing this on purpose:

Basically Israel going mask off with their intentions and lies might stir up a larger conflict for the US military to jump in on.


File: 1700194598779.jpeg ( 97.91 KB , 1566x881 , oppenheimer.jpeg )

>(xi) That which you are singled out for in the history of mankind, is that you have used your force to destroy mankind more than any other nation in history; not to defend principles and values, but to hasten to secure your interests and profits. You who dropped a nuclear bomb on Japan, even though Japan was ready to negotiate an end to the war. How many acts of oppression, tyranny and injustice have you carried out, O callers to freedom?
It seems Osama knew more about history than Christopher Nolan.


I personally chuckled at this part

>you brought them AIDS as a Satanic American Invention


>takes a letter from Osama bin Laden
>somehow makes it into an OP about Trumpists, and adds a claim that the "far left" is supporting Israel


File: 1700327819168.png ( 87.12 KB , 1080x2160 , Screenshot_20231117-222933.png )

You are no longer allowed to search for "letter to americans" on tiktok

File: 1700219953321.jpg ( 102.53 KB , 920x1032 , FB_IMG_1700219785554.jpg )


We could have socialism, but instead we got capitalism and a lecture about inclusivity.


China is socialist. China is number one.

File: 1682241336573.jpg ( 274.02 KB , 612x380 , 1682213934480090.jpg )


The 90s were downright comfy. What happened?
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It was, in fact, Obama who finally formally revoked the right to habeas corpus. The provision was included in the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act that he signed, which stays that the US state is allowed to declare someone a terrorist or enemy belligerent and then detain them indefinitely without trial. Chris Hedges and others sued the Obama administration over it, and in the process were able to infer that the bill itself was just a justification for activity the government was already engaged in.



Actually, it was the Military Commissions Act of 2006, and they were already putting this into practice by the time Obama ran in 2008 - it was a campaign issue by that time. The 2012 NDAA, which is also very bad!, fwiw is citing the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force, which was pre-Obama and was cited by the Bush admin (in defense of the flagrant denials of due process which they, again, were already doing in 2006) when this stuff came up in court. It's literally a reassertion of tricks Bush had already pulled.


This. All this talk about "1990s was a golden age" is just obnoxious rose-tinting not unlike how boomers romanticise the 1960s.

The modern culture has remained roughly similar since the mid-1980s.

Every other decade after the 1980s has been a rehash.


>This. All this talk about "1990s was a golden age" is just obnoxious rose-tinting not unlike how boomers romanticise the 1960s.
I'd have to disagree. While the 50's were an objectively turbulent time (Korea War, Moaist Uprising) the 90's were actually a period of tranquility and wealth for the west at least.
Boomers are cringe and think the 50's was like "Leave It To Beaver" but that doesn't mean golden ages don't exist.


Actually thats kimda a fair point.
But still, the 1990s wasnt a golden age.

In fact, theres no such thing as a golden age.

File: 1699591701575.jpg ( 7.72 KB , 275x183 , corn.jpg )


Is trying to educate 4chans /ck/ board on leftism praxis?
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Is it the mods that do the botting or the feds and fed adjacent NGOs?


Both, and there's overlap. They even got the actual feds to take modding /b/ because supposedly they were overwhealmed with cp. If they can just summon the feds like that then no doubt they do it for other boards too.


Source on /b/ having feds modding it?


I'll look around on desuarchive because I saw an image with some links in it on /g/ during the brief time I used it for keyboard shopping advice, I shoud've save it but I didn't think I'd need it.


File: 1700253930144.jpg ( 808.19 KB , 1434x1800 , 1330584694423.jpg )

>>150869 {me}
Oh this seems less credible than I remember.

File: 1700198656242.jpg ( 105.52 KB , 750x998 , 20231117_121336.jpg )


>This is honestly very plausible

Unrelated, but there's also a conspiracy theory that Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are CIA agents/assets


News addicts will share screenshots of headlines of articles about celebrity drama from before the current decade.

File: 1699943729720.jpg ( 84.31 KB , 999x681 , 20231114_133411.jpg )


The absolute state of education in Burgerstan
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Again, thats not leftism or egalitarianism.

Also I wouldnt say theres zero consequence for misbehavior. As studemts are written up for edgy jokes or fighting back against bullies.


Weirdo whiteoids of questionable sexuality teach idpol revisionism in Gaynadian schools. No wonder normal people treat Marxism as sus and younger zoomers all think racism is funny.


File: 1700220552729.mp4 ( 3.58 MB , 320x546 , kAHWuk95IBEh8Oyf.mp4 )

Whoops. Here


Could you imagine sitting through his 90 minute finger snapping sessions for four years


Its Gen X and millennisls whom promote the obnoxious "funny racism" shit.Zoomers are just adapting it.

Thats something you rightists seem to have a hard time comprehending.

You all wanna blame Jews or Gentile non-whites, women, or secularism for your personal state.

File: 1695333386690.jpg ( 221.6 KB , 1246x1144 , UFLuAgs.jpg )


Whatever happened to dobby boy?


that's a man.


sexy if true

I don't think they could have improved. Maybe they died, or no longer have time to be a shitty non-profit cartoonist.


>redhead girl in a green shirt and a scowl

Is that Vicky from Fairly Odd Parents?

File: 1700058071929.jpg ( Spoiler Image, 65.07 KB , 613x680 , F-58BOiXYAAi-sG.jpg )


we're all brothers




Who's they?

Sage because this is cancer


File: 1700134232974.jpg ( 582 KB , 2434x2110 , oJZB7I.jpg )

>Who's they?
The 1%?

File: 1699887645669.jpg ( 505.67 KB , 1080x941 , Screenshot_2023-11-13-21-5….jpg )


Thanks Xi


As it turns out, it's pretty easy to clear the streets of homeless people.

The government doesn't care if you have to put up with them every day. They only care of Xi has to see them for 30 seconds while he drives by in a motorcade.

Clearing homeless people effectively is only problematic if it done for the sake of common citizens, but not 'world leaders.'

Good to know


Though it's obvious they just shuffled them out of sight so the commie leader can't I Toldya So them about it. They didn't do anything about the systems that cause homelessness, just moved the result of elsewhre for the time being.



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