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File: 1708101860195.jpg ( 22.24 KB , 401x401 , 1707876550066292.jpg )


Drawn porn is ok.
Since this discussion is spilling into other threads I am going to creat this thread.
Lolo and other drawn pornography are ok.
Lolicon and gusto and other forms of drawn porn people find disturbing is perfectly morally acceptable as nothing being depected is actually real.
If you think that people should diemtor jerking off to loli or whatever drawn cartoon pornography you're a fascist. It's that simple. Really.
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File: 1709085503371.jpg ( 628.61 KB , 830x1174 , 1709085478314.jpg )

I hope you have your fun on the boards anon. I know you're not long for this world.


File: 1709088456086.jpeg ( 24.5 KB , 474x425 , th-2704299546.jpeg )

>Science is don't like is 'soy'


Just because you, personally, desire a familial existence doesn't mean everyone does, or, should.
Everyone should be free to follow their own personal ideals and motives free of the intervention of others. It's a blessing, really, that puritanical retards like you are on the way out.


You literally know nothing about the people you are speaking to. This is absolutely, 100%, pure projection from a sad, pathetic, dejected, man who probably hasn't had anyting remotely close to sex in 5 years.

I work two jobs and am a union organizer at a factory, retard. I make six figures and just bought a sports car. You know what makes me different from you? I don't feel the need to base my existence around these fickle things and shit on people who are on different paths in life because I hate my life like you.
You are a pathetic looser, my guy.


Why do people like you think family making is the ultimate goal in life?

Romanticism of family life is exactly why we have so many dysfunctional people.

So many people marry and procreate and theyre miserable.

Also jacking off amd video games are not inherently bad.

Id rather do those than waste my desires on people.

You can have friemds amd family and not feel the need to have a romantic partner and offspring to feel.complete.

File: 1709070227178.png ( 619.04 KB , 2323x1308 , nuclear.png )


The world is getting very hot lately.

I was wondering if it is possible that one of the great nuclear powers (USA, China, Russia and perhaps India) can win a nuclear war against its rivals (without being destroyed in the attempt).


The SU didn't launch the missiles when it was dismantled hopefully the world will be as lucky when the US collapses


It would be based if china's technology outpaces the west's by so much that they could safely annihilate the united states.

However the USA is still on top of the technology game for now, and they are ahead of everyone in terms of AI tech, so I'm not going to hold my breath for that.


File: 1709072810502.png ( 1.3 MB , 1920x1080 , collapses.png )

>US collapses


Which would still cause a global nuclear winter, you fucking retard.

File: 1701618476715.jpg ( 126.86 KB , 1080x1571 , 16351297814.jpg )


If youre over twenty-one and you say that schooldays are "the best years of life", youre dead to me.

You dont deserve to be respected as an adult.
If you whine and bitch and moan about changing pop cultural trends while waste money on kiddie entertainment, you should have your privileges of adulthood revoked.

Millennials and Gen X folks with their slacker/Disney Adult culture and advocacy to raise the age of majority are ruining the art of adulthood even faster than Baby Boomers.

We should have special resorts that mimic schoop environments for failed adults.

You will have your legal rights for booze, sex, porn, etc removed.
You will have curfew.
You will have endless academic sessions.

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ITT: Zoomers desperately want an excuse to be dejected, jaded, and repressed by their elders like millennials, actually, were because zoomers want an excuse to lash out like the retards they are.


t. millennial whom wants an excuse to be jaded retard to compensate for lack of contributing to society so they blame zoomers for everything wrong when blaming boomers wasnt enough.


Being ugly and broke as a kid is much worse than in adulthood.


Most people whom say adulthood sucks just have major skill issues.
Ot amazes me that even the social rejects of the playground prefer childhood. Its Stockholm Syndrome.



File: 1708981703055.png ( 22.76 KB , 497x290 , ClipboardImage.png )


I can't believe it's actually the first result haha


The ddg devs know how to have a good time.




File: 1708985700898.png ( 82.73 KB , 606x383 , duckduckgo-censorship.png )

And censor anything that conflicts with the NATO agenda.

File: 1665945316333.png ( 183.46 KB , 402x600 , ClipboardImage.png )


The slave trade has been the ruling principle of my people. It is the source of their glory and wealth. Their songs celebrate their victories and the mother lulls the child to sleep with notes of triumph over an enemy reduced to slavery.


Cool. Conquest and slavery, in some form, was pretty universal up until very recently tho.

It's amazing we are still genociding eachother on a regular basis


What happened with people thinking wat was an inevitability.


Just like how we think now that slaving away for up to 50 years of your life is normal


Conservatives be like: MAN IS ABOVE THE ANIMALS.


File: 1707293482821.png ( 1.09 MB , 864x1920 , Screenshot_20240207-011030.png )


What is even happening to America?
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Damn you uyghas are dumb




Shut the fuck up before I kill you, motherfucker I'm Albanian


> All the things you list are examples of companies leveraging the state to exploit the people.
What illiteracy does to a mf


File: 1708800216474.jpg ( 35.03 KB , 598x600 , Doublesguy.jpg )

Look at those trips of truth!

File: 1688473732869-0.jpg ( 1.4 MB , 1250x2752 , leftypol_psyop_online.jpg )

File: 1688473732869-1.jpg ( 808.49 KB , 1230x1560 , online_psyop_catfish.jpg )


schizo or real?


File: 1688474770038.png ( 201.75 KB , 786x800 , ClipboardImage.png )

Leftypol and MKUltra are probably the two most lied about things on imageboards
Leftypol being so often psyop'd and false flagged by rightoid schizos. The majority of them still think Bunkerchan exists, and plenty of them are willing to false flag and lie about anything they see as leftist. But hell, maybe ogre actually is compromised, I don't fucking know, it just is in the favor of 4channoids.
MKUltra having so much made-up schizo shit added onto it to make it sound way more ridiculous for normies. Reminder that Operation Blue Bird used a lot of former Nazis, the CIA respected Nazis because they didn't care about killing people in their human experimentations, OSS founding members were all elitists from elite families(like the Rockefellers) who felt they knew what's best for America, the CIA experimented and killed Soviet and East German defectors(Hope they enjoyed that western freedom before being forced LSD in locked rooms), ALL of this shit, MOCKINGBIRD, NORTHWOODS, COINTELPRO, PAPERCLIP ETC ETC ETC was done in the name of defeating of the absolute evil of communism and upholding the glorious western and capitalist presence. All rightoids align with that. That's why they have to make up so much shit to delegitimize MKUltra's existence while also painting the big strong white right american as the victim.
Anyways I barely read any of that shit OP, I just wanted to say this


>>147979 (OP)

Those posts being by the same guy is probably true. A lot of the other stuff seems disconnected, though. A lot of this is desperate attempts to drag leftypol into it, when a neutral observer would immediately notice that /pol/tards are way more obsessed with "blacked" porn and have been for significantly longer. There's obvious cherrypicking being used to try to make disparate things look like some kind of singular machination of the "left" (by way of a couple posts on a couped leftist chan board several generations on), which renders it kind of disjointed.


Yes, this is pretty much all stuff the US government specifically was caught doing. I'm unsure of the contents of the Joost Meerloo or David McGowan books, but most of the stuff here is relevant and directly tied to the gov't. This one is a lot less convoluted, and it even misses a few notable confirmed ones like the time the FBI distributed child porn as a "sting."


it may be real because org is a bad place. who know what evil lurks in the hearts of men

File: 1694879488684.jpg ( 54.5 KB , 976x850 , morty.searx.jpg )


were late 80s good in your country


Pretty comfy actually

But you know what they say good times


idk, culturally anytime before the increased atomisation brought about by the digital age would be relatively comfy. I wasnt alive though so I wouldn't know.


Good times create hard men.


I'm hard rn


Thats a meme made by coping failsons

Hardship often resorts people to savagery. No morals or camraderie.

File: 1708368914226.png ( 57.58 KB , 183x255 , ClipboardImage.png )


I got this very rare alunya card today anyone willing to trade it
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uh ok dude HAHA


Alyuna makes me want to coom


I wish Alunya was my gf


keek theres porn of here


It's all her with a bush though. Which, I guess makes sense, but, I still like a clean shaven vagoo.

File: 1707620318380.mp4 ( 25.41 MB , 852x480 , irzn5t.mp4 )


freaks and weirdos there’s girls that go to them too.
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Good taste OP, this might be in the same spirit as this thread >>148427


Best example of daddy issues.


Fathers are too lenient with daughters.

moms are more egalitarian in disciplining children.

Moms dont care if youre Elephant Man or Aphrodite.
If yoy came out of her womb and you misbehave, your ass is grass.

Fathers have shallow cartoonish sense of parental moraity.

They treat their kids based on gender and looks.
Boys whom arent athletic or aggressive or prominent are treated as defective males.

Boys in general are seen as dumbass goofball buddies to be poked and prodded for amusement.
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I wish your dad beat your faggot ass more. maybe then we wouldn't have to suffer your autism


>ew cope

Maybe you should talk like that in real life more often. Stop hiding in imageboards spouting this nonsense.

Soumds like youre compensating for something.

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