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File: 1698728237997.png ( 295.54 KB , 411x412 , 1605282942178.png )


Monster Mash is cringe
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It's literally 12pm in Burgerland. Way too early to be sounding that stoned/opioided


Five AM to Five PM is coffee time.
Five PM to Five AM is booze time.


Most adults are hypercritical of childrens entertainment while self indulging on said childrens entertainment.

This is very true We see that acadeically gifted kids turn out to be clumsy naive adaults.

In fact, as we are seeing a modern era where most people spend their youth in cademia, they turn out with declining life skills.


Most holidays nowadays have businesses open on said holidays.

Before the late 2000s, it used to be busnesses were closed on the day before,during, and after a holiday.
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It's November 14 and the Monster Mash rules, faggot. You better get your ass ready because Monster's Holiday is comin at you with no vaseline next.

File: 1699254992018.jpg ( 210.49 KB , 720x1464 , Screenshot_20231106_020928….jpg )


from: https://leftypol.org/siberia/res/460848.html#q466391

This reads like a steaming pile of copium.

Success in youth isnt some moral paradox.

If anything, it can be a good thing

Even if you succeed in youth you can still see how life can still suck. Alot of people who achieved fame and fortune by their own merit early in life still go through struggle.

Its always the people whom fucked up their youth that always say "yputh is wasted on the young" because they look at everyone else whom didnt fuck up as badly as them.

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Leftypol.org should change its name to slavemoralitychan.org


M8, you're overusing "whom." Please reconsider.

RE: the rest, I'm indifferent.

File: 1699330444184.mp4 ( 2.42 MB , 640x360 , Kqjdcx4eFi5Ky-Lj.mp4 )


Are Joe Biden and liberals radicalizing people with this sort of rhetoric? Does this count as 'stochastic terrorism?'



Biden is /our guy/


national socialism was more socialism and less fascism than america today


Speak for yourself faggoty-anne, and make sure to wear your mask.


Cope fashoid. Biden popular front is coming for you.


Biden is the faschoid, I hate seeing suppoed leftists stanning that uyghur.

File: 1699817559350.png ( 289.31 KB , 664x666 , 1681954622035.png )




File: 1699824679820.mp4 ( 4.32 MB , 720x1280 , m2-res_1280p.mp4 )


File: 1697017164639.jpg ( 147.09 KB , 392x510 , 1420327943251.jpg )


As leftists, how do we defeat autism?
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Thats what the alt right did.

Again, thats what the alt right did


In a way it backfired on them, though.


How tho?


Example: PJW, Soygon of Cuckadd, Milo, and the other alt right pals are portrayed as pedophile clowns nowadays.


exactly. It was a farce

Utilizing autism as political collateral is degrading.

File: 1699419593220.jpeg ( 786.94 KB , 970x600 , 519a811b-8834-429f-a018-2….jpeg )


Are you collagen maxxxing?


what does it do?
Is that the thing Bateman puts on his face?

File: 1689218943040.jpeg ( 19.76 KB , 455x643 , arno-breker-58b3ffd8-6b3c….jpeg )


Why is fascism so… homoerotic?
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File: 1689729163683.webm ( 3.77 MB , 1280x720 , homofascism 2.webm )

I don't know but that quality is probably where there are so many femboy nazi twinks man imagine bashing their heads in and blowing their backwalls out


Noh mane, imagine breeding the fascism out of their cuckitalistic sissy ass brains. We will build Goolags for them, and they will be happy!


Tell me youre an underachieved man with no political convictions before entering into imageboards without elling me you are


Nazis are faggots, everyone knows that. It's why Russians are homophobic.


Why do Nazis seem to like that Arno Breker piece in particular?

File: 1699367156349.jpg ( 408 KB , 1080x1499 , Screenshot_2023-11-07-21-2….jpg )


US Army ad getting ratio'd by the 'right'

(Meanwhile, the 'left' is busy making up conspiracy theories about the troonshooter manifesto. Very pathetic)


File: 1699367427528.jpg ( 80.94 KB , 1080x320 , Screenshot_2023-11-07-21-2….jpg )


File: 1689136624206.jpg ( 280.28 KB , 1170x1070 , 1652770434348.jpg )


ITT: we say some slurs in order to separate ourselves from the wokescolds

Jewish nigger
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The wost part is that saying you dont like slurs is always equated to beimg "snowflake."


Here's what you don't understand

A lot of people will say words like 'uyghur' of 'faggot' not because they hate blacks or gays.

Instead they do it to screen out sensitive, morally pretension faggots like you from their circles. They simply don't want to be around self-serious killjoys who live their life atop a fake and ghey moral hierarchy based on something as shallow and vapid as opinions


I understand that but thats kimda the problem.Theyre not being offensive but theyre kinda dumbing down mutual empathy by doing that.

Not everyone wants to be caled that even in camaradarie.

Not everything needs edgy humor to deal with daily affairs.

It gets annoying.

But ok of you think slurs should not be qiestioned, then kids should be allowed to talk to adults in surs in a casual friendly manner amd it shouldnt be punished.


Being offending on others behalf is a poor substitute for having a personality

Abstractly identifying with people you don't know isn't empathy. It's massaging your own prostate.


Language policing is the stupidest fucking thing ever. So is having preferred pronouns, expecting other people to change the way they speak is just pretentiousness.

File: 1690401017251.png ( 954.88 KB , 669x606 , 1659444192891051.png )


As we all know, Cancel Culture was never about making sure people are held accountable, it has always been a woke liberal idpol psyop. How do we defeat cancel culture? Cancel the cancelists?
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Lol, what a faggot


File: 1699315491371.png ( 25.14 KB , 646x731 , npcswheninapublicspace.png )

I remember a time when people actually allowed themselves to live instead of fearing something as simple as a mask subtracting an hour from their life.
You have no culture, you have no style other than that which is sold to you to bolster a consumer identity, if you have any spirituality it's some abrahamic cuck shit. Everything needs a warning label yet you want people to clap when you disobey a non-existant mandate because government wanted to be able to tell people it's "okay to take them off" a year or so later because they fear people that obscure their faces from surveilance and decrease their chances of the occasional cold. Masks aren't even legal in most places but they eased up to prop up the lie about there being a mandate so people would forget it was their own idea to wear it.
Maybe Foamy the Squirrel guy wasn't a smooth brain after all.


What the fuck are you talking about?


File: 1699316384372.jpg ( 85.15 KB , 850x920 , sample_ec71fd9cd2f69004b47….jpg )

Mouthcucks are ugly and should be ashamed of their indecent exposure of their slop receptical. All excuses for being a mouthcuck are either cope, cowardice or glow. People already wear such boring clothes these days but are finally wearing an accessory, this should be encouraged.


Cope uggo

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