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Saagar seems to be in a good mood in this segment.
Do you think Krystal finally pegged him for bad behavior and he realized he likes it?


File: 1714913726374.png ( 2.3 KB , 950x350 , 1753099330415371128.png )



where did this concept even from?

File: 1714906796381.png ( 312.91 KB , 1280x216 , 167530993304153428.png )


Communism=NWO NWO=Communism.


File: 1714734758279.jpg ( 115.16 KB , 945x2048 , GGy6sLuWsAA6jK9.jpg )


>goon battles
Can we leverage this for leftism somehow? Also isn't this a positive development since it's people sharing porn amongst each other instead of it being fed and dictated by the exploitive industry?
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>🔥🔥🔥 commie girls get me so hard
<Do you submit to superior communism?


Porn addiction isn't going to help our cause


fagcel jewish niggerino thread




File: 1714907499002.webm ( 3.77 MB , 1280x720 , pinky and the brain A85ep….webm )

This game unironically used the most fitting ending trope for the soviets, unlike the 2nd one: no capitali$t s*x in ussr (they don't have it), only the love of, & for the people.

ending in the 1st game is still more accurate
& that gal is СРПКИЊА anyway, tito gang will hang

File: 1706667593394.png ( 962.67 KB , 2560x1440 , image.png )


what is the point of doing anything anymore? Why even better yourself as a person if the final destination is getting blown up by a grenade falling on your head from a Russian drone or Muhammad firing a RPG at you.
How fucked are we? What do we do?
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I'm not a fed, but if OP doesn't want to write it down here that's fine. Folks should at least write shit down on paper so they can reference it, none of this is illegal, and this attitude of paranoia towards simply doing completely legal stuff in the interest of educating yaself is stupid.


I think laying any kind of tactical plans is putting the cart before the horse. You aren't going to be fighting by yourself - so you have to organize as a first priority.

How do we organize? I think this is the real question and a very difficult one. Like if there is a meeting of like minded people that explicitly want a revolution, I don't know where they meet in my city.


File: 1713672157190.webm ( 5.32 MB , 656x400 , nothing is eternal.webm )

>How fucked are we?
Completely. We are @ an infinitely WORSE condition as a political power than any left movement since 1917, & it just getting worse. & no you fucking morons, the fact that every single retard is bashing cuckitalism doesn't tell anything @ all, the elites would just throw 0.00001% of their profits into social budget & all these "critics" will instantly join the 2nd Freikorps in defence of socialist nation states against insane idealistic utopian commie radicals with their kike fairytales about one humankind with public ownership of the present universe.
>What do we do?
Actually realise your existential interests, for a start.
There's nobody who will do this for you & they know it & they made everything from the ground up to be this way worldwide. You're living in 1848-2 basically, maybe even earlier.




I think that researching this stuff is worthwhile whether or not you've already got the means to do anything more than researching it. You can't plan a counterattack, but you can at least get an idea of what an attack on you would look like.

For your question, though… I'd first recommend that you reach out to everyone you can. If you can do so, try to set up support networks.

In your city, you should look for local organizations' pages, and you should attend events. This won't open a door immediately, but it's liable to get you closer. You should continue to reach out to people as you do this.

File: 1714846560178-0.mp4 ( 8.59 MB , 480x360 , 1675309933041537.mp4 )

File: 1714846560178-1.mp4 ( 15.93 MB , 854x480 , 1675309933041537113.mp4 )

File: 1714846560178-2.mp4 ( 7.75 MB , 854x480 , 1675309933041537111.mp4 )

File: 1714846560178-3.mp4 ( 9.91 MB , 640x480 , 167530993304137.mp4 )

File: 1714846560178-4.mp4 ( 12.52 MB , 480x360 , 1675309933041537112.mp4 )


Ara Ara Useful Idiots

File: 1714548745783.mp4 ( 1.71 MB , 1280x720 , 167530993304153754.mp4 )


This channel does not exist.


Nice ambient pad music.


File: 1714550182595.mp4 ( 4.9 MB , 960x720 , 1714548745783.mp4 )



I like this lofi stuff. So you gonna explain what this channel used to be or what? What's EK?


File: 1714770648039.mp4 ( 7.98 MB , 1280x720 , 1714550182595.mp4 )

downloaded channel halfway through watching it. went back "This Channel Does Not Exist"

File: 1714671187338.png ( 557.87 KB , 1280x720 , 167530993304153453.png )


He was a rich kid who used to fuck prostitutes and fell in love with an Irish whore. Said whores are better partners then traditional women. He pushed the line about destroying the family while most working class men wanted to feed theirs.
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>He pushed the line about destroying the family
Did he even say this?


File: 1714686508952.jpg ( 319.57 KB , 1427x1287 , 1035.jpg )

Lmao cry more tradcuck. His treatment of family and w*men was the most based thing about him. Family unit is a matriarchal institution by design.

He didn't even say anything new, even the Greeks knew that wife is only for business, while prostitutes are for genuine companionship.


>even the Greeks knew that wife is only for business, while prostitutes are for genuine companionship.
Haven't you got that the wrong way around?


lmao, no

google Aspasia

free men never rated family life, not in Ancient Greece, not in Victorian England


File: 1714746089547.jpg ( 122.28 KB , 850x521 , thot praying for MENshevik….jpg )

>used to fuck prostitutes
>fell in love with an Irish whore
>Said whores are better partners then traditional women
>He pushed the line about destroying the family

Kollontai told retarded cunts that one of the first things they should do is to accept dicks gettin depussy on another side from them. & fucking cunts, being fucking retarded traitorous spooked cunts, were the most afraid & the most militant faggots who tried to stop the liberalisation of marriage & sex in the *mperial society. Zhenotdel actually endured hundreds of casualties in its existence by trying to do allat.

File: 1714102000450.jpg ( 93.61 KB , 735x735 , 16753099330415345.jpg )


America has zero, I repeat, ZERO revolutionary potential.
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File: 1714686018345.png ( 1.07 MB , 674x674 , 167530993304153372.png )

Agricultural societies children are needed to work the fields and therefore you make as many as you can. In industrial societies children can also work yes, but the economic balance tips deep into the negatives since the child barely gets paid anything and the mother can't work when the child is really young. As a result of this people have fewer kids. Also infant mortality was reduced significantly trough vaccines and improved hygiene etc. This of course significantly reduces the mothers workload at home. The workload is also reduced by things like Singers (1850) sewing machine which made making and repairing clothes way faster. Same with other machines.
So now we have a situation where women are doing exactly the same things as men because for the first time in human history they're not forced to get tied down with kids and taking care of the house while the men work. Now women are doing their own work and getting paid for it. Now especially middle class women who were better educated and worked as teachers, nursers or with telephones or telegraphs. Were starting to look around and wonder. Well wtf were doing the same shit but our rights are worse in terms of pay, marriage, education possibilites etc. Simply because we're women. And so the women started to campaign for equal rights and largely achieved them. A large contributing factor to this was women were independent members of society now with their own capital. Capital equals power and you simply can't have to groups of people doing the exact same things and the other having half the rights the others did.
To handwave the liberation of women which was largely enabled by the industrial revolution and which women fought for as a sort of corporate conspiracy to get more money seems a tad silly to me. You can make critiques of modern day feminism and how it absolutely sucks at appealing to majority groups like men and at times even promotes male hating. But in my opinion your analysis regarding the beginning of feminism seems a tad crude.
I also don't agree with the premise that the sort of trad wife lifestyle is a sort of default which women deviated from. The whole men work women take care of the house was only born during the beginning of the agricultural revolution. Before that people lived largely in communities. Women scavenged and men hunted. So I would argue the whole women don't work thig was actually a deviation from the baseline and now that women and men can both work and are equPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


>now that women and men can both work and are equal now we have returned to the natural state of being
there is sexual division of labor retard

you said it yourself: hoes are disproportionally over-represented in education, healthcare, and paper-pusher jobs

>I also think women fighting for equal rights support this argument

w*men don't fight for equal rights dumbfuckoid

where have you seen w*men fighting for female conscription and longer jail sentences?


File: 1714689822730.gif ( 3.49 MB , 498x270 , cage-laugh.gif )

>And the only possible upside is that we will see communism emerge from it, hopefully stronger than ever.
Get a load of this communistcel.


Off topic, love seeing the cage reacts. It's like I'm rotting on Lookism/.me again.


Have you ever talked to pansexual autistic furry/scalie 0 viewer streamers that stream obscure games and then complain about having no viewers, are pro-Trump, pro-Israel, possibly brain damaged from a car accident, have handlers, and have advocated for lowering the age of consent?

File: 1714666917781-0.jpg ( 228.08 KB , 1293x1920 , 16759933041536952.jpg )

File: 1714666917781-1.jpg ( 100.44 KB , 1920x1280 , 167530993304153.jpg )

File: 1714666917781-2.jpg ( 175.66 KB , 960x1280 , 16753099330415361.jpg )

File: 1714666917781-3.jpg ( 79.03 KB , 1280x968 , 16753099330415365.jpg )

File: 1714666917781-4.jpg ( 106.21 KB , 1279x1920 , 16753099330415366.jpg )


you're too cute to die


Y-you think I'm cute? 🥺🥺🥺


stage one: cute twink

stage two: goblin transhumanist

World is a fuck

die when you still in condition so that young girls would be touching themselves while looking @ your pics. Dhat's how you make propaganda boys.


File: 1714341720450.png ( 256.95 KB , 623x463 , 167530993304153646.png )


Technology destroys traditions and cultures. There's no way to time travel back to the 1600s. There is never going to be a group of unplugged smartphoneless bored normies who get together and have a folk festival where you can dance
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lol now post physique


File: 1714600718043.jpg ( 863.07 KB , 1915x2558 , 167530993304153240.jpg )

Great essay, comrade!


>AI is gonna make humans obsolete post number 1234567890

Peoole think AI is technomagic.
Whose gonna make the parts and software for them?


File: 1714619655160.jpg ( 123.99 KB , 1300x1100 , 167530993304153200.jpg )

>Peoole think


So you think you are a worthless NEET? Let's see what uncle Ted has to say:
>The people whose behavior is fairly well under the control of the system are those of the type that might be called “bourgeois.” But there are growing numbers of people who in one way or another are rebels against the system: welfare leeches, youth gangs, cultists, satanists, Nazis, radical environmentalists, militia-men, etc.

NEETs are rebelling against the system! We are part of the rebellion! Ted is based!!!

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