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>in case you're wondering why the left is dead

Here is a literal white supremacist confronting some electedfag about the federal response to the Ohio train disaster.

Meanwhile, leftcel groups like XYZ Trot 4th International publish long-winded fart-sniffing blog posts that no one reads about about how muh capitalism is to blame.

Now, don't get me wrong, capitalism might be to blame. And the National Justice Party are knuckle dragging retards that should be gulaged.

But when right wingers are the ones actually showing up for causes people care about and do so in a very well publicized way (sorry leftypol mods – no one cares about the right of pedophiles to groom children or the travesty of not calling a mentally ill trawn by their 'prefered pronoun'), you can guess the result.

In short, the 'left' has lost its way and become a ghey cultural clique that generally focuses on the wrong things. Meanwhile the far right has picked up the slack, talks about shit has some chance of resonating with everyday, common people, and been able to present itself as the opposition to power.
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>Every person on pol is a school shooter
Mouth breathing retardation meets mainstream media narratives presented as lerebellion


File: 1676791801202.webm ( 2.69 MB , 640x360 , SwordGuy.webm )

>I'm not like those school shooters who believe exactly what I do!


politics is just adolescent antics for adults to be honest.


Its more a thing on the right. But again, politics is adolescent antics for adults


this is serious main character syndrome.

File: 1687582167348.jpg ( 25.57 KB , 432x432 , 1576776484900.jpg )

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Why is this site so slow when this one is insanely better than .ogre?
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>prone to being angry and volatile during discussion
its over bros…

t. le ftypol face


No matter where on the net, you Millennials cannot stop blaming zoomers or comparing them to negative standards.

Your generation is not special.
Youre not the first Internet generation with the hardware/software know how.

All of the OG culture you millennials brag about having was given to you by Gen X.


Zoomer faggotry is somewhat self aware. Millennials are faggy and oblivious to it


everything millennials whine about is the same shit they do.

they whine about boomers being grumpy old men ruining kids fun.

And they turn around and accuse zoomers or Gen alpha of ruining pop culture.

Like what intrinsic diffference is there between 2007-2013 and post-2016?

Pop culture has remained similar since the mid-late 1980s.

Yet millennials will swear up and down the aisle that individual year numbers have unique flavors.


Cishet men are the biggest clientele of any alternate gender/sexuality.

All trans and gays seek the validity of cishet men in one form or another.

File: 1699175076998.mp4 ( 4.33 MB , 480x852 , uuHw27aIbghUIw5f.mp4 )


Lol. This Le'Karen likely makes 2-3x more than someone who works outside or in a factory 40-60 hours a week in the same state

>Tell me again how the PMC isn't real

>Tell me again how women still aren't equal
>Tell me again how capital doesn't promote ghey cultural leftism
>Tell me again about blah blah white men blah blah
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File: 1699244617681-0.jpg ( 257.94 KB , 1080x1118 , Screenshot_2023-11-06-11-1….jpg )

File: 1699244617681-1.jpg ( 258.76 KB , 1080x680 , Screenshot_2023-11-06-11-1….jpg )

Even if the 'DEI Professional' makes half this, it's still 2x larger than a well paid landscaper and around 70-100% more than a unionized auto worker.

This is where muhleftism has gotten the American worker. Some blaq Queen with a masters degree in finger snapping raking in he dough to run cover for porkie.

Hopefully the DEI bubble will pop soon.


Lenin used the term 'Labour Aristocrats'


Ok. It's not 1917.

<Modern leftist challenge:

Try having an ounce of critical and original thinking such that accurately reflects conditions of today's world.
<Difficulty level: impossible

In all seriousness. Lenin accurately summarized the changes which had occured in the 75 years since Marx and Engels published the Manifesto.

You're implying that nothing needs to be updated to keep pace with the 105 years since Lenin wrote Imperialism. This just demonstrates your own shallow breathing sort of thinking - the same thinking that permeates the modern western muhleft.

<Go to sleep Comrade Dunning Kruger. Every time you post in the middle of the night, you just get dunked on


Those are one of the few.

Jobs like those are like lottery selection.


File: 1699946589030.png ( 380.07 KB , 717x1024 , me rn.png )

>biggest dunce on the board
>constantly calls others "Comrade Dunning Kruger"

File: 1699176189621.mp4 ( 11.98 MB , 1280x720 , mhsHtNddQdh8H_vI.mp4 )


>Some masked failed-male 'antifa' burger queef tried to enlist the help of a couple of passerby women in propagating fashionable 'trans rights' groomer faggotry
>Whoops, they aren't braindead burger roasties. Are Muslims instead
>Gets instantly shut down
>Walks away with his tail between his skinny legs



No one cares.


File: 1693729230032.jpg ( 436.03 KB , 1080x1084 , Screenshot_2023-08-31-22-0….jpg )


Now that covid is back (just in time for elections), how is the left preparing?
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Back? Did it leave? Fill me in, OP, what's going on?


Elections are a year away. Only burgers campaign this far out and consider it "just in time".


COVID never went away. People just started pretending it doesn't exist. Medical professionals have still been dealing with it.


people be sayimg covid doesnt exist since 2020


As real as Saddam's WMDs

File: 1679000369278.png ( 305.7 KB , 760x512 , image6-1.png )


Does anyone actually know how to make money on the Forex market? Been trying for years, but nada.


Before we get to foreign exchanges

Finance 101: It's a zero-sum game, for some people to win others have to lose.

There are 4 rungs:

-The lowest rung in this game is guessing what's going to happen and then gambling with investment, this is not sensible, don't do it this is the looser-rung.
-The next rung is having insider information about what is going to happen so that you know what you can invest in with a guaranteed return.
-The rung above that is having the ability to affect the world in a way to make your investments give you returns.
-The top rung is having control over institutions so that you can rig the game in your favor.

Foreign exchanges are affected allot by foreign policy of countries, if you can get insider information about decisions in that field before it's made public, you can sensibly predict it and make some money off it. If you're the one making foreign policy decisions that's also a way. Controlling something like a central bank, that's probably the best position.


Why forex? Just do options. They are at least better than forex. I wouldn't do forex with out a large savings of cash.


This isn't tech.


guy on left is kinda cute and got a nice chunky ass

File: 1698651035589.jpg ( 901.21 KB , 1380x1066 , 20231025_220418.jpg )


Typical redditleftist/orgfag
>'why are you focused on cultural issues anon. It's a porkie psyop to distract you from the important things'
>Also has whole boards dedicated to video games and cartoons
Why is the western'left' like this?

Meanwhile in China
>Highly focused on cultural issues, in the opposite was from the orgfag left. Bans faggots on TV and forbids effeminate men in video games

Back in the west
>Mental gymnastics to explain how China is a socialist country, except that part, which is ackshually regressive
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Did I actually pull a freud? lol

Is this it then, we just need to get women to lift more so people associate those qualities with femininity again? Astroturf a buff woman to be the Andrew Tate of women?


Are you going out of your way to come across like an agnostic faggot, or does it come natural to you?


You must have a very difficult time interacting with women. Are you single or in a sexless relationship?



Virtue and strength and industriality arent exclusive to men.

Women are exempted from having to prove themselves because men are simps.

>Masculinity has almost nothing to do with women. Bands of men for centuries have treated women as a spoil of victory – as they should. Not as an object of desire itself.

That practice is what led to chivalry which vegat simping.

>The rhetoric around 'toxic masculinity' is ironic, since it obscures the fact that such 'toxic masculinity' is born from males who were raised and trained in childhood exclusively by females.

Nah. Toxic masculinity does exist. But its misused by third wave feminists.
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My mom could beat your mom in a fight >:3c

File: 1698253152082.jpg ( 809.17 KB , 1080x1621 , Screenshot_2023-10-25-23-5….jpg )


>Sorry chudlettes, Halloween is cancelled for not being inclusive enough. Now sit down and hold this rainbow flag while a 35 year old troon with Asperger's and fishnet stockings reads you a story.
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From personal experience, the single mom stereotype seems to be kimitied only to ghettofab/white trash types

Most other single moms are usually well dresses but theyre not as feminine due to being overloaded with kids amd work.

Also lets not act like single dads are better either.


Alot of our MaGapeds are foreigners though.

Amd they have the sae dumbed down logic of poltical orientstion as the classic reacrionary burgers.

Yet the core burger crowd of MAGA doesnt even recognize them let alone respect them


multiracial, multinational, LBG-friendly, working class MAGA Communists


Trooned out white liberals, PMC + tech 'workers,' state employees (i.e., the social and bureaucratic swamp), and finance oligarchs

sounds pretty accurate tbh


bruh. MAGApedes may be multirscia andhave trans minorities but they arent as virtuous as you think.

Theyre all into the news cycle and are only united in their indignation against SJWs.

In fact, they have theor own right wing flavor of wokeism.


>News 12
>owned by Atlice USA
>Patrick Drahi

File: 1674331674257.mp4 ( 1.3 MB , 320x560 , VID_20230122_030631_517.mp4 )

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/westoid cringe general/

In this thread, we laugh at (((westerners))) and their failed societies
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File: 1694534516903.jpg ( 305 KB , 1125x1475 , 20230912_225239.jpg )



creative writing practice


File: 1695472240688-0.png ( 339.23 KB , 526x354 , 02.png )

File: 1695472240688-1.png ( 407.86 KB , 563x466 , 01.png )

fatties are not human


File: 1695475040158.jpeg ( 6.57 KB , 174x174 , images (4).jpeg )



File: 1699177027472.jpg ( 686.93 KB , 1080x1234 , Screenshot_2023-11-05-16-3….jpg )

File: 1691215981872-0.png ( 1005.59 KB , 1060x1400 , C9s6We.png )

File: 1691215981873-1.jpg ( 201.4 KB , 1920x1920 , C9s3.jpg )

File: 1691215981873-2.png ( 1.11 MB , 1080x860 , C9s11_.png )

File: 1691215981873-3.png ( 1.41 MB , 827x1112 , C9s10_w9le.png )

File: 1691215981873-4.png ( 1.55 MB , 988x1082 , C9s90ale.png )


are there any actual euros even worth having bleached babes with? been dealing with them since 4 ever

<alabaster annies

>fucking annoying
>whiny voices
>average-asf bodies IF youre "lucky"
>most are chubby post 20
>mid 20s look more like late 30s
>oddly crude in conversation

<cracker jacks

>have seen receding hairlines at +19
>fondness for gross out humor and do more gross shit
>lean hard into their "niche" and/or clique becoming literal stereotypes
>have little to no manners
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1695536054689-0.png ( 497.82 KB , 561x544 , 000.png )

File: 1695536054689-1.jpg ( 27.57 KB , 474x379 , th-806636012.jpg )

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Alot of the times the shit posted here is so skitzo I can't even tell if it needs to be deleted so I just leave it.


File: 1696573222968-0.png ( 333.25 KB , 590x524 , 1.png )

File: 1696573222968-1.jpg ( 29.82 KB , 634x422 , 1c.jpg )

File: 1696573222968-2.jpg ( 57.61 KB , 980x551 , 1b.jpg )

File: 1696573222968-3.png ( 576.51 KB , 768x430 , 2.png )

File: 1696573222968-4.png ( 153.02 KB , 1280x800 , true_ancoms_.png )



I swear, schools are moe draconian than workplaces.

Schools will suspend you for any edgy harmless joke.
And I dont mean sexist or ravist jokes either.

Anyone whom thinks school is the bst time of ones life in terms of recreation is a fucking idiot whom whins about adulting


File: 1699159529479.webm ( 950.18 KB , 460x834 , 1691259228608209.webm )

best comments incoming
>no butt
>dressing like a whore in public
>Yeah, no thanks.
>that's a man
>unironically being sexually attracted to i am a faggot
>no ass no hope
>I'll take a thick black or latina bitch any day

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