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File: 1665816143319.jpg ( 499.08 KB , 1080x1777 , IMG_20221015_133741.jpg )


I know the NoFab meme is kinda dead, but I'm curious as to people's thoughts.

Some have suggested, based on observations of primates in the wild and in zoos, that masterbation is an existential condition of captivity. That is, it's a symptom of a lack of freedom. Obviously, Stalin was a bit of a NoFap proponent himself (pic related).

Is NoFab based and uncucked pilled?
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Incel dorks cant handle basic human relationships
Go back to your video game. We'll call you when it's time to go to the labor camp


being with people hurts but so does being without. you're really missing out bro



I dont mind having friemds or family. But romantic love is very risky.

Not an incel. I dont play video games as much either but thanks for trying to stigmatize video games. Id rather invest in Rockstar or Marvel games rather than Tinder.

Incels are just normies whom fell out of grace.
They have main character syndrome.
Theyre more obsessed with Mainstream (TM) shit than the normies they hate.


I think it kinda makes sense not to get close to people because they're sexy. Ideally your closeness would be based on what they do, not what they look like. Cuddling, sure, but I propose the ideal to be Onlyfap, but like once per month. (I'm like twice per week lol sue me)


Not even if you find them sexy. Romance isnt always about the bodily features.
Its also about body language, gestures, and vocal fluency.
And the way you stumbled upon each others paths.

File: 1695809847525.jpg ( 143.87 KB , 1812x760 , 20230927_171632.jpg )


Is Elon our Stalin?
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Remember that time you did… anything noteworthy


Kek, get friends


That's your come back?


File: 1701528657924.jpg ( 152.84 KB , 1179x1328 , 20231202_214749.jpg )

This was supposed to be a big own against Elon and X by a supposed 'progressive'
>Hahaha the corporations I pretend to hate stopped advertising their cultural rot on your platform hahaha


Maybe Stalin was their Elon?

File: 1697124042984-0.jpg ( 11.19 KB , 220x159 , IMG_20231012_221914.jpg )

File: 1697124042984-1.jpg ( 52.86 KB , 612x317 , IMG_20231012_221947.jpg )


Holy shit
>It's real
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File: 1699327801004.jpg ( 214.34 KB , 1377x1199 , 20231107_102858.jpg )



what is this crystal.cafe shit? If you wanna imagine historical figures fucking eachother just look up Ao3 fics of them like a normal person.


File: 1699414126788.jpg ( 1.84 MB , 1878x1366 , 20231108_102440.jpg )



File: 1699710943609.jpg ( 523.68 KB , 1080x1274 , Screenshot_2023-11-11-20-4….jpg )



File: 1702122748853.jpg ( 256.47 KB , 1394x1094 , 20231209_185101.jpg )

File: 1701704815063.jpg ( 26.98 KB , 524x585 , 1700325397456964.jpg )


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You always have something to complain about. So negative.

All tits are great.


imageboards are filled to the brim with spite


It wasn't always like this.


idk. it always was like that.


File: 1701936707250.jpg ( 88.03 KB , 935x935 , 1692864325308368.jpg )

Before 2006 and the influx of newfags and cancer from chanology imageboards were a lot more laid back and cohesive.

File: 1695749350811.jpg ( 291.71 KB , 1080x1353 , Screenshot_2023-09-27-00-0….jpg )


Ummmm… based
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>smoking weed is de-generacy

Stick to your booze.


I agree actually

Relationships are about aesthetic appeal

This is a good thing and should be expanded

Uglies, invalids, and the mentally
feeble (you) should be sterilized just to be safe. Possibly sent to some sort of internment camp where you can spend the last few months of your life in grueling labor, until the day when your pathetic existence is terminated in a gas chamber.

That would make the world a better place. No more aesthetically and spiritually disfigured genetic dead end polluting up the world


Then you wouldnt be offended by the suggestion mandatory vetting of family planners.

Adolescent girls will have mandatory hysterectomy.
Their eggs will be frozen.
If they wish to have kids, they have to undergo seven years of hospitality training.

They will have frequent drug tests.

Prescription medications will cpunt as illicit drugs.

People with developmemtal disorders will have their sperm or eggs used for genetic research.

Using neurodivergent/disabled's gametes for procreation will result in death penalty.


Yes, I'm fine with requiring a medical examination before marriage.

In the past, families themselves would vet prospective mates. Daughters wouldn't be allowed to marry bums.

Your techno fuedalist power fantasy of mandatory mass hysterectomies is quite ghey and expresses the typical leftist power fantasy those.


>In the past, families themselves would vet prospective mates. Daughters wouldn't be allowed to marry bums.
Inbreeding to keep the money in the family caused alot of undoing.

Also, sons werent allowed to take on hussies either.

>Your techno fuedalist power fantasy of mandatory mass hysterectomies is quite ghey and expresses the typical leftist power fantasy those.

If I recall, the right is obsessed with racial and sexual purity.
This would appeal to them more.

Also, nobody wants a spaz kid.
My "fake amd ghey" fantasy is what prospective parents would want. We have designer babies on the horizon.

File: 1701857546362.jpg ( 66.41 KB , 750x992 , 1687373722572.jpg )


being right is more important than being nice and facts come before your feelings.

File: 1701850161298.png ( 98.55 KB , 1600x900 , ClipboardImage.png )


Based! All women are capitalist, therefore their domination is justifiable!

Long live the revolution!

Oh and don't forget that trans women are also trying to oppress us free people

File: 1701445040719.png ( 1.01 MB , 1194x852 , 1701444887251834.png )


Why were the Soviets so antisemitic?
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>All the Jews got purged.
>Oh so you think because all the Jews are gone it was because they were Jewish!
Tankie logic.


Actually just common sense


They had it coming.


Every Jew is a potential Zionist


File: 1701699933186.jpg ( 208.95 KB , 1516x1410 , 20231204_212429.jpg )

Germany is making antisemitism cool again, this time inadvertently

File: 1701644037161.jpg ( 30.55 KB , 800x800 , G-Man-Skibidi-Toilet-under….jpg )


What exactly is his problem?


G man is a allegory for the gooberment.


Who is G man?


Have an invasive piece of proprietary spyware shoved up your ass for two decades and let's see how you look.


Kek, noticed.

He's the main antagonist in half life two

File: 1693160847540.jpg ( 325.26 KB , 2000x1857 , 20230828_010409.jpg )


Since, we have so many tourists, jannies (yuck), and refugees from leftypol, I'd like to get an answer to an honest question. How is pic related good in a social sense?

Before, you burst forth with a predictable and buzzword laden emotional response let me offer a few qualifying statements

>Inb4 muh just let people do what they want

Fuck off. People want to do all sorts of fucked up shit. I want to do all sorts of fucked up shit. Basic norms and rules naturally exist to guide people towards prosocial actions and guide them away from antisocial ones.

>Inb4 muh but why is it bad

Ok, whatever people want to do in private, so long as it's not really hurting anyone, I can more easily tolerate.

But creating a sustain social spectacle and trying to 'normalizing' living out such a mentally ill fantasy general tears at the bindings of society, making it impossible to function in a competitive manner within an evolving world system, thus harming the vast majority of the members of that society.

>Muh youre just triggered/obsessed

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The universe is actually hostile to your existence. Doesn't care about it and is actively trying to kill you. Also there is no god.


I think all bilogical forms have too fragile/inefficient bodies.

I disgaree with being no God.

I think the Christians got God all wrong.


File: 1700523016743.png ( 13.84 KB , 400x400 , 1700522976491.png )

>I think Christians got God all wrong
Jason Unruhe tier cringe


File: 1700528276476.png ( 48.72 KB , 512x512 , saluteCat.png )

You are just triggered/obsessed tho

Just stop being a news addict and stop wasting 2/3rds you phone's battery life having TiKTok mine crypto in the background.


left image makes your dick hard, right image does not.
All that empty dribble about societal rules is just cope.

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