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People in their thirties be like:


And yet they still whinr about boomers yet wanna use the midlife crisis card to prove their seniority.

Theyre in their third decade of adolescence.
The average postmodern adult in their thirties and forties is hairy chubby adolescent character.
Look at our contet creators amd demographics of toy collectors.
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Very true, but this is the only thing you can do, if you want to enjoy anything. We are all humans and we all have some skeletons in our closets. My favourite authors are all total assholes, but I still love their work.


…you say this as if it doesn't apply equally to politicians. Look at the US presidential candidates ffs.


Theres a degree of moral tolerance.
Im just amused and annoyed st how boomers and their juniors glorify John Lennon as some "misunderstood man" when he bullied/patronised his first wife, Cynthia.
He also takd shot about his bandmates andother associates. He dumped then them for Yoko Ono and splurged on drugs and shitty avant garde music


Trump is seen as a rock n roll president.

Theres even a Daily Show episode that mentions it.


>step 1: invest in identity as your cope of choice
>step 2: continuously lose your belonging to identity by means which are out of your control, aging, for instance
>step 3: kill yourself
Read Frankfurtfags, fags. Belonging to a race will not save you from being a living hollow shell who cannot help but understand its hollowness all the time.

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That's right libs, this is a woke free zone!!!!!
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File: 1710973935273-1.jpg ( 53.39 KB , 622x647 , 20240320_152959.jpg )





File: 1711473941970.png ( 587.04 KB , 630x790 , quote_1222234408837447754-….png )



who the hell is that?


dead man scrollin'

File: 1710805175385.jpg ( 2.13 MB , 6000x6000 , Communistopoly Board.jpg )


Does anyone here did a welfaremaxxing and now are living the good life away from being a wagie?


>when you're so lacking in history and self-awareness that you don't realize Monopoly (and its predecessor The Landlords Game) is an attack on rent-seeking and capitalism more generally


I haven't figured out any plausible ways to rip off the government yet. I work at a pretty good job and make pretty good money, but, idk. I don't know how to rip them off.


No, I privilegemaxxed and now I barely pretend to work while raking in six digits.

File: 1697308707691.png ( 68.02 KB , 645x729 , 729.png )


Average PMC denier
>people who organize and manage labor on behalf of porkie are the proletariat, not a separate class
>reehing about Red Scare
>Something something settlers something something suburbs something something hipsters durr durr


File: 1684044176723.jpg ( 336.52 KB , 1080x1639 , IMG_20230514_125955.jpg )


>You have exactly 0 seconds to explain why you are on the bias registry


The field of engage trully is shit beneath your feet if you try to play on it.

File: 1683652729346.jpg ( 99.03 KB , 1024x538 , 1683649645629096m.jpg )


Could there be a more based list of national and world leaders?




>no assad
>no lukashenko
this is just of liberal boogie men

File: 1710740995939.png ( 538.11 KB , 626x668 , 09.png )


Nato is Joseph Biden's personal militia tasked to seize all the marshmellow candy around the world and bring it to him. The problem is that Vladolf Putler also likes marshmellow candy and tries to hide it from the NATO. Ukraine has become an innocent victim for some people's hunger for marshmellow candies, Putler just heard NATO was planning to do a marshmellow candy searching expedition in Ukraine, which was fine for ukrainians BTW, since their traditional cuisine doesn't include marshmellow, and that caused Putler to panic and hastily put together a marshmellow expedition himself. What does Putler even do with all his marshmellows? He certainly doesn't eat them since he isn't terminally obese. Does he just put them in a vault somewhere, just letting them rot? This is the reason people are killed and I hate it!

File: 1684177583538.jpg ( 34.36 KB , 612x408 , housework-is-not-just-for-….jpg )


Just left my house spiffy clean so I can leave again for another year. I'm always saddened by the end of a cleaning day because it feels like I've set something up to fail. Sometimes I just sit and stare at my work and take in the freshness. You could do a white glove inspection in this place and it would pass. I'm intending to leave it as is. I would usually have a snack, so that the only dirty thing in the house was a bowl or a plate, but because I'm going to be gone for so long, I think I'll leave it as is. Is anyone here a fan of cleaning? I don't know if that's autistic, but I genuinely enjoy homemaking and home improvement. I'm sure it will be dusty by the time I get back. The people that take care of my place don't ever clean up. They just pop in to make sure nothing has failed or broken in my absence. Last time it was a lone rat that somehow got in, and it destroyed a lot of things, not to mention it took a shit everywhere before it died. It's sad to leave it behind like this, especially on a Monday. If it was the weekend, I could at least have a little goodbye gettogether out in the back. Oh well, see you guys later. I'll keep in touch. Make sure you clean your place. There's nothing worse than a filthy house and a person that refuses to clean after himself. Even if you live in a cardboard box, make sure that box is good to go, not for visitors, but for you. Make it shine like a diamond.
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OK anon.
So, do you have any useful advice for me?


It's not rocket science.
>Make tidying a regular habit.
>Clean as you go instead of letting clutter/filth accumulate. For example, do the dish as you cook instead of letting them stack in the sink. Alternatively, create a ritual/habit of cleaning something before you go to bed. Alternatively, if you don't do that, then make a ritual/habit of cleaning something first thing after you wake up.
>Spend shorter periods cleaning, but do it each day. It literally takes about 3 minutes to tidy up a room. >Set aside about an hour or two each week to deep clean one part of your living area. Use this time to sweep and mop, wipe down walls, dust, etc.
>Reframe all of this as a positive thing which you do for your own well being, not as a chore or something tedious.


Thanks anon. This was helpful.


Thanks anon

File: 1710539763424.jpg ( 269.72 KB , 1223x1689 , kant confirmed lgbt ally.jpg )


There are at least two different types of people who are called "transgender". The first are those who strongly recognize themselves in the opposite sex (or do not recognize themselves in either sex). The second are those who find that the social expectations assigned to their sex does not accurately reflect their self-identity.
For the first type of transgender person, the use of the word "gender" in the word "transgender" is more or less synonymous with sex. For the second type of transgender person, the word "gender" has a much weaker relationship with sex.
For the first type of transgender person, the second type deflates the legitimacy of their struggle, since they do not experience dysphoria with direct regard to their sex, and are therefore not transgender at all. For the second type of transgender person, the first type are gender essentialists who are gatekeeping the definition of "transgender".
We see similar divides on the use of the word "gender" outside how it is used by different kinds of transgender people. In plenty of scientific papers, and among most ordinary people, gender is synonymous with sex. For many intellectuals and social scientists, and among the extremely online, gender is distinct from sex (though there isn't a consensus on the distinction is). This divide is the source of many a misunderstanding on discussions and debates regarding transgender people, and is abused for political gain.

I claim that the materialist conception of gender is that it is a pattern of behaviour that emerged from a sex-based division of labour, and is therefore a prehistoric cultural tradition formed by sex. In the environments where humans survived under primitive conditions of production, labour was typically divided along the lines of sex. This is because, on average, males are physiologically suited for hunting and combat, and females likewise for gathering and homemaking. Such is the result of evolution and other forces, though this is topic that I don't want to delve too deep into here. In short, femininity and masculinity are informed by the social role that each sex performs best in based on their average physiology.
However, there were times when there was a scarcity of members of a sex in the tribe, or the physiology of a member of the tribe did not align neatly with their expected role, or external conditions disproportionately demanded one role over another, and so on. For example, suppose that a lot of the males dPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1688183899618.png ( 465.92 KB , 736x673 , 4chan-closure-pepe-frog-18….png )


instantly banned on 4chan for posting frog


File: 1688188355348.png ( 75.79 KB , 255x233 , 1688183899618.png )

What board
There is an anti-frog contingency throughout may imageboards


>banned on 4chan for posting frog
I'm pretty sure all jannies on all imageboards get curated by the same agents. Pretty sure they have a dedicated "chan department" or something there.


My bad Anon

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